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I should probably elaborate a little bit on the incredibly brief post I put up yesterday. For in case you live under a rock / you have been ignoring me / you can’t feel my fear / excitement across the globe… I signed up for a marathon. The Marine Corps Marathon, October 27th 2013 in my lovely hometown of Arlington VA. When I was doing a little research and thinking about doing a marathon I looked at this one and marked on my calendar when the registration was. So when yesterday came around and my lovely calendar reminded me that registration was now or never I logged on to the MCM site only to find that the registration was at noon. I set my cell phone alarm for 11:55am and forgot about the race because work got nuts. A cancelled meeting allowed me to take a quick break in the middle of the day so I headed out on my first post race run. It was a hilly 5 miles and my legs were on FIRE because I ended up doing Insanity Monday AND Tuesday. Woof. As I was setting out for the run my alarm went off for the race and I kind of took it as a sign of “oh woops forgot about that, who wants to run 26.2 miles anyways”. I went about my run, showered, went  back to work and finally found myself at my desk for 5 minutes at 1:45 scarfing down some chili and I noticed the MCM site was up from the clicked register to see if it was still open (they were advertising a sell out window of 1 hour) and it let me in seamlessly. I realized at that point that I didn’t really have time to think about my decision because A) It could sell out and B) I had to get to another meeting that wasn’t going to end until 5. So I did it. The good news is that it is months away and I am busy training for a trail half in June so I won’t even think about the race until June 17th when I start training. The bad news? A) 26.2 miles is double my longest distance, B) June – Oct in DC = mid 90s and muggy, and C) I hated the weather SO much last summer that I didn’t run between June and Sept… Of course I didn’t think about any of this but I guess there is no way out. I’m gunna do this, even if it kills me, or makes me super skinny and every one starts to think I am a model and Victoria’s Secret wants to give me a contract. I WILL run this race and I WILL sneak in under 4 hours so that I can cross it off my bucket list and not have to ever run another marathon again.

So yea, I’m gunna run a marathon. Oh and another decision I made this week (today actually, its about 5 minutes fresh still) is that I am going to stop playing Rugby. So far there have only been 2 practices due to field conditions so I just have no commitment to it at all. Also the games are on Saturday and there are only 2 local ones (we play in Raleigh… Richmond… NYC…) and since I have no commitment / don’t even know how to play yet the idea of traveling for a game is a no go in my book. I also have terrible shoulders and in the practices I did go through the simple act of throwing the ball dislocated them (they are a mess) and then when I tried tackling my shoulder also obviously was slipping and sliding everywhere. While I am sure you are probably thinking OMG your shoulder was dislocated??! It’s not as bad as it sounds. I can pop it in and out on my own accord and it happens pretty regular. Like sleeping… if I sleep on my side you bet that my shoulder is slipping out, getting things from the top shelf in the kitchen? yup shoulder will pop out. It doesn’t hurt at all but that is because it is only a few times. Now in a game I’ll be throwing the ball a lot and tackling a lot and those make it sore. I mean heck, when I run my shoulders are EXHAUSTED just from keeping my arms bent at 90 degrees for that long. It’s a sad life isn’t it? If you want to Google my issues you can go after: multi directional instability of the ligaments. I wish it was just my shoulders but its everything, I can willy nilly move around my wrists, elbows, knees, the whole lot. I’m basically a human gumby, fun stuff.

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Q: Have you ever done a marathon?
Q: Have you ever quit a sport before you ever got started? Q: Any funny body parts?

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  1. OMG! So excited for you!!!!! This is going to be amazing and I wish you so much luck! I know you will do awesome!! Sorry about rugby though 😦

  2. Running in the humid DC weather this summer def won’t be fun, but you’re super motivated and once you set a goal you attack it. No doubt you’ll get it done! And good choice with deciding against Rugby, definitely no need to put the extra stress on your shoulders. That sounds crazy!

    • I’m going to need to buy more mid thigh shorts. My thighs get super excited when I run and clap to cheer me on and all the excitement =s CHAFFING. Ugh. So unless my thighs lose like a million inches I will be rocking some SWEET tan lines this summer.

  3. Yeahhhhhh Megan! You are amazing and I am so excited for you!!! You’re gonna be so awesome at this 🙂

  4. My little toe on my right foot overlaps the next toe. I was born with it like that and only surgery would fix it, but I don’t have problems with it except with narrow shoes.

    Good luck with the marathon training! I’ve never done a marathon and I probably won’t until I’m done having kids and I have time to dedicate to building a good base and then training.

  5. Ahhh so exciting! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it! And I feel like your rugby decision might be for the best! Keep you fresh for your running 😉

  6. I AM STILL SO JAZZED about this!! You are going to kick ass I just know it. I can’t waitttt to follow your training. Maybe you will inspire me to run a marathon. Not likely though. HA! I want to cross it off my list, but I don’t want to actually run it..hmm. Oh man I have “double jointed” elbows (I can show you when we meet haha) and my left elbow dislocates all the time after I was in a snowboarding accident. It sucks though cause it hurts when it happens haha.

    • I totally agree. I think my running career is so random, when I finished the half last year I thought to myself “every one said I’d want to run a full after running a half, I feel like I’m dying, I will never run a full” anddddddd here we are haha.

      Fun elbow!! Mine does too, we can compare : )

  7. Awesome job signing up! Your going to BEAST this marathon! I love bunching goals together like you have and knocking them all out in the same journey!

  8. I’ve run five marathons! They are fun and you can do it! And rugby — if you’re looking to play, my fiance runs They meet saturdays in adams morgan.

  9. YAY! Good for you on making the spontaneous decision. It was meant to me.

    Like you, my longest race is a half marathon to date. One on trails, one on the road. I am freaking out about my trail marathon in July and 50K in September. But what the hell… why not????

  10. WOOHOO!!!!! oh man, Marathon here you come!! So freaking exciting – you will rock it. I cannot wait to read all about your training.. marathon’s still scare the crap out of me! Maybe I’ll do one.. okay, maybe not but I’ll live vicariously through youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!


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