My Mug Is Uglier Than Yours… Picture Time!

1) Brennan looking cold and musclerific, me hiding behind him. 2) Tim being the most badass 40 something year old ever and my bodyless head scrambling to use the netting even though I had no feeling in my arms at this point.boys13) Tim leaping over fire and me looking slightly terrified in the background. 4) Mooney being all ex marine like and showing the fire who is boss, again me in the background gearing up to make the leap.firejumping5) Me being all beast like holding a bodyless arm. 6) LOOK ITS MOONEY!! And if your were wondering yes I pulled him up there all by myself, he didn’t help at all  ; )mooney7) Looking elbowrific per usual. 8) OH hey right elbow, welcome to the “I have huge muscles and my arms don’t hang straight” party.elbows9) Oh is that a camera? Let me try to look as attractive as possible. 10) Looking adorable and happy, NBD mile 10, whats up.waving11) Making sure I stop my watch EXACTLY the moment I cross. 12) Chins and more chins. 13) Sweaty and delusional.CBcollage114) Another finish line photo. 15) Hauling ass making one of the sexiest faces known to man. 16) Same face, even more pronounced, AND a perfect view of just HOW pigeon-toed I truly am. CBcollage2Can’t get enough of the race pics? Check out some other extreme examples of how beautiful I am:

  1. Reston 10 Mile – BONUS – wearing glasses.
  2. Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2012
  3. PA Tough Mudder
  4. Zooma Half Marathon

Q: Do you take good race pics or bad? Link up some of your favorites!

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17 replies

  1. This just made my day. hahaha I love seeing race pics. Man oh man, running is hands down the most attractive sport on the planet!!! Gravity hates me when I run, and I literally have 8 chins 😀 CUTE.

  2. LOVE these pictures! Making me so excited for my race coming up in June! Some seriously badass expressions going on at the finish line!

  3. these pictures are so great! This looks like such an intense race- I’m not sure I could handle it all haha

  4. These are awesome!! I think you seriously look like a bad ass!! I look HORRIFIC in my race photos. THE ONLY good photo I have seen was from Disney half marathon, but this was ONLY because I was as good as walking at this photo opp because of ALL the congestion. I smiled and look somewhat normal haha. All the others..I look like I am dying.

  5. HAhaha this is awesome! 🙂

  6. Some race pics should be hidden others exposed to give us a laugh – thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Hahaha great post! I only ever take horrible race pictures, the only good ones I have our of me far away or covered in

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never seen a good race picture of, well, almost anyone! And I think that any picture involving you leaping over a pit of fire is automatically a good picture because, again: you. jumping. fire. 🙂

  9. My race picks are the worst. I always end up waving or giving a thumbs up and look like an idiot. What a fun idea for a post!

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