Date Night in Tuscany and Surgery Tomorrow…

I have a million thoughts swirling through my head about this surgery. In an effort to keep the last post I do pre surgery not completely miserable I decided to start out with a bunch of pictures from a cooking class Bren and I took Saturday. Then we can chat about what in the world is swirling through my head read now.

For Christmas Brennan got me a cooking class at Sur la Table – we had yet to do it and I decided that A) We are procrastinators and B) I wanted to do the class before getting surgery. We landed on the “Date Night in Tuscany” class and I thought everything came out quite yummy! SurLaTableOur menu consisted of grilled baby artichokes with basil aioli, Tuscan grilled chicken with lemon and rosemary, Tuscan kale salad with parmesan vinaigrette, and a lemon tart. My favorite thing to make was the lemon tart. We made filling AND a lemon curd, which I thought was really cool. Our tart crust was having some depth issues and I wanted lots of filling so I just filled it up any ways. Our tart made a mess and when I was snapping pictures the instructor told me to just take a picture of a differenttart and I let him know that ugly tarts need love too. It’s a fact.datenightAs you can see there was little to no room for tart filling, so I just slathered on the lemon curd instead. It was still fricken awesomeeee. The only really new to me thing was cooking artichokes and making aioli, that made me feel prettay cool. The class was supposed to be about 2 hours long but ran for 3 hours. My feet / knee started to act up and I found a chair to plop down towards the end. All in all I would say it was a success. After the class we went out for a bit to celebrate a friend graduating from grad school (BTW – congrats to all the grads who completed a degree this weekend!) and called it a night.

Sunday started out incredibly rainy and muggy and I retreated to my house to do lots of cleaning and housework. I had a special guest joining me… MY MOM! I scooped her from the airport around 3:30pm and we caught the tail end of the Taste of Arlington festival. I had bought our food / drink tickets ahead of time and it only went until 5pm so we had to hustle. All the booze tents did a last call at 4pm (what the french guys) so by the time we got there we were able to just sample food. A lot of the stations were doing 2 for 1 specials because the event was ending, bonus! My favorite tasting was from Sushi Rock – it is a sushi restaurant that is actually right around the corner from my office! So delicious and it was plated beautifully, unfortunately when you have only 2 hands and 30 minutes to use up 10 tasting tickets the priority of taking pictures goes out the window! So I have nothing for you : )

Cue Meltdown

My mom is in town because… ACL surgery tomorrow. Wooooo (jk). I am starting to have some less than pleasant thoughts about this whole ordeal. I have been able to keep myself really positive so far and just distract myself with working out and pretending everything is fine. My knee / calf are really sore right now and I am not allowed any anti inflammatory meds (thin your blood = bad for surgery) so I am done with working out until, well I am not sure when. Now for the pain part – I just have no idea what to expect and that is terrifying. Even with what feels like a pulled muscle in my calf I can at least stretch and go “ahhhh” it feels unfriendly but the stretching is a good kind of hurt, I have a feeling my knee on the other hand is going to feel like a thousand angry fire ants crawling all over my knee / leg / hamstring wearing tap shoes with bone piercing spikes. IT SOUNDS HORRIBLE. I am hoping I don’t just fall apart and get sad and whiny and crying all the time. BUT in the event that does happen that is why my Mom is here until Saturday.

I am also concerned that I will get a little depressed. Not being able to leave my house with out assistance for a month is going to be mentally taxing. So will being hooked up to an ice machine and a continuous movement contraption for 8 hours a day EACH. I don’t even know how that will work. I know that right off the bat my leg will be wrapped in an ace bandage for three days so you can bet your bottom I will be taking the worlds longest shower on Tuesday morning and shaving myself head to toe. I am Italian so if you take away my razor for too long I start to look like a woolly mammoth. It is not a good look for me. Good thing my mom loves me just the way I am and that Brennan and I have been dating for so long because hairy legs are going to be the least of his concern (me calling him weeping begging for snuggles and to put my out of my misery may lose the cute factor real quick…) On top of everything I will be working from home and typically contractors are not allowed to work from home but since this is a medical situation I am being given an exception. That exception comes with a spreadsheet though to document what I am doing for 8 hours a day… oye.

So yes, I am feeling slightly overwhelmed today. I have decided to focus my energy on the fact that I can’t drink water after midnight tonight. My surgery is at 10:45am. That is SO MANY hours going with out water. I hope I don’t get a headache or something, talk about icing on the cake.

End rant.

Because it makes me smile...

Because it makes me smile…

When Sasha is waiting for her dinner she will sit by her crate (where she eats) and nod her head back and forth listening to her food get put in the bowl. The head nodding goes on the entire time, simple joys in life : )

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  1. Yumm that food from the cooking class looks so yummy! How fun! I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow!!!! I’m glad your mom could be in town to help you recover – mom’s are the best at that 🙂

  2. Hope everything goes well tomorrow! Let me know if you need anything! I love that you guys went to Sur Le Table! Ryan and I have it on our list of things to do!

  3. I can tell you allllll about my experience with “ice man”. Granted, I only had him for about 4 days but it was interesting… my mom was driving me nuts! I hope your surgery goes well- it’s tough but think about how awesome you’ll feel after that month when you’re good as new! Good luck, girl! Having the people you love around you will make it so much easier.

  4. What a fun experience! I think taking a cooking class would be so much fun!

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I can only imagine how stressful it is, but you will get through! The doctors have done these things countless times, and you just have to keep positive! 🙂 Good thing you have cutie Sasha!

  5. 1. That date night sounded like so much fun!
    2. GOOD LUCK! You are so strong and you will be awesome throughout all of this I am sure. So glad your mom will be around to help you out… that’s a big sigh of relief I’m sure.

    • Thank you! I am not sure what I am going to do when she leaves tomorrow! I have this big ice machine and leg bender thing that has to follow me everywhere. I can’t carry them on my own though! Crutches take up both of my hands!

  6. I will definitely be thinking of you tomorrow! You are going to be fine – don’t even worry. So glad your Momma is there with you! I remember sleeping a lot the first few days, so although they are the most uncomfortable you will be taking pain medication and they just kind of fly by with all of the sleeping. A month sounds terrible but you’ll see that you will be alright! It’s not as bad as it sounds.. you will be able to be out and about, just on crutches. The only thing that hurt for me after I finished taking my meds was my calf but that was only if I stood or moved around a lot. Just go in knowing that this will make you better and to stay positive about it – you got this! It sucks, but it’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be!

  7. Hang in there girl! I know that it is scary but you will pull through like a champ. Because you are so athletic and in great shape, it will make rehab much easier! And although the CPM and cryo cuff are annoying at first, you will be happy you used them. When I had surgery many moons ago and was stuck inside, I caught up on TV shoes, movies, books, and magazines, so stock your house with some good stuff! Let us know if you need anything!

  8. You will be in my thoughts ALL DAY tomorrow!! You are one strong biatch and I know you are going to be JUST fine! All your thoughts are normal and I would be freaking the freak out too!! So glad you are able to continue to work though, that will help keep your mind occupied!!

    UM HOW cute are you and Brennan in your aprons..what a GREAT date night and awesome Christmas present!

  9. THINKING OF YOU!!! You will do great! I would totally be freaking out just as much too, so that is completely normal. I think females freak out…. and it is just the way we are.

    SUR LA TABLEEEE— okay so just this past Saturday, Mr. speedy and I went to one of these and I was like ‘I wanna do a cooking class!’ And he was looking at the schedule and we were debating… but after reading this and seeing your amazing meal and cute aprons, I believe we should just do it! Looks like you had a blast.

    I want to register here for the wedding but neither of us are professional enough to use all the little stuff (and it is overpriced)….. but I want all the cute cookie cutters and napkin rings darnit! lol

    • Thank you : ) We had to wander around the store for 20 minutes and were just ohh and ahhing everything. Agreed on the a bit over pricey thing though : ) I think When I am registering I will do it on Amazon haha. All the new kitchen appliances I need! Hopefully everyone has Amazon Prime memberships!

      Oh BTW lemme know when you need my address for invitations – I already decided I’ll just bring Brittany so that way you guys can save some money not having to pay for our manfriends : )

      • yessss omgee, i love this. you two need some come as a couple… my blogging couple dream. that would be AMAHZING. please stay tuned for details. xoxo@!!!!!!

      • I had to search for this comment b/c I initially forgot to comment but OH MY GAWD MEGAN THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVERRRRR. If you and Brit were to attend my wedding, I would be simply floored. It will be in Detroit. March 28th, Friday. Please plan accordingly. I promise to be a cool bride and not freak out but if you arrived and Brittany did too…. I just might cry my eyes out and jump up and down.

      • Apprently I did ALREADY comment on that…. but now I have the date, so I guess my extra comment is still valid.

        I am losing my marbles. Ugh. Totally going to have gray hair by the time this event takes place.

      • Bahahah I love your spazzyness. I would be jazzed to go to Detroit. Our emails are: and I’m game to wear the tux if Britt wants to wear the dress in our couple.

  10. I’m thinking of you! I know you are going to be okay and soon enough all of this will be in the rear view mirror, but I think it’s totally okay to be nervous about it right now. It’s so so awesome that your mom is with you, and Brennan is going to take care of you in the way that only Brennans can (i.e. the BEST way). Sending you tons of love and get-well wishes!!!!

  11. Thinking about you. I hope everything goes well. Sending good thoughts, get well wishes and hope that you can run again soon :)!

  12. I hope your surgery went well today! I’ve been thinking about you, praying for a speedy recovery!

  13. Hope it went well & you’re not feeling too horrible! I have a friend who’s having ACL surgery in a few weeks, so I’ll be curious to hear about the aftermath.

  14. Megan Kelly baby,
    Your aunt and I are thinking about you. Christine went to Bettina’s when she had her surgery. Im sure its great to have your mom there. Hope to see you this summer
    Uncle Brian

    • Thanks Brian! I am doing well! It was wonderful having mom here this week, sad to see her go today! Now it’s on friends to play nurse until I can drive / hobble around again!

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