Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 2013

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 4.7.13
Time: 1:24:44
Finished: 1613 (of 10321 women)
Splits: ‎8:49, 8:38, 8:26, 8:09, 8:20, 8:16, 8:27, 8:44, 8:28, 8:28 


Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 4.1.12
Time: 1:28:33
Finished: 2322 (of 9701 women)
Splits: ‎8:55, 8:55, 8:49, 8:50, 8:43, 8:56, 8:50, 8:43, 8:32, 8:24 

Ahhh the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler! I have a love / hate relationship with this race. The things I love about it are the atmosphere, the cheering squads filling the ENTIRE route, the relatively flat course, the weather, and the muffins you get post race. The things I dislike about this race are the expo (literally NOTHING for free except a baby lara bar), the cotton t-shirts (what the french, I want a technical tee), and finally the fact that there are 15,000 runners, woof. How about a race recap?IMG_5631
I started out my morning with half a mango, an AMRAP bar, and some tea. I headed out to the race with my roommate and her parents, Amelia was supposed to run but is currently in crunches, she did however talk her mom into signing up to run with her so she was still running! The metro was a breeze and we got to the race in time to hop in line at the porto johns. The race started at 7:30am and I didn’t make it to the corrals until 7:15am. I was in the blue wave and that was based off of my time last year, little did they know I have been training : ) The blue wave was HUGE and since I was late to the game I ended up in the back of it. The first 3 miles were brutal trying to dodge people. I was able to finally break away a bit by running on a median and passing a bajillion people. Oh and most of these people… were supposed to be in corrals behind mine, nope, they decided they wanted to move on up for shits and giggles. There is a reason for corrals people, RESPECT IT. I was able to get in a comfy groove for the next 3 miles but the course narrowed and things got claustrophobic again. At this point I thought to myself “well there goes ANY chance of PRing today… might as well slow down” then I did some quick math and realized I already was on schedule to PR so I tried to work my way through the crowds. Mile 8 was a mess of people as the course narrowed even more! Finally the last two miles came and I was able to break out a little bit. I have a REALLY weak stomach when it comes to “pushing it” and felt myself close to vomitting about a quarter mile from the finish so I didn’t kick it into high gear until I saw the finish line. At that point I pushed it to a 7 min pace and closed out the race. IMG_5650 IMG_5634I am happy with my time and hit my goal so that is awesome. I think this may be my last year for this race though. I was frustrated pretty much the entire time by the crowds. I know I could have pushed it had I not been dodging people and going back and forth between sprinting ahead and getting stuck behind people, it was exhausting! I do love this distance though and will definitely race another 10 miler. It will be a smaller event though where I will not be hanging out with 15,000 of my closest friends.

The best part of this race was definitely the walk home. We went to a metro stop a little farther out to avoid the crowds and went through a beautiful garden. In the top left you can see poor Amelia in her boot and crunches, she is such a champion hanging out at the race for us this morning. AND she had a back pack so I didn’t have to check a bag, ANGEL.gardensThe absolute best part of the walk though was finding a Sabra truck… giving away FREE HUMMUS. I was singing to the race gods. I grabbed my freebies and stuck them in my pocket for safe keeping.sabraAfter getting cleaned up the boy and I decided to go out to lunch. After all I had just burned 1200 calories and clearly needed to replace them all. We went to a new Italian place that opened up around the corner (La Tagliatella) and holy smokes was it delicious. The food portions were ENORMOUS too. The waitress warned us but we were not prepared. We started out with the “Insalata al Rullo di Capra Gratinato”(pan fried goat cheese and caramelized tomatoes served on a medley of mixed greens with sweet corn, pistachios, pine nuts and black olives).IMG_5647For our meals we got a calzone “Pliegata” (tomato, mozzarella, sautéed spinach, gruyére, goat cheese, aceto balsamico reduction and duck ham) and of course a pasta dish.IMG_5648I am not a huge pasta person so this was Brennan’s choice, and boy was it delicious. He picked out “Ravioli Nero di Seppia” (Ricotta and seasonal vegetables) for the pasta and bolognese for the sauce.IMG_5649Everything was amazing and there were a ton of left overs!

Comment Time!

Q: Did you race this weekend? How did it go?
Q: If you didn’t race did you run? Something fancy?
Q: Do you like trying new restaurants? What is your favorite kind?

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43 replies

  1. I would have loved to run Cherry Blossom but the lottery didn’t favor me! That race is insanely popular! Congrats on your time! I did go running this weekend – 24 miles! I’m training for a marathon and so close to race day!

    • I actually haven’t signed up for this race, 2012 I took a registration from some one on craigslist and this year I took a transfer from my roommates coworker. Totally luck of the draw : )

  2. OH……. please run more races because this just made my Monday. I love your recap and your pics. No tech shirts- what the hay. WHO DOES THAT?!? The cherry blossoms looks gorg…. Sounds like you had a fantastic race. Good job and congrats on hitting your goals! Looking at your splits I’d have to say that you raced very smart…. you started off and then picked it up towards the end- negative splits are always a plus! I think you are def capable of maintaining 8 min/mile pace!

    The food looks amazinggggg…… and free hummus! I need to race where you are at girl! WHOOOT WHOOOOOOOOOT GREAT JOB!

    • Thank youuuu. I would have been consistent had it not been for the HOARDS of people. I was quite pissy with the 8:4X miles, oh well! At least it leaves lots of room for improvement next time around.

  3. Yayyy 4 minutes faster, that’s awesome! Seriously, though we had our pics in DC at like 3 and we didn’t even venture down by the tidal basin because there were like 500 people crowded around 1 cherry tree! The city was NUTS with everything going on yesterday~ Great race though!

  4. YAyyyy 4 minutes drop, that’s awesome!!! The city was a mess yesterday! We were supposed to have our pictures at the Tidal Basin but there were so many people huddled around the few trees with bloomed blossoms that we didn’t even bother! Great race!! Yay for free hummus, and boo for cotton shirts!

  5. Congrats on a great race!! I agree though CB 10M is too crowded for my taste 🙂 If you are looking for something semi-local (not TOO far away), smaller, and a more challenging (hilly) course, I would recommend the Charlottesville 10 Miler (it’s typically towards the end of March each year)

    • Thank you! I will definitely look into it. My first 10 miler was in Reston, it was super hilly and early March so I froze my butt off!

      • I did the Reston 10 Miler as part of my taper for Shamrock. I have never been so cold in my life. That was a miserable experience.

      • Wasn’t it freezing!! I also did it a few days before getting LASIK so I was wearing glasses (which I never do) so felt super weird. I also didn’t own real running clothing so I was poorly dressed ha

  6. Well at least you got to run your last Cherry Blossom 10 miler when the trees were actually in bloom! That’s pretty stellar.

    That food… huge. Wow! And why is the ravioli pasta black? Is it made with squid ink? I’m intrigued!

    • You know Brennan you ask a lot of good questions : ) If you love pasta check out their website, the choices are insane, there are like a million. I wish I loved pasta, well not really, BUT I do love some good homemade raviolis and my Dad makes a kick ass meat sauce I can pretty much eat by itself : )

  7. Nice job on your race! Feeling of about to vomit=giving it everything you have. Nice! I feel the same way about this race as you do. After some pretty bad crowding in 2009, I swore off the race. But then I ran it on a whim last year and everything was much better. Try lining up at the front of whatever corral you are in. That way, you should have space to go at your own pace. Great photos!

    • Thank you! Yea I think I will join that crowd, every asked omg how did you get in and its just “oh some one transferred their registration… definitely wasn’t dying to run this one”. The potty line was too long! I normally go to the front of the corral, so much easier!!!

  8. AHHH this sounds like DISNEYLAND!!! The Disney half marathon was SOOO FREAKING congested I was running 12 min miles for the first THREE miles..I am slow..but NOT THAT SLOW!! I was as good as walking a few times and I wasn’t even tired. There were 17,000 people and it was just insane. Thank god it was my first half and I was just there to run it with no time goal!!

    AWESOME job on this race!! Even with the congestion you PR’d so you have nothing to be upset about you crazy woman!! Sounds like a great race, minus the crazyness and you’ve run it twice now so you can run another 10miler next year, maybe one in Washington..JUST SAYIN!

    Ohhh my gosh that Italian food looks amazing. I LOVE huge portions too! Especially after a long run. I ran a whopping..wait for it…TWO MILES this weekend. BUT WAIT the best part..I HAD NO KNEE PAIN and I didn’t have to wear my brace. It was a test run to see how my knee felt. I saw rainbows after I felt no pain. About damn time.

    • I feel for you on the race situation, I am thinking about trying to find a bib to do the half that Brennan is coming down for. I will job that baby though and not try to PR. It would be fun! And Italian is awesome. I mean it runs in my veins, have you noticed I’m a semi brown baby, it’s thanks to being siciliannnnn.

      I AM SO HAPPY YOUR KNEES ARE BEING KIND TO YOU. Injuries are so depressing, I think I’d take up napping if I got injured, I would also weep.

  9. YUMMMMMMMMM! I am so hungry for Italian now. Good job on the race, but it does sound a little annoying. On to bigger and better things for you 🙂

  10. Great job – sub 9 the whole way! Nicely done!!

    I’ve seen the AMRAP on Amazon; but none of the comments there have the ingredients… How was it?

    • I swear by these bars. I always use them before races and long runs, here is the ingredients list: Raw Almond Butter, Unsweetened Coconut, Egg White Protein Powder, Raw Sesame Seeds, Raw Almond Chunks, Raw Honey, Ground Cinnamon, and Sea Salt.

      • Thank you Megan – I’ll definitely give them a try!

        I’m so bummed I missed the Cherry Blossoms in full force – I’ve been in DC both of the previous 2 weekends, but missed last weekend… Looks like it was amazing!

  11. Nice work!!! And tasty pictures 🙂

    I ran 9 miles off road at a local state park. My longest and toughest run post injury!

    5K this weekend!

  12. Congrats on your race time!! So sad this was the second race we ran and haven’t seen each other! I’m away for a few weeks but totally want to meet when I get back!!

  13. Woohoo!! Awesome job PR-ing and meeting your 10-mile goal! You should be super proud and psyched. The crowds do sound pretty rough though, that’s a crazy amount of people for one race! Definitely a popular one!

  14. Congrats on your race!! Gorgeous pics 🙂 I am always soooo ticked when they don’t give us cool free shizz. I mean, come on NOW. My last half I didn’t even get a medal – are you kidding meeee!?! Mind you, it was only $17 to register, but come on. Anywho, gorgeous run and congrats on those goals!! Woooooooo!

  15. Great race btw…love all the pics…it was very crowded even for me in the purple

  16. I PRed in an 8k when I least expected it and then had an awesome post race meal! Didn’t see a Sabra truck through…that is soo cool!

  17. Congrats on reaching your goal! This is a race on my bucket list and I hope to do it next year. My pace is much slower than yours so maybe I get lucky and won’t have to dodge so much, but I see how dodging can be discouraging.

    • After reading other peoples recaps and going off of my experience last year if you are in the correct corral it is a great race. It is crowded but you are with people your own speed! I just messed up with the corrals!

  18. Wow it sounds like you did awesome!!! 🙂 Nice job! I’m going to go see the cherry blossoms this weekend 🙂 I’m so excited!

  19. I hate when people don’t line up in the right place. It makes its so hard and the beginning of the race is no fun! Great job on the race! The pictures look so pretty!

  20. Congrats on your race, it course looks gorgeous! I think this race may be added to my to do list 🙂


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