I had one of the best weekends ever. Friday night my brother ended up swinging through DC with a few friends on the tail end of a road trip. He brought three of his frat brothers were are some awesome guys and I was so excited to see them. The best part about their visit is they decided to go to UMD to party for the night and let me go to sleep at 10pm : ) An early bedtime was key because my training schedule had a 10 mile trail run on the books for the weekend. I woke up nice and early on Saturday and headed out to Fountainhead Regional for some trail running. I started a little behind a group of 5 guys and was weaving in and out of them and pushing myself a lot harder than I should have because I was being slightly competitive. The only problem was at ohhhh mile .25 my right arch felt like it was on FIRE. I fell to the back of the group and then at mile 2 realized that something was wrong and that 10 miles probably wasn’t going to happen.FountainheadI moved on to a walk and jog combo, throwing a few sprints up hills for good measure, as I made my way back to the car. Once I got back I realized my foot was feeling a little better so I headed back out again. This time out I turned around at the 1 mile marker thanks to some common sense from my roommate. Amelia currently is nursing one foot with a stress fracture (she is in a boot) and thanks to the awkward weight distribution while she is walking the tendonistis in her other foot is flaring up. Aka she is a hot mess right now and super cranky about it. She sent some logical texts saying “You have a race next Saturday don’t hurt yourself, I wouldn’t be in a boot if I knew when to call it quits” so I conceded and when I got back to my car after 6 miles I headed home. I was actually feeling pretty good at that point and was about to go out for another mile out and back to bring my total to 8 (I just didn’t want to be far from the car) but it is probably for the best.

My arches started to hurt while I was doing Insanity so I am blaming it on all the jumping around. Needless to say Insanity is going to be on pause this week so that I can get the PR I know it totally in reach for next Saturday’s 10 miler. I hit 10 miles at a 3 minute PR in my half in March so I know I can do that again if not trim off more time on Sunday. Especially since when I raced 10 miles last I drank my face off the night before.

At this point you are probably wondering what the heck the title of my post means. Well the reason I switched up my long run this weekend was because Saturday was one of my GFs birthdays and we had a boozy bottomless brunch and a concert lined up. AKA I didn’t want to do a long run on Sunday. Brunch was at Masa 14 (if you are in the DC area you MUST GO) and it was bottomless booze and bottomless food. We quickly discovered that we could use our water cups for the mimosas and bellinis so things went down hill quickly.brunchAfter brunch a few of us went and got mani pedis where we were served MORE champagne and then naps were in order. My fingers and toes look amazing though 🙂 After some naps we began getting ready for David Guetta and headed out to the venue. He didn’t come on until after 1am… My bedtime is around 10pm so this was just too much for me to handle. By 2:30 my energy level was about – 100 and I headed home. I got in a quick 3 hours of sleep before making my way to see my BFs parents off from their visit over the weekend. Needless to say I’m slightly exhausted… For Easter we did a friends brunch and dinner with two different groups of friends and by 10pm I was out cold. Today I just feel like a shell of myself and I am attributing that to a lack of sleep and alcohol… So just like sober January I am welcoming sober April with open arms.

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Q: If you drink – do you ever do sober months?
Q: How was your Easter? Did you do a friends or family get together?
Q: Any good runs this weekend?

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  1. Holy Moly… those pictures of the trails look just like some pictures I took on my run today. I love it! I’m looking forward to one day getting a tour of these great spots.

    And, no, I’ve never gone alcohol free. Not intentionally anyway. I’ve gone for long stretches without a drink, but I’ve never deliberately done a detox. I really don’t drink often though. It’s just that when I do drink… I really throw down.

    Also, you look so super pretty! Your hair looks so nice all coiffed. But you look hot in a pony tail, too. No worries.

    • Oh but of course, just give me a 20 minute head start : )

      Thank you! I really went all out using the blow dryer haha my striaghtener hasn’t gotten action in months.

  2. AHH NO to that foot pain! That shit better stop asap!! I don’t drink much these days, if I do it’s just a glass or wine or something. SO most months are sober for me! I love that you’re doing sober April, your body will thank you. What a fun weekend though. I had a great Easter 6miler yesterday, followed be a LOT of food!

  3. Ohh I love mimosas!
    I need early nights in bed to keep up with my training too and often move runs around to work into my social calendar : ) Hope your feet are feeling better soon!

  4. Ahh take care of your foot! I really hope you don’t injure it…and I agree that you have a PR in you for this weekend!

  5. Definitely no intentional detox. I adore my glass (or few) or red wine. I also drink microbrews and try new ones regularly. I am such a lightweight that I haven’t actually considered cutting it out.

    I was back on the trails this weekend and it was HEAVEN!

    • You and me both! My favorite is wine and good beers! I am praying my next trail adventure is better. I won’t be back out there for 2 weeks but hopefully by then my arches will be a little stronger / I will put the breaks on Insanity until they feel 100% on trails!

  6. That looks like a nice trail!!
    I cant say that i have ever done a sober month.. haha. kinda ssssad.

    • My first one ever was January. I find that by doing that it jump starts my training. I am bad about getting going with a training plan if better things are going on around me. I also find that when I go out and don’t drink I am sleepy by like 10pm, missing sleep is killer to a training schedule!


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