I could cry…

Oh wait, I already did! After playing for about 20 minutes last night in my soccer game I was being all sorts of fancy defending some one when I heard the most wretched pop / tear / OMG WTF WAS THAT noise in the world. I then proceeded to collapse on the ground, clutch my right knee and start screaming OMG what just happened. Then Brennan and one of the other guys kindly carried me off the field. Yes friends my right knee is currently shot. Luckily, my team is made up of a bunch of medical professionals and one of the girls did a bunch of moving and bending with my leg and determined that my ligaments / tendons are A OK. Where the pain is unfortunately makes her think it could be a meniscus injury. AWESOME.photo(3)I’m headed to the Dr. shortly so fingers crossed that my gumby ways saved my knee and something is just sprained. When she was testing my knee she goes “wow your knee is REALLY loose” so I had her use the left to compare and she did a “ohhh, well this is a good sign!”. Maybe my stretchy tendencies were a gift after all.

Know what the oddest thing about this whole situation is? Sitting on the side line for the next hour watching the game I started sniffling and crying on numerous occasions thinking about how sad I was I couldn’t race on Saturday. And do my trail run on Sunday. And run in general for the foreseeable future. What about my run in Seattle? Or the trail race in June? What about the Marine Corps Marathon in October? Ugh. I promise that if injured I will not turn this blog into a bitch fest but I did need to whine now. I feel a little better so thank you for listening : )

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  1. Oh no! Sending positive energy your way! Hoping you’re appointment goes well!!!

  2. I was so nervous reading this post. Ugh, man knee injuries are no joke! The whole time I was worried you tore you ACL or meniscus or something! I tore both my ACL and meniscus and let me tell ya surgery/recovery time is realllllyyy long and I would hate for you not to be able to run or do sports for that long. So did the doctor say you were completely fine then or do you have to go get an MRI or something? Crossing my fingers that you are all good!

  3. Oh no! This is awful! I’m so so sorry this happened to you.

    Keep your chin up, girl. Benching is for a few races doesn’t make you any less of a warrior. Only warriors get injuries anyway!

  4. I hope your knee heals soon. Not just because we need all the girls we can get either. Hopefully you can get back into your running sooner than you think.

  5. Dislike. Wishing you health and good pain meds.

  6. Ugh I hope it’s not serious!! Worst case scenario, we can start an injury support group and cry to eachother over froyo and wine, so it won’t be all bad…

  7. Nothing wrong with bitching about the injury and the subsequent time you have to take off of training. Just be sure to follow recommendations and take it easy. Every professional athlete i have read says that they went back to training too early. I had a meniscus injury and began training for a marathon 3 months after surgery. I was not in shape when I started so I bet you will be fine.

  8. There is no crying in Soccer…wait that was baseball. I hope you feel better. Hopefully, you heal like RGIII or AP (football references).

  9. Oh no I’m so sorry! I hope the doctor has good news for you! Injuries suck, no doubt about that. Try to stay positive!

  10. AHHH!!! I will be sending you positive vibes!! If the run in Seattle doesn’t happen we will WALK! If we can’t walk, we will rent wheelchairs and arm race around the lake. I would have cried too though knowing I can’t race this weekend. When I thought I wasn’t going to be able to run my last race I cried. It’s a runners thing. Take care of that knee!

  11. Aww!!! I HOPE HOPE HOPE it’s nothing and it will get better soon! I’d cry too.

  12. Ahhh!! This is awful!! Praying for a speedy recovery for you!!

  13. Oh noooooo!!!! I hope everything is ok!!! 😦 😦 😦

  14. Awwww I have been there, probably all althelets have been there. So sorry to hear but happy to hear that you are a-okay and that it is nothing serious… ? Just do not try to work out/run anytime before you are full healed– be patient and let your body heal and listen to it.

    I am happy you have a great guy in your life to carry you off the field like a knight. I hope you gave him lots of kisses!!!

  15. I know that noise. It’s the WORST noise. Sending positivity your way, darling, with fingers crossed!

  16. I hope it just turns out to be something minor! I’ll cross my fingers for you, feel better soon!!!

  17. Ah I’m so sorry to hear that!! 😦 I’ve been suffering from runners knee symptoms for the past week and have had to put marathon training on hold. It’s scary not knowing how long you’ll be out and frustrating to not get your endorphin fix every day. But allow yourself to rest and follow your doctor’s recommendations. It may suck to miss out on races you were excited about, but if you take the time to fully heal now then you’ll have a lifetime of running ahead of you 🙂

  18. OMG…I am so sorry! Glad to hear that the ACL is in tact. Rest up and ice tons! You’ll be back on your feet in no time!

  19. I also tore my ACL playing soccer in july ’11 and had surgery that sept…so I am getting closer to 2 years out and 9 months into crossfit (saw your comment on joy’s blog). I have come SO FAR and so will you, in time! I can now squat 200lbs and deadlift almost 300. I started crossfit as soon as I was cleared by my ortho and it has done wonders for my knee strength and stability. Highly recommend. I wish you the best with rehab and keep ya head up, I know how frustrating the ups and downs can be.

    • This comment just made my day! I am seriously so excited to do a group work out so that I am not always running. I need some variety! Glad to hear that crossfit has helped, I think my muscles and joints will definitely love me if I strengthen up some more.


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