Photo Dump & New Training Schedule

Happy Monday, I hope every one had a wonderful weekend! My weekend started out Friday night with going to see Oz and heading to bed early, it was perfect! Saturday my gfs were hosting a brunch and served up some amazing baked stuffed french toast and then mounds of bacon and fruit salad. My kind of meal! After brunch we headed out to meet up with more friends and did a little St Patrick Day day drinking and I was in bed by 9. I got to see a bunch of people I haven’t in a while so I was a happy camper.BrunchI woke up bright and early Sunday unaware that the clocks were changing. I made a nice breakfast hash of sweet potatoes and broccoli to go along with our eggs. Also in this photo collage is a batch of smashed cauliflower and my new desk chair!! For the cauliflower mash I boiled a large bag of frozen cauliflower for about 5 minutes. In the blender went 1 tbsp butter, 1/4-1/3 cup chicken broth, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. It is delicious! Now for the chair, that was all amazon : ) Mix of thingsAfter breakfast I headed out for my last Rock n Roll Half Marathon long run. I was scheduled to do 13 miles but decided to do 10 and walk / ran it. It was over 60 degrees and sunny so I was just enjoying the weather and being outside. The training plan I was using didn’t have much of a taper (at all) so I figured the 10 miles would be perfect. It took me a little less than 2 hours to finish. When I ran I was going at about a 9 min pace, nothing too exciting. After my run I did the weekly weigh in. Yours truly has finally hit 150lbs! That means a 9.2lb weight loss since January 1st! I’m beyond happy with this so I needed to announce it. On Saturday I also took measurements of myself and am going to do it again in June. I don’t know how much weight I will lose because I am going to be working strength training in a lot more the next few months so I figured that the measurements would be a much more accurate account of what changes are happening.

Later on Sunday I met up with a friend to start planning a vacation for later this year and to enjoy great food! We went to a tapas restaurant in DC called Boqueria. Cristy is from Puerto Rico so she took the reigns on ordering and let me know what the traditional items were and they were all fabulous. I’m a meat and veggies girl all the way but was blown away by the potato dishes that we got. The picture with the white sauce on it was called Patatas Bravas and it is crispy potatoes, salsa brava, and roasted garlic allioli – this was by far my favorite dish. Left to my own devices I would have never ordered this but holy smokes was it amazing! We also got a cheese board – top left – with Rosemary Manchego (good) and Monte Enebro (ok, we told her we didn’t like bleu cheese and this had a bleuish taste), Dátiles con Beicon (top right -dates stuffed with almonds and Valdeón wrapped in bacon, yum!!), Pan con Tomate (bottom right – grilled bread rubbed with tomato, garlic, and olive oil, mmm), and finally the Tortilla Tortilla Española (bottom left – Traditional Spanish omelet of eggs, confit potatoes, and Spanish onions). Everything was delicious and I left with a very stuffed belly. There was a ton of bread and potatoes happening this week and I could definitely tell the difference in how my belly felt.BoqueriaAs for our vacation we decided on a budget and have narrowed down our destination a little bit… Europe IF we can find reasonable flights, if not we are looking towards South America. Ideally we want to do a 10 day (2 weekends, 1 week) vacation with lots of sight seeing and walking. We both agreed a beach to visit a few times would be great but that sight seeing is the number one priority. Hopefully we will have things book by May and the vacation will be late July / August!

This next tidbit of information is my current pride and joy. I had mentioned earlier that my training schedule for the last 10 weeks didn’t take into account any activities besides running. Well behold my new, improved, AND color coordinated training schedule! All of the upper body / ab days just mean lifting days, I have turned control of my top half to the boyfriend at the gym, I told him it was his responsibility to make my arms look beautiful. I also don’t think that I will want any leg specific days between all the running around I have going on. All Insanity work outs will be done at home after work and most of the days that are split in half the top half is lunch time and the bottom is after work. All the white boxes are lunch time work outs / outdoor weekend runs. I have no doubt that unless I eat 2 large pizzas a night that I won’t be psyched out of my fanny pack by the end of this with the results. It may look like a lot but I think it is going to be really manageable. schedule

Let’s Chat

Q: What did you do this weekend?
Q: Do you normally make your own training schedules? What do you use?
Q: Last new thing you cooked? (the cauliflower mash was new to me!)

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  1. Your training schedule is crazy. I could never set something this elaborate up for me because I would miss one and my whole day would be out of wack. I have to stick to a schedule and if i screw it up…I am lost. I know I would screw your schedule up.

    • I swear it isn’t that bad!! If it wasn’t for sports I think it would look a lot better. Its a calendar though so it’s gotta have it all! I mean you did your own thing and dropped some serious lbs so obviously you can stick to a plan!

  2. I love your new desk chair 🙂 What a great idea! I may copy you…. And I create my own training schedules but mostly just commit it to memory because I only plan out one week at a time. Love the color coding of yours though!

    • Thank you!! I have noticed I’m really warm though, sitting on rubber =’s a warm tush and I don’t know how I feel about that. Naturally I am just countering that with a fan.

      This is the first time I’ve gone all out for making it. It also is helpful because it tells me when my soccer game is (varies) and games so I don’t kill myself by doing tough runs those day!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome!! Also I heart your training schedule 🙂 I love the details and color coding! I need to do something like this after the race Saturday..I want to add in more’ve def. have inspired me!

  4. Wow, congrats on your weight loss! Your new training schedule is a brilliant idea. I think I might need to do that too… but on a less hardcore level haha.

    Side note: What size stability ball did you order?

  5. I think you’re being smart about your long run. It will pay off next weekend when you ROCK the half! I can’t believe your training schedule but it looks awesome! Very organized with all of the colors, it looks a lot like my school schedule.

    • I remember seeing that thing and thinking holy busy!! I feel like from the outside it looks like a lot but since I like hitting the gym during lunch for me it’s more of a okay plan out your lunch work out around the after work sports. And color coding rules : )

  6. Congrats on the weight loss!! That’s really exciting and definitely something to be proud of. And I love the organized/color coded training schedule! It’s definitely the best way to keep track of everything.

    • I’m such a sucker for crossing a work out off. I actually have my training plan that ends saturday sitting on my desk just so i can cross off the last runs on it haha

      and thank you!!!

  7. Awesome job on the weight loss! Your weekends look like so much fun LOL I wish I made my weekends like your haha. Best of luck with the new training!

  8. YUM! All your eats look delish! 🙂 I saw a lot of people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day early this weekend — I can’t figure out why?

    • I honestly have no clue! I went out just to go out and then ended up with green paraphernalia all over by the end of the afternoon. There was a big bar crawl going on that we discovered when we went out.

  9. First of all CONGRATS on the 9.2lb loss..YES that .2 is just as important to include!! You are awesome and I admire you doing this the RIGHT way! Great job on the long run, you will be FINE doing a 10miler before the half!! I cannot wait to hear how you do!

    • Thanks! It was definitely tough at first because I was all excited the lbs just dropped and I’ve been hanging for the past few weeks. But I know in the long run slow and steady will be the best and the most permanent way! And thank you mucho, I am excited for it, it is the first race I am roping the bf and friends to come cheer for!

  10. Awesome training schedule! And you lost weight during half training?! That’s awesome girl! I can only seem to gain/maintain weight because I am constantly hungry!

    • I think once I get to my ideal weight (according to google 137-145) I will be the same way. I definitely have a little junk in the trunk (and evenly dispersed every where else) that will hopefully shed off by June and then it will all me toning and maintaining! Thanks!

  11. Love your training schedule! Congrats on your weight loss 🙂

  12. I actually just made cauliflower mashed potatoes recently too! I liked them but was surprised how little it made.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I used a double bag of the frozen stuff and will get three servings out of it! If I were to just eat it (specifically bought frozen for mash, would have got fresh for anything else) it would be like twice that!

  13. so jealous of your future trip! And of all of your yummy looking food!

  14. 10 before a half is completely reasonable. I’m sure you’ll demolish the Rock n Roll! I’m doing the Edinburgh Rock n Roll the week after Paris Marathon, but fear it will demolish me…. 😛

  15. How was Oz? We really want to see it!
    I can’t believe you have 60 degree weather. It was cold and rainy here all weekend which sucks. Perfect weather for planning a vaca. I can’t wait to see where you go!!!

  16. that weight loss is fantastic! And I love the colour-coded training schedule! Most days I just walk around with a tattered piece of paper and pen!


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