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Fun Facts of The Day

Normally I have relatively coherent posts but today I’m in the mood for a bulleted list of things on my mind, enjoy! I have decided to not make up the miles I missed yesterday thanks to all of your kind… Read More ›

A Full Plate

Speaking from personal experience life can be either filled to the brim or feel a little empty and lonely. I am lucky to say that right now I am all around happy and have really started to take control of… Read More ›

Photo Dump

Long weekends are my favorite. This particular long weekend has left me anxiously awaiting next weekend to just relax. To say this past weekend was busy is an understatement. It was the boys 25th birthday on Sunday so there was… Read More ›

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! What are you guys up to? Big plans out on the town or staying in?? We are just going to head to the grocery store together and pick up whatever looks good and make a nice dinner!… Read More ›


I don’t really talk about my sleeping habits much because it’s not in the scope of Food & Fitness that I typically try to stay to (puppies count though). Any who  I am a terrible sleeper, I am lucky if I… Read More ›

AMRAP Tank Winner

Hey Guys! Thank you to every one that entered and tweeted for this giveaway! ANDDDD I have over 100 twitter friends now, you have all made me feel so incredibly popular. And the winner is numero 8… I am actually… Read More ›


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