Random Musings

Hungry For Change

I mentioned yesterday that this documentary popped up on my radar recently so last night I parked myself on the couch with my roomie and a gf and we watched it. I thought the movie was pretty interesting, I always… Read More ›

Baby Weight

This morning went as smooth as any, I woke up, made some breakfast, got dressed for work, and picked out a gym outfit from my perfectly organized gym clothing closet. I made it to work by 7:30, did my thing,… Read More ›

Animal Flow

I couldn’t have been more excited when I got home from work yesterday. My apartment emailed me to let me know I had a package and I didn’t know if it would be the press packet from Equinox or clothes… Read More ›

Ah Rest Days

Today was a well deserved rest day.We got up around 7 to make it to puppy training at the breeders. Burey (Sasha’s brother) was there as well and I made sure to bring my phone out so I could take… Read More ›

Happy Friday

Cooking Suggestions I have decided to skip dinner tonight and eat popcorn at the movies instead. I know I know terrible for you, but I love it. My goal is 90% paleo and 100% so if popcorn makes me happy,… Read More ›

Wibbly Wobbles

Breakfast and… 3 eggs, 1/2 small avocado, and Texas Pete’s hot sauce. Mmm. This was at about 7am this morning… Do you ever have those bottomless pit days? Well I am in the thick of one and it is only… Read More ›


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