Super Slumber & Summer Meals

In mid February I posted about needing a mental health day and also mentioned that I am a pretty lousy sleeper. Well Monday the same type of situation happened but instead it was a day of headaches. I NEVER get headaches, when I do I am a total baby and turn into a non functioning human being. I was taking IB Profin all day at work but it only cleared my headache for an hour at a time. When 6:00pm rolled around and I had just taken my 3rd super large dose of IB Profin I retreated to my bedroom. I fell asleep at 6:30pm and minus a few interruptions to let my soccer team know I wasn’t coming to our game, I slept until 6am. Who does that?!? I blame it on racing over the weekend and my lack of sleep catching up to me. I like having this blog because I was able to go back to the last time this happen and realize it was only 2 months ago, I thought that my “crash and burn” days happened a little farther apart to be honest, I will keep an eye on it though.

Tuesday I woke up feeling great and started out my day with the usual breakfast of eggs, avocado, and sweet potato. At this point I have been eating the same thing for breakfast since approximately November. You would think it would get old, but no. I decided that since I skipped soccer on Monday I would add a run to Tuesday’s work out. I did 3 miles with out headphones and it was an OK run. My legs felt super heavy and it was over 80 degrees so it was a nice smack in the face that summer was here. The arch on my right foot was still bothering me, which is honestly quite worrisome because I have a long trail run on Sunday and the Tough Mudder next Saturday. My foot needs to get better ASAP!!! After running I made sure to stretch and then hit the weights. I did a great core and upper body strength work out that you can check out here.

Eats lately have been a little lighter than the crock pot creations I made over the winter. Below is a mix of kale, green pepper, chia seeds, pistachios, soy sauce meatballs, and a simple EVOO and vinegar 2(5)For in case you were not aware of all the great benefits of kale check out this nifty little chart I 1(6)Tuesday ended with a super simple dinner of chicken, veggies, and avocado. In the spirit of celebrating the seasonal temperatures we turned Sasha’s walk into a Pink Berry trip!photo 3(5)Look how good she is! Just laying down and letting us eat! Don’t mind our ghostly pale legs, they haven’t seen sunshine in ages. I have already started camping out on my rooftop to try and get my summer brown back. Slow and steady!photo 4(4)

Talk to Me

Q: Have you ever had arch pain? How do I make it stop?
Q: Do you notice the type of meals you eat change with the temperatures?
Q: What is your favorite range of temperatures to run in?

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  1. Whenever I’ve had arch pain in the past it has been related to not wearing supportive shoes, but that’s just me because I have crazy flat feet. As for meals, I’m someone who doesn’t care about temperature. I am that girl who got a hot chocolate yesterday when it was 90 degrees out. My parents get so mad when they want to eat a cold dinner and I insist on something like pasta. As long as it’s balanced out with ice cream, obviously 🙂

  2. I had arch issues before, which caused a minor ankle injury. I went to a foot doctor and he made specialized inserts for my shoes–I haven’t had any problems since then! 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for you to do the Tough Mudder! Mine isn’t until the first weekend of June and I’m excited to read how it goes! And Sasha is such a good girl! haha..the froyo looks delicious!

    • It’s funny I am actually wildly unexcited about the mudder : ) I did two last year and that was enough for me. I am only doing it this year because the boy was sweet and said he wanted to run one with me. Plus I have to show up all his coworkers because I run and they don’t : )

  4. Kale is seriously amazing! I have an intense obsession with kale chips right now. I should probably start trying to make my own because they are so darn expensive!

    • YUM kale chips are soooo good! And so easy to make at home!! I do my oven at 400F and toss them with EVOO and whatever seasoning I want (salt and pepper is great) I just keep an eye on them and they are done in 10 minutes normally!

  5. For the past two months I’ve been eating kale every single day! I don’t feel complete without it! I definitely switch up my eats a bit with warmer weather. More fruits like melons and peaches, and grilled foods! I hope you feel better! Booo.

  6. When I had arch pain in the past it was because of poorly fitting shoes, you should get yours checked! 🙂

  7. SOUPAAAAA- i eat soup pretty much every day in the chilly weather. it is really pathetic. but it is soooo good and makes me feel warm.

    Never had arch pain but youzers! you should probably get that checked out! 😦

    Fav running temp- 55-65 for sureeee!

    And I have only had kale when it is broiled on a baking sheet and tossed with olive oil and pepper… kale chips mhmmhmmmmm so good!

    • Soup is the best during winter, my crock pot and I were in a serious relationship through the cooler months, now I need to find some good summer foods for it… I would say gazpacho but that doesn’t need to be cooked, boo hiss.

  8. Is that Brennan’s ultra preppy leg?! Seer sucker shorts and boat shoes! Keith’s twin!

  9. Crash and burn makes sense- especially if you ran a hard race. Sorry you had to deal with all those headaches and I am glad your body was able to take the sleep it needed.

  10. Hey girl, my arch pain was from wearing old shoes. I did an 11 mile outside with the shoes I trained in over the summer and it did not go well. I got fitted for shoes and ended up with Asics GT 2000, they’re great!

  11. Haha we must be soulmates. I’m a bad sleeper too, but hardly ever get headaches. and I looooove kale!

  12. I do that!!! I am need of a superslumber this weekend : )


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