Homeward Bound!!

In T minus 2 hours I will be chillen in the car headed to good old Conesus Lake!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! It makes me super sad I haven’t seen my parental units in 3 months, that is like 1/4 of a year, who does that?

Not working out has been making me a boring blogger because that’s the bread and butter of what I do. I cook and am active and I write about it. I have been eating literally the same thing all week so I can guarantee no one wants to see pictures of that. You should probably make the recipe though, its so good: Taco in a Crock. I’m actually being super nice and sharing some with coworkers today. Since I am going to see the rents I need to clean out my fridge, what better way than sharing your crock pot heaven with coworkers?

Speaking of kitchen clean out my first dinner last night (yes I had two) made me super happy. I had a bunch of vegetables that would go bad so I did what any normal person would do and smothered them in EVOO, garlic, salt, pepper, and then tossed them in the oven. SO EASY. I got eat oodles of kale chips, sweet potato fries, roasted summer squash, and brussels sprouts. Lacking in the protein but still delicious nonetheless.

Dinner number two was a little more well rounded. After copious amount of excellent beer (Delirium Tremens, I can’t get enough of this 8.5% nugget) I found myself out to dinner with some great company at The Boulevard Woodgrill eating a Fennel & Coriander Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad (Seared RARE over mixed greens w/ tomato, cucumber, carrot, daikon, miso vinaigrette, wasabi aioli & crispy wontons). Holy heavon in a bowl.saladFor some one doesn’t eat out often this week has been the total opposite, two night in a row now I was fed outside of my domain. Both night involved Delirium Tremens… mmm so good. The other meal I had while out was a fabulous antipasto platter! As you can see I have been eating quite well!antipastoWhile I am home I am hoping to get lots of hang time with the mama bear in and a much needed trip to Walmart. Ideally I don’t lose any fingers and toes in the massive parking lot but I can only hope.weatherSince my roommate is moving out in 3 weeks I have decided to do a little cleaning of my own and purge all of the old crappy things in my kitchen. I have some really high quality goodies in there but my college stuff is still lingering around. One of the items I am desperately looking forward to replacing is my Tupperware. I bought a set from Ikea (green lids, I am sure many of you have it too) and I have been losing pieces left and right and they just got trashed in the microwave and dishwasher. Plus I have managed to crack a few too. My roommate has some kick ass glass containers that I basically use all the time and I think it is time I get my own. Something like this or this. I’m getting excited just looking at them. I seriously have soooo much old stuff that just needs to be removed! I am also looking to replace some baking pans, the garbage can, and probably try to find some good medium and small nonstick pans. Kitchen gadget shopping is seriously my most favorite kind ever. Plus my mom gets really excited when I’m home and loves to foot bills at Walmart. I won’t let her for this haul but I will definitely take donations.

Finally for the day as a little ode to my roomie I have some kitty pictures. Amelia LOVES cats and especially loves her kitty Gidget. Gidget doesn’t typically end up on the ole blog so I thought it was appropriate she show off her clever side of finding what appear to be the most comfy spots ever for hanging out.gidget

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Q: What is your favorite kind of shopping?
Q: Thoughts on Walmart?
Q: Have you been working out this week? What have you been doing?
Q: Favorite kind of beer?

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a throwback with Homeward bound! i must’ve watched that movie 100 times as a kid! And I NEED that ahi tuna salad. Looks so good! Favorite kind of beer would probably be a microbrew IPA or occasionally a Hoegaarden 🙂

  2. Oh look at that kitty furball!!! 😉

  3. I’m all for Walmart, it’s cheap, it’s entertaining, and it has almost everything. My boyfriend HATES it though..I have to go alone or drag him with me haha. Awesome that you get to buy some new stuff!! I love that kitty, so cute.

    • Agreed! I hate the idea behind walmart just because I hear horror stories of how employees are treated BUT my pennies are limited and I want them to last for as long as they can. The Christmas Tree Shop is awesome too. My Mom actually has convinced me to start there tomorrow.

  4. First of all I love homeward bound! I use to watch that movie everyday for months on end. As for working out this week, I’ve sign up for a week free of crossfit and I’m so sore I can’t more. Seriously, it hurts to type this comment. Have a great time visiting your parents!

    • Such a throwback right?? I just found out a new crossfit gym is opening up in my office building, I may have to cave and finally join, it is just so expensive in my area!!

  5. I remember that movie Homeward Bound! Your cat is much cuter than the movie cat!
    Enjoy your time with your P’s! It’s always amazing to go home!

  6. Yay!!! Enjoy your time at home! About walmart: if the people who went to the one near me weren’t entirely crazy (this is mean, but we live in a low privileged area, and I honestly feel kind of unsafe at walmart), than we would go more often. We only go at certain times on certain days…

  7. Oh man all that food looks delicious!! You know how to eat girl 🙂

    Enjoy being home, hopefully you avoid the snow and the weather people are wrong!

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