It’s The Little Things In Life

Let me preface that I have really taken a step back from blogging (including reading) since surgery last week. I’ve been all hopped up on pain meds and just not interested in being on the computer much. Today is actually my first day of zero meds, 9 days all doped up on oxycontin and percocet was plenty for me.


So seeing as I haven’t really wanted to post I will blame Brittany for this post today. She posted yesterday about taking a running break and how she is running happy again because of it. She mentioned how she felt herself running for other people and comparing pace to other people and how that can be stressful. For any runner / blogger / fitness buff out there it can be hard to not get caught in the comparison trap.

Image 1

One thing that this lovely ACL injury has taught me is that I definitely took my good health for granted. I definitely had a little green monster in me from time to time and wished I was faster. Not all the time at all but it was there occasionally. So as I hang out in my recliner all day with my foot elevated just trying to flex my quad I realize how silly it was that I ever compared pace with people. I physically cannot get a full flex out of my quad, do a leg lift, move my leg from side to side, bend more than about 40 degrees (solid deal of pain just getting there), or crutch the length of my apartment (in a full leg brace) without breaking a sweat.

Image 4I’m not looking for a pity party or anything I promise. I am actually healing really well, I have gone to PT twice and have already seen an improvement now that I know what exercises I should be doing. Just trying to put things in perspective a little.

I have been putting off any cooking for the most part because my brace wasn’t fitted for me and I am really wobbly without it. Trying to cook with two crutches is wildly difficult. You never realize how far the fridge is from your counter space until you have to crutch to it. When using two crutches your hands are also both busy so you have to get creative. Well yesterday I finally went into the kitchen to cook chicken. These three (yes I live with three cats now) were circling me like sharks to be fed so I also fed them. So the act of 1) feeding the cats / getting them water, 2) cleaning / putting chicken in a pan to bake, and 3) filling up my ice machine with ice and water took FORTY FIVE MINUTES. And I was literally dripping with sweat. Image 2I dont know about you but I’d take a 15 minute mile to that debacle. Seeing as my kitchen adventures SUCK I have been eating so incredibly boring / not nearly enough lately. My go to right now is granola with sunflower seeds, cashews, and dried pomegranates  AKA granola topped with whatever looks good in the pantry. It takes a total of 3 minutes to put together and is one hand friendly.Image 3So yes, the point of this post. I hope you are running / spinning / whatevering for yourself and you love every minute of it. Even if you have to stop and walk to catch your breath enjoy it. You could be in a full leg brace…Image 6Since I am not yet bitter and bitchy from this whole thing there is always a silver lining… I can officially fit my compression socks on!! Compression sock + ice machine = productive and happy Megan.
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Q: Do you ever find yourself playing the comparison game?
Q: How do you avoid burnouts?

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  1. I have to comment on that kitty photo first, I just haffftaa! HAHAH I LOVE it!! All their little tails sticking straight back!!! OHKKK now more importantly you are kicking ass with this recovery, and I love your perspective on everything!! WE ALL take too much for granted everyday until something is taken away from us, such as mobility! I know I need to stop whining and be thankful I can get to my fridge with ease (you will soon enough!) I kinda like that you are getting sweaty doing daily things though, count that as your workout!! HA! LOVE YOU LOVE THIS POST AND you already know how I feel about the comparison trap from my post yesterdayy. OH and same for avoiding a burnout..I stopped running and now I run. YAY!

    • I thought about leaving the cat picture out but I knew you would get so excited. The black one (pip) kinda looks like yours I think? And yea its nuts how one body part going haywire screws with everything you do. Before the surgery when I was working out I was like hm I wonder what body part / joint would be the least annoying to screw up… I can up with nothing!

  2. This is a great lesson to learn. It’s one that I’m working on learning for myself (without being injured). When I start running again after this little hiatus of mine, my focus is going to be on slowing myself down and not try to run the fastest long run there is. I don’t know how you’re managing to do everything on your own. I don’t think I could do it! My mom was there to refill ice man for me and my friend carried my bags everywhere to classes after my surgery. I’d be exhausted!

    • I love how you call him ice man hahah. At first when I would be like hey mom can you fill up the ice machine for me? And it would take her a few minutes I would be like jeeeeesh what is she doing?! But I also don’t have an ice maker so I am using 5 ice cube trays and will get a bag of ice if I am low. So now that I am doing it I feel like a but for thinking she was being a slow poke. Your hands get SOOO cold cracking 5 trays of ice cubes, refilling, and putting them back in the freezer. It’s no joke!

      It is a total pain but I would feel worse if I had a friend / bf here waiting on me hand and foot, my mom I could handle but that was all!

  3. I too often compare myself to people who I know…like friends from high school, etc. One of my friends from high school JUST started running and she’s so much faster than me…it’s not fair! haha I personally think your yogurt bowl sounds incredible, and I am so happy for your progress. No meds + compression socks = moving right along!

  4. LOVE this post!! I am such a believer in the little things. They are the most important but also the easiest to take for granted! SERIOUSLY, you are rocking this recovery, I was sooooo not where you are at this point!!!!!! But you are a rockstar so that should’ve been a given 😉 I wish I were close to you so I could make you real foooooodddddd!!! Hope this day without the meds goes well and that you are able to make some meals soon!

  5. This is such a great post, and a great wakeup call for a lot of us I’m sure! People get wrapped up in comparisons all the time, silly things like pace and whatnot. Not everyone can be the fastest runner ever. Everyone is different! And I’m glad you’re healing well, you’re doing a fantastic job!

  6. Glad you’re healing well. I always treat setbacks (ie. surgery) as mini breaks from being an exercise demon and enjoy living like everyone else I know! 😉 I know I’d be chomping at the bit to get out and do something, but you’ll get there soon, so enjoy the time you have to catch up on things you forgot that you enjoyed (like reading!).

  7. This is the second post I’ve read today that talked about the “comparison trap” and how important it is to be THANKFUL for where we are in life rather than wishing things were different. I think we all need this reminder from time to time and it’s nice to know I’m not alone out there with taking things for granted. I need to work on it!

    Hope you continue to heal and get better soon 🙂

  8. Don’t let the little green monster come out rawr! I can only imagine going what you are going through and I’d have to agree- I def take my health for granted. I know that I should probably do certain things to avoid injury (i.e. stretch pre-post run, etc.) but never do and know that I am just asking for it.

    I love this post. It is so true to take time and enjoy the moments and not get caught up in the comparison trap. Funny you mention this b/c just yesterday Mr. Speedy got caught up in that a lot with a guy who showed up to run club and was fitter, with model-like muscles, super tan, and ran a heck of a lot faster than my man. I did not notice and could care less but Mr Speedy got into a real sour attitude in about .455 seconds. All because someone was ”better, faster, fitter.’ My response was WHO CARES and you should run for you, not for others.

    You are beautiful and unique and you. I’d hate for any of that to get lost because of others. Wuv ewe Megan.

    (that is dog talk for ‘love you’)

    PS THE CATS……. NOOOOOO……. there are so many…..

  9. arggg I wrote a HUGE reply and I did not load properly and now I have to re-comment!

    Anyways, it basically said this:

    1. Green monster/comparison: oh holy moly, stay away from that! I don’t fall into this very often but Mr Speedy does… and then I remind him that there is no one like him and he is special.
    2. TOO MANY CATS. I would not survive with those furry creatures.
    3. You have really nice legs.
    4. #3 is kind of creepy sounding but I had to tell you.
    5. Keep up your spirits, leg lifts, and granola eating!

    • I was able to see the first post!! I loved it and the recap! I am glad that people as fast as the speedster get jelly too. It’s so silly!!!

      And thank you for all the kind words! It’s funny I usually hate my legs but since my right one is all swollen with limp muscles that make my thigh look like a pile of smush I am loving my left leg right now haha. Who would of thought???

  10. Love that you are rocking the Pro compression socks with your brace.

  11. I’m glad you’re feeling better! Your pedicure is super cute 🙂


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