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Gosh, I missed you all yesterday. Work had me running around all day and then after work I had an indoor soccer game followed by an outdoor game so that sucked up my post work hours. I was able to read a few blogs but didn’t hit them all so I am sorry if you missed my witty comments on your posts, I still love you. Today I wanted to share a quick and easy crock pot meal. I have been eating it since Monday and will continue to do so until Friday. It’s that good / I don’t feel like buying any more groceries. After the recipe I have a lot I want to share so we are going bullet style. Definitely read the whole post, I like to think all of my musings are important.

Taco in a Crocko

2 lbs chicken breast, trimmed to remove all fat
2 cans of tomatoes – I went for some with chilis, if you don’t like spicy then go plain
2 large cans of mushrooms – use fresh if you have them
1 dozen brussels sprouts – quartered
1 medium zucchini squash
1 small onion
chipotle sauce – a medium amount!
taco seasoning – your favorite kind!
sea salt.
chicken stock

Begin by trimming all the fat off of your chicken breasts. Place in the bottom of the pan and cover with taco seasoning. I know this is generic but I got a giant container of it from Costco and I just love it. Next pile on the mushrooms, zucchini squash, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, onion, and chipotle sauce. The stuff I have is just chipotles in sauce and it fricken hot so I didn’t use a ton. Next up add in more taco sauce and some sea salt. Fill the crock with as much stock as you want. I ended up putting about 5 cups in I think. I never right things down though : ) I used a 2 cup Pyrex and once the crock was full added in the corresponding amount of better than boullian (organic, reduced sodium). TacoCrocko1Set the crock for low and let simmer away for 8 hours. After 8 hours shred the chicken. Finally I added a bunch of Texas Pete hot sauce because I love it. This made a TONNN of food. It is super filling and super healthy. Enjoy!TacoCrocko2

On to the bullet list of randomness!
  1. This first thing is something I’m SOOO excited about. One of my best friends from college lives in Seattle. I decided to go visit her in May. You wanna know who else lives just outside of Seattle? BRITTANY. If you have ever taken a stroll over to my blogroll you will know that we are basically best friends. Well I told her about my plans and we decided to hang on the last day of the trip there. I am beyond psyched out of my fanny pack. My birthday is the day after I am leaving so I will make Brittany and Sarah (college bff) help me celebrate. Last year I was vegan for my birthday so it is fitting to go out and have a huge vegan feast for it again this year. While I ❤ paleo I also have a soft spot for vegan joints with spectacular food. Oh and cupcakes, I will have to get cupcakes. On top of all that Sarah and I have been having sushi dates since we met so I plan on going out and having some kick ass Seattle sushi as well. All in all I cannot wait to see Sarah and cannot wait to meet Brittany. It’s basically fate.
  2. My “rest week” is going pretty good. It is fun to not rush to the gym during lunch at work. I did go to yoga Monday though (woops) and last night played a soccer double header. We unfortunately lost both games but whatever, good friends, good times, and a little calorie burn on the side. I’ll take it!
  3. I am going to see my parents on Friday! I am taking a half day on Friday and will be at my parents in time for dinner on Friday! My dad is super good cook (where do you think I get it from?) and asked for my requests and it looks like we are having mahi mahi (I never cook fish, which is why I asked him to), some vegetables, and quinoa with dried porcini mushrooms. Um yes please.
  4. I made some delicious kale chips this week. 400 degree oven, kale covered in EVOO, salt, and garlic powder, about 8 minutes in the oven under a watchful eye, and all done!photo 3(67)
  5. I have been eating the soup from the top of this post all week and found that jazzing it up with some romano cheese totally changed the flavor and made me super happy last night.photo 4(52)
  6. I have a boat load of kale and zucchini / summer squash at my house apartment right now that needed to get used up so I cooked up a TON of it and mixed in some plain pulled pork from last week. I used the coconut milk and chili paste combo from last week too. Holy scrumptious.photo 2(70)
  7. Finally, I have the cutest furbabe ever.photo 5(41)
Tell me something fun about your week or a random factoid!!

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17 replies

  1. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!! Seriously…I am jazzed. I AM SO EXCITED!! I had a hard time focusing throughout this post, cause all I am thinking about it a play dateee!! YES!

    • Me tooooo!! I signed up for the secret club and I have a coupon for a free cookie now!! I talked to Sarah and she is all on board for a vegan adventure and planning an outdoor event for us Sunday! Weeeeee. I was told I need to run the UW campus so perhaps I’ll wake up ridiculously early and do that first…

      • Hey if you aren’t trying to break any speed records on that campus run I will totally run with you. You know my pace, so if you’re ok with taking it down a notch I’m in! Have you been to Seattle before?? The Veggie Grill is in the Udistict..rrrighhht next to the campus..easy access! HA! Have I mentioned that I am SO FREAKING EXCITED?! Hahaha.

  2. Romano cheese in soup is fantastic!!

  3. I’m not gonna lie… I think my face looked like that grumpy cat meme when I saw that you and Brittany are gonna hang out. I waaaannaaaa haaang out! But, hey, I am still hoping I’ll get lucky and get to see you this weekend!!!! Also, did you change the background on your blog? It’s really cool.

    • IM SO SAD!!! I didn’t realize you were gunna be here this weekend, I’ll be up at at my parents! I can do dinner on Sunday though! I normally get back around 4ish when I drive! I just texted you! That has always been the background, you just can’t see it unless the window is maximized normally. I made it back when I was a cool user interface designer!

  4. You really do have the cutest dog ever. And that’s so exciting that you have plans to visit Seattle! definitely a city I’ve always wanted to see.

  5. Megan, That soup looks amazing. I love crock pot recipes and as long as I can find a good taco seasoning it will fit in with my diet (basically paleo).
    Oh by the way, I found your blog.. Looks good!

  6. So many awesome things to look forward to! Visiting parents, hanging out with blog friends (SO JEALOUS, btw) and enjoying your rest week are all awesome things. Especially the parentals but I’m a mama’s girl haha

  7. Sasha seriously is adorable. And taco in a crocko is the best recipe title ever 🙂


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