Weekend Round Up

It’s been forever since I have posted! I apologize! But this will be a nice well rounded post of shopping, spices and some little recipes! I haven’t drank / gone out in 2 weeks and did this weekend and I… Read More ›

Limping Just a Wee Bit

Good Morning & Happy Monday : ) Hope every one had a nice relaxing weekend. I had quite the productive Sunday! I had an awesome run, Making a Treadmill 5 Miler Tolerable¬†and also made an amazing early Valentines day dinner,… Read More ›

Confidence Rocks

Hope every one is off to a wonderful weekend! The title of this post is because I felt fabulous at the gym. I normally wear spandex and an oversized guy shirt but was feeling good today and put on a… Read More ›

I’m so cold!!!

Day 3 of the cleanse… Yesterday was all fruit and today is fruit and veggies. Since I’m on the road that means going to produce markets. AKA I haven’t eaten warm food in a few days. Waking up this morning… Read More ›

Bruises Galore

I play soccer on Tuesdays, I never grew up playing soccer, just have always been the athletic type so now that I am in my second season of playing I like to think I’ve become more than just a body… Read More ›

Relearning Sweet

While I was trying out the Dukan Diet I was taught sugar was the devil. So what did I do? Started downing Splenda like it was going out of style. Over the past 6 ish month I have created a… Read More ›


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