Sidelined and Getting Ripped

Well, worst case scenario came to fruition unfortunately. My ACL is torn and I will need surgery. I won’t be up and running for about 4 – 6 months after surgery. I have an MRI scheduled for next week to see how my meniscus is doing. If it is torn (which he kind of thinks it may be) then it will be more on the 6 month end of things. SO that means no more racing this year probably. I am hoping I will be able to transfer my registrations for the Northface and Marine Corps. The one upside of this little “bump” in the road is that I’m about to have the best abs and upper body in the DC metro area. I will go NUTS if I can’t do anything physical and taking running away from me is terrifying. SO I will be making nice with lots of free weights, from the sitting position obviously, and weight machines. Heck I may even work out my left leg too! But it appears that my goals this year are taking a DRASTIC change. Running is out the window and weight training and super healthy cooking is back in. Seeing as I won’t be burning thousands of calories running any more I probably need to cut back just a wee bit on my food intake.

After getting all teary in the doctors office I got on the phone and scheduled the MRI so I could get the ball rolling. Then I went to Chipotle and had a pity salad. It was delicious for the record. I decided to take the rest of the day off and go home because I was afraid of spontaneous crying.

On a happier note – Some really great news is that I have some amazing friends who have been checking on me and a wonderful boyfriend who is going above and beyond to make sure I am happy. Also I got some awesome news that Britta is going to be joining me and Brittany (and Sarah but she is not a blogger) in Seattle!! I’m so excited!

So while this sucks it is not the end of me and definitely not the end of this blog. I may not be running for a while but I will keep active and be cooking. Oh and sleeping in on the weekends : )

Q: Have you ever had to give up something you loved?
Q: What is the worst sports injury you have ever sustained?

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  1. I am so so so sorry about this. That is seriously my worst nightmare. I know you will get through it and this will make you stronger in the long run, but it’s a serious bummer. I’m sure you will channel your extra energy into the weights and just enjoying yourself. Keep that head up!

    • Yea I am trying to be positive and just think well I am going to have months of ONLY being able to lift and do PT so overall I will end up stronger and probably leaner when I can start running. Unless I decide to go rogue and feed my feelings with cookies and ice cream. Definitely a viable option but that is the back up, not plan A.

  2. Darn it! So sorry this happened to you. Now I feel like I need to run or something since you can’t.

  3. What’s the ACL? I’m really sorry to hear you’ll be out of the running game temporarily, but 6 months ain’t nothing! I have had surgery twice that has left me unable to even exercise for months, so focus on what you can do and don’t dwell on what you’ll have to sit out. Are they 100% sure you’ll need surgery or could you get a second opinion?

    • I will 100% need surgery. Unless the MRI somehow magically says that the doctor was wrong and I am just THAT loosey goosey in the knee. But he said it was torn and was positive. The ACL is a tendon on the back of your knee, it makes an X with another one and they give you your ability to go side to side. I will be able to start jogging again before I can play soccer. I will probably be terrified of soccer to be honest but who knows, maybe I’ll keep playing.

  4. Oh Megan I am so so SOOO sorry! You seem to have a good attitude about it though and I can’t wait to see your ripped arms and abs when you rock the rest of this year with the free weights!

    • I have always been at odds with my arms so I hope that with a little TLC they will be tank top ready in no time! I also think it will be fun crutching around the gym like “whats up, no excuses play like a champion”

  5. Oh, man. That’s the worst. I’m so, so, so, so a million times SO sorry that this happened. Any injury is bad, but knee injuries are the worst, and I can’t imagine how your feeling with all the racing plans you had. I wish I had, I don’t know, more to say other than that I feel your pain and I’m sending nothing but healing and prayers your way. Keep that chin up!

  6. I’m so so sorry to hear that but I love the positive way you’re looking at it. Stay strong and get well!

  7. I am so sorry to hear the results. You can always try swimming 😉

  8. Injuries suck!!!!!!!! I haven’t had a long term one yet, but the hamstring strain blew. And the fact that I have a healing hole in my ab muscle ain’t so fun either.

    You go girl… get ripped up!!!!

  9. so sorry to hear this! you are dead-on though, you A. need your rest and rehab, B. need to get back in the gym asap and work the muscles you CAN work and C. keep careful track of your calories, and use (B) to burn them off as much as you can. When I hurt my shoulder it sucked, and I put on weight and backslid so much in my progress, so I am hoping for way better things for you!

  10. i’m so sorry to hear that! stay strong (in the upper body) and positive.

  11. Your attitude about all of this is awesome. I would seriously crawl under a rock and want to die so..for that you deserve a Chipotle salad and cupcake. YES to getting the ball rolling and DOUBLE yessss to Britta Babyyy!! BBM..Double BM…Get it..all of our initials? Throw Sarah in there and we’ve got some BS..oh man I need to stop.

  12. Ow man 😦 SO not the news I was hoping for!!! But yeah, honestly, the best thing to do is be positive about it!! Recovery is slow, but on the bright side you will be able to run again (look at me!). My ACL was fixed and my meniscus was completely removed and I am still able to run 😉 Super excited for Seattle! it’s going to be a blast, we’ll definitely get in some yummy eats and it will be a great trip for you!!!

  13. That’s the way for keeping the spirits up and dreams alive! Good luck with lower body recovery and happy days in keeping the upper part in a more “rigorous” regime and as far as cooking is going and not being able to burn as much energy at this time – discover new recipes 🙂 that too can be uplifting.

  14. I’m SO SORRY! This sounds awful 😦 Sending positive thoughts your way!

  15. So sorry to hear this! Six months feels like a lifetime. Not being able to run the last 5 months has been torture…especially watching all the runners on the trail 😦 The positive note is I’ve come to truly appreciate weight training. Stay strong and good luck with everything!

  16. Oh my gosh 😦 😦 I’m so sorry! I can’t believe the worst case scenario happened 😦 I’m sure you’ll find a way to stay active and work on other fitness things (like a ripped upper body! haha) and I love that you’re trying to see the bright side. More time for healthy cooking!

  17. Sorry to hear you tore your ACL! I have torn both my ACLs, and I know that even though it is a while to be out from running, you’ll be back at it. Keep up the positive spirit! You can probably find some other ways to keep active. Once you have your surgery and have more range of motion, biking can be really good too.

  18. Aww, I feel so bad. I am so sorry you are hurt. My injuries weren’t nearly that bad, but I totally understand how you feel!

  19. So sorry to hear this happened! But it’s going to work out in the end, just a bump in the road….and like you say, it’s going to give you time to focus on other things for awhile! Running will be there waiting for you when you’re recovered 🙂 Positive thoughts!!

  20. Ah so sorry to hear about your ACL!!! If you wanna talk to a DC runner who’s come back from ACL surgery check out You’ll be back in the game before you know it!!

  21. my heart dropped as I read this (NOOOO! not the acl!). I am so sorry to hear about it- I can’t even imagine what it feels like to be told you can’t run, i’ve had nightmares about that! but I am so, so impressed with your positive attitude & you’ll be back up at it before you know it…& hey, after all that core-work you’ll totally crush it on your first race back 🙂

  22. I just commented that I was happy to hear the ACL was in tact and then just read your next post. I am so sorry! The PT in me wants to tell you to get a second opinion and investigate your surgeons well AND find an awesome sports PT. I’m so happy to hear that your friends have been taking care of you. Sending well wishes from Chi town!

    • Soo sorry to hear that Megan. Its a pain to be sidelined for 4 5 months, but with this attitude of yours you ll be better than before when you come back. I ve had both my ACLs torn and reconstructed. Got my right knee Acl done last October and these days they do a very good job to reduce the recovery time. I was able to start running on a treadmill in a couple months, in 3 – 4 months I was back to running outdoors, getting back to soccer takes a little longer. 5 years ago it took a lot longer when I had my left knee done. So continue to stay positive, get the surgery done as soon as possible and work on your core, you ll come back stronger. Good Luck!!

      • Thanks Abi!! I was wondering if you had yours. I am honestly not positive if I will go back to soccer. I definitely classify myself as a runner so hurting myself in something I do for fun but don’t love like running was super crappy. We’ll see though. Maybe with a knee brace I will!

      • If I were you, I would stick to just running and other sports that doesn’t involve too much lateral movement. Soccer can be tough on ACL and running is your primary interest. I cant live without soccer, so I m striving to get back to it.. 🙂

  23. This year I had a great outlook on my fitness goals and then all of a sudden they were shattered. I ended up getting surgery on my left knee for both of my meniscus. It is four months out of my surgery so far and I haven’t been able to run. I have taken up a new hobby though, POLE! and I love it! Take a look at my blog sometime 🙂

    • Eek! I am sorry to hear that. Injuries are the worst. My meniscus actually had a lateral tear as well but was magically healing itself. I am curious to see how that is going to effect me later. I definitely will, thanks!


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