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Have you ever had a moment where you think hm, how did I EVER blog every day… what did I even have to write about? I mean I love my life but it’s all very repetitive, how I make that interesting enough to have all of you loyal readers is beyond me. I think instead of writing daily Mon – Fri I am going to switch it up and do posts 2 – 3x a week. Probably leaning towards the 3x a week. If I am feeling especially spicy I will do more. So for this post I am just filled with happy and want to share it with you : )


Sasha is getting HUGEEEE and she has super dog strength, like I think she could pull a car at this point. We have a fur saver collar for her now that has taught her not to pull but when her flat collar is on she can basically drag me around if she is super excited about something. This here bruise is from her trying to bolt down some stairs to go play with another dog and I slipped, fell, and smashed into a railing. She is lucky she is so cute… As you can tell I’m slightly double jointed. armsShe packs so much punch in her little 60lb frame. You may be thinking holy smokes 60lbs but really what you should be thinking is holy smokes 60lbs AND I can see all of her ribs. Yea, that’s right, she weighs a crap ton at the tender age of 6 months and we have still to be able to get her to pack on enough weight so we can’t see her ribs. Ridiculous, I want her metabolism!! I promise she is fed plenty, she is just growing like a weed, and its really bad for large breed dogs to be heavy when they are growing, I promise she is super healthy. Brennan and I recently took her out to an AWESOME turf field (not sure if dogs are allowed but it was late and no one was around) and ran her around with a soccer ball for a while. I swear to you she doesn’t tire. Brennan on the other hand does (very rarely) so he sat down and laid out the facts of life for her. Oh and she really likes to carry sticks when she walks : ) sasha soccer


I purchased my tickets to Seattle!! I will be getting in nice and early on Friday May 3rd and am doing the red eye home on Sunday, I had to maximize my time with my good friend Sarah! Oh and while I’m there I will be meeting up with Brittany too and I am super excited. This is less than a month away!!


I went for an easy 5 mile run yesterday. My watch was being a big ole B and wouldn’t sync up so I just started the timer and ran. I kept it covered up by my shirt the whole time too! It was pretty fun not know how fast I was going. It is a good thing I know all the mile marker turn around spots on the Mt. Vernon Trail. I ended up running 5.2 miles @ 8:45, not too shabby eh? I’m super sore from lifting with Bren on Tuesday so I was happy to run out my muscles a little. It has been a while since I beasted like this with weights. We did a circuit that looked a little something like this:

10 KB swings @ 44lbs
10 bench dips
10 assisted pulls ups
10 push press (bar = 40lbs)

I really pushed it on the KB swings, I normally swing until my arms are parallel to the ground but noticed Brennan was bringing his arms up straight so I did that, holy smokes is everything sore. I really had to be forceful with my hips to get my arms that high so my glutes, hamstring, shoulder, back, everything hurts! When it comes to work outs for the rest of the week I am lifting again today and have a soccer game this evening. I am planning to take Friday and Saturday off in preparation for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on Sunday!


I am running my first repeat race this weekend! Seeing as my very first race was March 2012 it make sense that the doubles are rolling around now. The best thing about this repeat race? I ran for free last minute last year and this year I took a transfer registration a few weeks before the race. So I have never gone out of my way to sign up, it just happens. AND the best news ever? The cherry blossoms will be in full swing on Sunday! They are peaking on race day!! Plus look at this weather for the weekend…image

HOLLLAAR!!! 70 degrees! Oh happy day. I have so many cute tops I can wear now instead of bundling up : ) My goal for this race is under 1:25. That is what I hit the 10 mile mark at during the half marathon a few weeks ago so I want to beat that. I think I can pull off a 1:22 BUT I am going with 1:25, no need to get ahead of myself. I am heading to the expo with Sarah from Our Personal Records and I am super excited. We are going around 3pm Saturday so if you want to join lemme know! On top of the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this week I also am running a Tough Mudder in 2 weeks. I keep forgetting about that silly race. I am running with Brennan and a bunch of his coworkers and am the only girl. Woo, time to prove myself the superior sex…. Speaking of races my lady friend Brennanyou have no idea how much I love that I have TWO Brennans in my life – is coming into town in 3 weeks for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! She is bringing her manfriend and they are coming over to make dinner with me and my Brennan. There will be about 100 pictures of the two Brennans together, I can see it now. I will have to make signs “My name is Brennan & OMG ME TOO” amazing. OMG I just realized that the week after I meet Brennan is when I get to meet Brittany. BEST WEEK EVER.

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Q: How often to do you try to blog?
Q: Are you racing this weekend?
Q: Any exciting trips planned?
Q: Have you met any blog friends in real life?!

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29 replies

  1. Perfect weather for the race! You guys are going to do awesome!

  2. You get to cook dinner with Brennan…times TWO!? GAH SO jealous!!! Wow that bruise is no joke, ANDD I am double jointed tooooo in my arms. It’s fun to freak people out with it! This month needs to go by FAST!

  3. That bruise looks painful. Ouch! Wish I was running those races! I know you’ll rock them but it would be so much more fun if I could run them WITH you instead of just living vicariously through blogs. You picked a pretty gorgeous weekend for it 😉

  4. ZOMG!! as if you are Britt are finally meeting up. SO FREAKING JEALOUS. I still need to make it downnnn there!!!! I want this month to go by fast so I can read about your adventures together! Not sure if you have been to Seattle before, but you’re gonna love it! I feel ya on the writing everyday…I actually haven’t written in over a week.. I am so boring right now that I have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about. Oops 😀

  5. I hear you, I used to blog M-F and now I blog 4 days a week instead, taking Wednesdays off. It’s so much better, but can still be challenging at times. Sometimes, I feel dry of content or recipes too. The challenges of blogging! I totally respect your decision to cut back!

  6. I am so glad that this entry was filled with happy!!!

    Umm yeah there is no way anyone would read anything I wrote if I posted every single day. I am going to Colorado in June but the most exciting trip we have planned right now is our move (even though it’s only 1 hour away) 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I have met NO blog friends in real life… BOO!

    • Oh Colorado is beautiful!! And a move is terrifying so go you : ) We can become real life blog friends, I am always willing to travel for free lodging and food : )

  7. Sasha is seriously getting big!! Logan is about 65 lbs right now and he’s slightly over a year old and has probably stopped growing. I feel like he’s enormous so I can’t even imagine how big Sasha will get! She’s such a cutie though. And GOOD LUCK at your race!!

  8. Aweee man! I want to meet up with you and Brittany!! Sasha is the cutest thing ever! 🙂

  9. You’ll be in Seattle? No way! I’m in Redmond, which is in the Seattle Metro area. It sounds like you’re weekend is super packed though. If you have time, I’d love to meet up with you :).

    The big trip I have coming up is a week in Cancun at an all-inclusive resort with my college BFFs and all of our significant others. We’re super excited!

    Good luck on your races!

    • I have no idea where Redmon is but that is awesome!!! You are totally welcome to join our vegan feast on Sunday after Britt and I go running!

      Cancun sounds ahhmazinggggggg

      • It’s about a 15 minute drive east of Seattle, so super close. As long as I’m not intruding, I’d love to come (running, not so much. I prefer a bicycle). Let me know 🙂

  10. It’s been so long since I’ve run outside in something other than Under Armour cold gear! Super excited to meet you tomorrow! YAY!

  11. Eeek! That bruise! :O
    I try to blog regularly.. about 3x a week. I set up a series of short posts that I can come and quickly put together. School, work and a normal social life can get in the way sometimes so I’ll do something quick sometimes.
    No racing this weekend but I am going to Tampa to the Tampa Bay Comic Con and I’m excited to see Maggie & Beth (mostly Maggie lol) from the Walking Dead!
    And I met Lisa at a race in February. We had ran a couple of races together and didn’t even know it lol

    • The bruise is purple now, its really attractive : ) I think 3x a week is perfect, enough that you can cover everything but not enough that you run out of things to say!!

      • Haha. I tried blogging everyday in a previous blog that was about everything. Problem is that with that I ended up having so much to say I ran out of things to say. It doesn’t even make sense.

  12. Seattle is such an amazing city. So jealous that you get to hang with Brittany!

  13. I totally got to the point where blogging every single day was too much. Especially since I wasn’t really exercising, I felt like I had nothing fun or new to talk about. I was out in Seattle for work a few years ago and I LOVED it, it’s such an awesome city!

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