Pity Party in the Houseeee

I’m sleepy. Like super sleepy. You would think sleeping for 12 hours on Monday would hold me over for the week but you would be wrong. My apartment is having the carpets cleaned today so Jax had to be moved out of the house for the day. I brought her to the boys house thinking easy peasy. FALSE. Sasha loves cats, Jax does not love Sasha.

  1. The night started with Sasha in the bed and Jax out in the living room. FAIL. Jax wanted to hang too so she started meowing, waking Sasha up, who then proceeded to whine and try to claw her way out of the room.
  2. The second attempt was Sasha in her crate with a sheet over it and Jax allowed to roam. FAIL. Jax decided instead of being a good sleeper like normal she wanted to crawl around giving every one a good back massage / scratch.
  3. Jax back outside Sasha out of the crate. More meowing.
  4. Finally Jax was banished to the bathroom with food, water, and her litter box in hopes of catching even 30 minutes of restful sleep. This sort of worked but the meowing could be heard in the bedroom. I think the animals were trying to kill us, I was not amused.

By the time the alarm went off at 6am I was exhausted. I felt like I had just run a marathon in my sleep. To top it off when I took Sasha out to do her business it was raining. HARD. Like so much rain. Rain = a sleepy Megan regardless of sleep. So no sleep + rain = a lot of yawning and coverup. The one bonus of yesterday was that I had a great stretching / ab session over lunch and that I ate like a champion. I took pictures of ALL THREE meals yesterday and I know you are just dying to see what I ate. While I always try to eat healthy I made super sure to do so yesterday because today is moving day and we are getting Chinese for dinner. YUM.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, some sweet potato, and avocado. IT JUST DOESN’T GET OLD.photo 1Lunch: Tons of kale, 1/2 an avocado, chia seeds, figs, chicken, and homemade dressing. The dressing was evoo, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and tarragon shallot seasoning. MMMM. Oh and I had a banana. And a cookie.photo 2Dinner: Kale and cauliflower scramble (2 eggs), more avocado, and chia seeds. Obviously a little hot sauce for good measure. There was also a pit stop at Red Mango to try out their froyo. I think I’ll stick to Pink Berry, I wasn’t super impressed, WHO CHARGES FOR TOPPINGS?!?!photo 3

Thank you for listening to the bitch fest. Oh added bonus, lunchtime meetings, aka no gym, aka I don’t feel bad about “skipping” because really there is nothing I can do. After work I’m heading straight to Uhaul to start the moving process, rest day it is, winning!

Oh how did I forgot this until now!! I signed up for another race this month. I will be racing 3 out of the 4 weekends in April, so silly. Any who the race I signed up for is called “Run Me Home“, it is April 27th, and in Leesburg VA. All proceeds go to helping children find a loving home, specifically Loundoun County Foster Care and Adoption and Mobile Hope. The race is a 5k or 10k, I decided to sign up for the 10k. I have never raced this distance but I have high hopes of a great morning and a stellar time. As a bonus the race is only $30 for the 5k and $35 for the 10k. I spotted this race on Rana’s page and had to sign up. We have been trying to meet up since forever so I am super excited to meet her! If you live in the area think about signing up too, it’s a great cause and I sort of think 6 miles is the perfect distance to race because that is when I normally crash and burn : )

Let it out

Q: How did you sleep last night? Do you sleep with pets?
Q: Love the rain or hate it?
Q: When is the last time you moved? Do you hire movers or juts get a truck and do it yourself?
Q: How many races are you doing this month?

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16 replies

  1. Rough night!! I hope you get better sleep tonight girl! 🙂

  2. I am the biggest whiner when I’m tired so I don’t blame you at all. It’s funny- I used to want to race every weekend but now that I actually do, all I want to do is take breaks! Funny how that works…

    • I initially was signed up for 3 races this year and was like yep that is perfect! I got talked into / easily distracted though. I am putting my foot down and not racing any more than the ones I have already on the schedule. I want to save my pennies for other things. Like new running shoes : )

  3. It rains a lot usually in the winter/spring in Washington, but lately it hasn’t been too bad!! I love falling asleep to the rain, but hate when I am caught walking in it. I’m used to it though, so I feel like as a Washingtonian I can’t bitch about it. I hope it’s clear when you’re here!! I sleep with my cats 99% of the time, and they usually wake me up a couple times when they move around. If I want GOOD sleep, I kick them out. That race sounds like a blast. I think 10K is my favorite distance to race!

    • My new roommate is moving in with TWO MORE cats. It will be Jax, Pip, and Squeak, how much do you love those names?! I hope every one gets along and its just one big happy cat family. Or else shit is about to get cray in my household haha.

  4. I don’t have pets, but the one weekend I pet sitted for my friends was horrible! The dog kept coming in-and-out of our bed and I just finally opened the door and kicked him out to roam the rest of the house. He scratched the door for 30 seconds and finally got the hint and fell asleep on the rug by himself. He looked like a sleeping angel in the morning 🙂

  5. I slept fabbbbulous last night but that is probably b/c I was curled into Mr. Speedy’s armpit like a baby bear. It has been raining here in MI ALL WEEK n threatening snow but tomorrow it is suppose to clear up…. thank gee b/c I hate running in cold rain due to the smell and the worms and the overall wetness.

    IM just doing one race- a half mar at the end of the month. I am hoping to break my PR but that might not happen so I’ll be happy if I just am a minute or so off. We shall see…

    Good for you for racing 3/4 weekends! That is what may and june will be like for me…. YAY keeps ya busy!

    • OMG SNOW BLECHHHH. One race sounds perfect. I am looking forward to zero in May! And you wil totes PR, being an almost Mrs.Speedy means that you will probably win the whole damn race.

  6. Come to my house tomorrow and be well rested! 😛

  7. I had been sleeping HORRIBLY at the beginning of the week but it has been getting better the past few nights.

    I LOVE the rain, I mean, not being in the middle of it but it makes a night in feel extra cozy.

    Last time we moved all but 1 person backed out of helping the day of soo needless to say it sucked so badly. We rented a truck, and I SWORE we’d hire movers this time around but the husband refuses… we also have more reliable friends this time around that promise to be there for us.

    NO RACES this month thank you for rubbing it in to my poor injured body :p

    • Ah I’m sorry! You will be up and running in no time! I never ask friends for help with moving, I am not sure why. Probably because I know how much it sucks, I typically rope my BF into helping and that is all. I actually did all my moving (granted it was just a bedroom and a giant couch) all by myself yesterday and was so proud!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain! Especially when I am sleeping – I love that noise 🙂 And when I wake up in the morning I love when it’s raining… But then I realize, AW CRAP, I gotta get up and go work out – but when I come back from my work out, I love to quickly shower, put some fresh PJs on and go back to bed – LOL! But of course, this has to happen on a weekend. Nothing is worse than the RAIN on a week day when I have to actually be a PERSON! lol

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