Dreary Day

After a beautiful weekend of sunshine I woke up this morning to rain, on top of the rain there are about a million clouds. They have yet to let the sunshine pop through for even a minute! Days like this make me SUPER blah. Especially with the time change and it being really dark in the morning. Instead of complaining and feeling daggers of hate from all of you folks who got hit by snow / garbage weather this weekend I’ll just move on to some food? The boy and I combined fridge stuffs last night and came up with a yummy stir fry that took all of 10 minutes to make. dinnerpot

In The Pot:

1 large chicken breast, sliced into strips of equal thickness
16 shrimp – shell removed
1 large green bell pepper
1/2 green zucchini squash
1/3 large sweet yellow onion
a bit of soy sauce
a bit of teriyaki ginger marinade
greek seasoning (the boy LOVES this stuff, like uses it for everything and I have definitely gotten in the habit of using it instead of salt and pepper when we cook at his place, it’s pretty delicious!)

Mix It Up:

Heat a large skillet over medium / high heat, add a little EVOO. Add in vegetables and chicken and season with greek seasoning (or salt and pepper). Once the chicken looks to be close to cooked through add in some soy sauce, teriyaki, and your shrimp. Give a good stir and cook until the shrimp become opaque. Each person gets 8 shrimp and 1/2 a chicken breast! Plus all the vegetables and glorious sauce! You can’t really see the shrimp and chicken because I counted them and they went in the bowl first!foodbowlGrocery shopping this week I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any meat because I have a bunch of shrimp, pork, and soy sauce meatballs in my freezer so chances are stir-frys are going to be happening all week for dinner!

My lunches on the other hand are not even close to a stir-fry. I just can’t get enough of pulled pork lately! I put a roast in the crock on Sunday night and dressed up a little bit with some tomato based BBQ. I plan on making a mustard based BBQ hopefully tonight so that I can mix it up with the rest of the pork. The rest of my lunch today consisted of some cauliflower mash (SO GOOD) and avocado. Mmmmm.lunchAccording to my training schedule today’s lunch time gym session was weight lifting. The boy had me doing some pull ups, flys, arm raises, and eventually some abs. Now if this rain stops and the ground dries a little bit than I should be good to go for rugby practice and the first outdoor soccer game of the season! Last but not least I have been depriving you guys lately of Sasha pictures so here one from yesterday! sasha5

Talk To Me

Q: Do you have any current food obsessions?
Q: How long can you eat the same thing with out getting sick of it?
Q: What is your work out of the day?
Q: Do you have sunshine or clouds today? Does it effect your mood?

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17 replies

  1. I made a quick stir-fry type dinner the other day too (and had leftovers last night). Such a delicious healthy meal to make with whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand. Sasha is the cutest!

  2. I eat PB&J’s everyday, and I only got sick of it once last year. Thankfully that only lasted a day or two though. I eat the same veggies nearly every day too, those I should spice up more!! YUM to that cauliflower mash! I hate the dreary weather, I get it all the time in Washington.

  3. I think I’m going to take up your awesomeness in doing up big batches of crockpot pulled chicken or pork early in the week, and combining for lunches and whatnot. I’m already running outta lunch ideas, so I’m pretty much just gonna copy you now kthxbye.


  4. Holy cow that stirfry looks amazing! I wish I liked shrimp!

  5. You would have probably received a barrage of abuse if you’d complained any more than you had about the weather. Gale force winds and SNOW for me today. I’ve just battled home from the gym….. So yes, very wise to switch to food…. 😉

    • Your weather amazes me, why do people habitate in such a horrific environment?? I have seen the pictures, read the race recaps, and heard about all the training runs and hour weather just seems horrific all the time! Why did you move from Texas?!?

      • I’ve been trying to convince the boyfriend we should move for the last few years. He is adamant that he loves it here. I do not. I would move in a heartbeat. FYI – huge amounts of snow going on outside right now. It’s meant to be spring. Gross.

  6. We must have been on the same page about the dreary weather. That stir fry looks amazing!

  7. OMG Megan! That chicken dish looks sooooo good!! I wonder if I could make it with tofu lol.
    Answering one of your questions, I cant eat the same thing over for more than 3 days! and really that is only if its like chili or crockpot soup! I have to switch it up or I start feeling sick when eating it… like pizza, 2 days in a row MAX!

    • You absolutely could!!! Just add the tofu in earlier so you can get it cooked through before the sauce goes in! 3 days is pretty good still! My crockpot creations typically last me 5 days – I can do repeats for lunch foreverrrrr!

  8. Hi there! This looks really tasty! Really timely, too, because a few days ago, I was looking for an easy stir fry recipe, but everything I found had random ingredients that wouldn’t be useful in anything else… So, I gave up. Then, da-ta!! This little jewel! Can you recommend a good, easy to find teriyaki ginger marinade? Thanks so much!

    • Oh good!! The one I had was just a store brand one, go look in the ketchup / bbq isle at your grocery store! My only suggestion is to check out the ingredients list, if the first thing is high fructose corn syrup go for another brand!

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