Rock N Roll Expo and Eats

The last race I did that I was really excited about was my first half marathon last June. That race was up in Annapolis and we didn’t go to the expo so the hype was definitely not quite there. I also didn’t really train for the race and the longest distance I had ever run prior to that was two 10 mile races (march and april) but after that the longest was maybe 7 miles…

Well yesterday I went to the Rock N Roll expo after work and I couldn’t help but get excited! I tasted lots of goodies from GU and other energy bites (holy yum), tried some protein bars (meh), got some samples (I heart free things), and bought some lotion (wtffff). Let’s start from the beginning!

So when I went in to get my bib and shirt I got really excited about the corrals. There were 34 corrals and I was in 7!! I am by no means a speedster but it still made me feel pretty badass. So after that I walked around and tried a bunch of samples and really fell for Power Bar Raspberry Energy Blasts, I also tried the Lemon and Cola. I liked Lemon but not the Cola. I bought a bag of GU Chomps on my next stop because the GU Gels I ordered hadn’t shown up at my apartment yet (of course they were there when I got home…), I also didn’t realize there was a gel already in my bag! The chomps are so yummy though so it was $2 well spent. Next up were some free Larabar samples and a 5 hour energy. I normally drink one before every race so I was happy to get it with out paying! The one thing I did pay for is lotion… My skin hates me right now from showering at the gym and running outside in the wind so when the woman put this magical lotion on my hands I was sucked in. $40 later I have a years supply of Hawaiian Moon Aloe. Such a sucker. It isn’t greasy, which I love, but it does make my face feel a little tight when I use it. I am going to give it a few more days before cashing in on the satisfaction guaranteed return policy. All in all great expo!expoNext up I wanted to share a beautiful plating I did recently for my breakfast. I rarely post about breakfast because I eat the same thing every day but I have a few new friends (welcome and thank you!) around the blog lately so I wanted to share! This beauty is 3 over easy eggs (if I’m not working out that day I do 2), some avocado, and bit of sweet potato. When I wake up I go on auto pilot. I chug a glass of cold water, grab a sweet potato, cut a few slices, put in a bowl, cover with water, put in the microwave for 5 minutes, turn a pan on medium high and spray with non stick, take my morning gummy vitamins (YUM!), refill my water, crack eggs into the pan, season, wait until the white is opaque, flip, season, turn of the stove, cut an avocado if I don’t already have one going, take the potatoes out of the microwave, drain the water, put potatoes on plate, put eggs on plate, scoop some avocado on plate, and top with hot sauce. From start to finish the whole thing is about 5 minutes. I typically take the potatoes out around 4:30 because that’s when I get to that step. SO while you may think that you have no time to make breakfast in the morning I bet you do!!
breakfast2And finally, I posted on Wednesday an amazing recipe that I have been dying to make again so I did! This time I used the remains of a sweet potato I had been working off of for 2 days instead of zucchini. Twas delicious yet again!dinner2I don’t really have anything to report on for work outs. I ran Wednesday:

0.00 – 0.75 @ 6.0
0.75 – 1.25 @ 7.6 (7:54)
1.25 – 1.75 @ 7.7 (7:48)
1.75 – 2.25 @ 6.5
2.25 – 2.75 @ 7.6 (7:54)
2.75 – 3.25 @ 7.7 (7:48)
3.25 – 4.00 @ 6.0

I had Rugby practice last night and nearly lost some fingers and toes because it was so cold and now tonight I will be relaxing, stretching, and getting to bed early. The race starts at 7:30am so I will need to be in DC by 6:45am most likely. Now that would be fine and dandy if I could drive but I will need to take the metro because of the mass amounts of people who will be there, it is opening at 5am!! It normally doesn’t start until 7am or possibly later, crazy. A few of my friends and my bf are coming to cheer me on and I feel so lucky to have such awesome friends!

For race prep food today / tomorrow: Tonight I will probably make the same thing I did last night but up the salt content. I will try to eat early so my body can do it’s thing and allow me a successful portapotty trip. In the morning I will eat an AMRAP bar at 6:00am / 6:30am for breakfast. I will then take a 5 hour energy about 15 minutes before the race. I will probably start eating a GU at the 7 mile mark and finish it around 8 miles. And that is all! I am nervous about mixing the chomps in but I might bring them, we will see. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and I am praying that it holds of, I am a total nut with my iPhone and if it is raining I will need to get super tricky about making sure it doesn’t get wet. A water proof arm holder just isn’t going to cut it for me!

Race Day Questions

Q: What do you eat the day before a race?
Q: What is your morning fuel? What time?
Q: How do you fuel during a half marathon?
Q: Are you racing this weekend?!

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28 replies

  1. Good luck tomorrow!! Can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for you reading this post!! Have a blast at your race!!

  3. I love expos! They are so fun and get me pumped for the race. The Chicago marathon expo was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And I love all the swag!
    Have a great run and enjoy every mile!

  4. Good luck tomorrow! I’ll be cheering you on (and crying inside because I’m not running 😉 )

  5. See you there! i love the shirts this year.

  6. I’m so jealous of everyone who is running that race!!! I hope you have a wonderful time! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it. EVERY DETAIL.

  7. GAHH I am so excited for this race for you and the other bloggers running this race!! I think the expo is part of the fun! I’ve only had one good one for the Disney run and it was awesome..and HUGE!! Good luck with the race, you will kill it!!

    I eat LOTS of carbs the night before, and then smaller carbs the day of. I also use shot blocks during the run at each half hour!

    • Sameeeeee. I have hesitant to bring fuel that I have to chew because I don’t know how I’ll do chewing while I run. I suppose since I’m not sprinting or anything I should be able to do it – perhaps I’ll give it a whirl!! Thanks for the excitement!

  8. First off, best of luck tomorrow! The day before a race I eat pretty normal. I really don’t believe in the whole carb up the night before trend. Just me though. Whenever I run Spartan Race’s or any obstacle course races I normally sign up for the earliest heat and will get up about 4 hours prior to it to eat and load up. I always have 2 cups of oatmeal with about 3-4 whole eggs. Sounds kinda heavy, but it makes me feel pretty good with ofcourse my multivitamin. Then I have my secret formula I will sip on the way to the race… 1 bottle of Pedialyte, yes the baby drink, mixed with a Powerade Zero. This keeps me uber hydrated during the race. Shhhhhh don’t let the secret out too much!

    No races this weekend, can’t wait for the Tough Mudder though!

    • Thanks! 4 hours!! The earliest heat is at like 8am! That is nuts. I love the tough mudder courses because they have bananas and real food at the water stations, so nice!

  9. Good luck tomorrow! I forgot you were running! I was volunteering at the GU table at the EXPO yesterday and if I would’ve known I would’ve gotten you some goos!

    • Ah! It’s cool, mine came in time and they were giving them out for free on race day, I do love free things though so feel free to bring them any time to soccer… Chomps preferably, yum.

  10. I LOVE race expos – they are so freaking exciting and get me a little frazzled/even more excited for the race – which is always a good thing! ahaha I am such a sucker for things too, I probably would have gotten sucked into buying the lotion as well! GOOD LUCK with the race!! you are going to roooooooockkkkkkkkkk it!!!!!

  11. Good luck!!! I have never done a Rock n Roll race, but want to so bad! I absolutely love Gu Chomps–I have only tried the strawberry flavor, but love them! I have played around with different things the night before a race, but I tend to like pizza!

    For most of my half-marathons, I actually just stuck to alternating gatorade and water. For my last one, though, I started taking chomps at around 4 miles, then took them every three miles or so.

  12. Sad I didn’t get to see you today at the race (or yesterday at the expo) but you had an AWESOME run based on your DM post!! Hopefully we can run again sometime soon!

  13. Heck yes for free stuff! Look at all those goodies! I can’t wait to hear how it went 🙂

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