Fun Facts of The Day

Normally I have relatively coherent posts but today I’m in the mood for a bulleted list of things on my mind, enjoy!

  • I have decided to not make up the miles I missed yesterday thanks to all of your kind words. I agree with all of you that it would be silly to risk hurting myself a week before a race and to just let it go. Plus my running schedule doesn’t take into account all the other things I do like soccer.
  • I just purchased a stability ball to bring to work and use as a desk chair! I went off of reviews and found one that came with a pump. The unfortunate thing is that it is pink… My desk is positioned so you can’t really see under it so hopefully it isn’t too obnoxious. If it is oh well. I try really hard to pay attention to my posture but sometime I end up trying to lounge out and its probably pretty horrible for my back. Plus I think a ball would be fun, I will be able to bounce and bop around!
  • I purchased Insanity… I don’t think I have mentioned this yet. So last weekend Sasha had me up bright and early but I didn’t want to do anything so I sat down and turned on the TV. An infomercial for Insanity was on and it totally wooed me so I bought it… I really do love the fast paced work outs better than running. GASP. I know I know. But to me jumping around and kicking butt for an hour is way more fun than running. I have learned they both have a time and a place!
  • I just got an email from my apartment saying I have a delivery. It is either Insanity or it is AMRAP Bars! I can’t tell you how much I love these and how much I’m hoping it is them. I have not found a better fuel source for before a long run than these bars. I am obsessed with them and have missed them dearly. As long as I get them before next weekend I will be a happy camper. I HIGHLY recommend trying them. Bonus: Paleo friendly!
  • After some soul searching I am realizing that I am very blah about my current training plan. As soon as this half is done with I am going to take a week of doing whatever work outs I feel like and then I’ll start another training plan. BUT I am making this training plan all by myself. I will take into account strength training days, soccer games, rugby practices, rugby games, Insanity, and will plan all my Sunday long runs to be out at a hiking trail nearby. Also instead of the speed work outs that I do on the treadmill I am going to find a nice hilly course and work in some hill runs. I think I am going to be a much happier camper. Plus it’s fun making the plan!
  • I totally killed my run today. The gym session started out crappy because I forgot my headphones, the idea of hopping on a treadmill without music or the TV was slightly unnerving, it ended even better because I had no hair brush! Then the TV for my machine didn’t have CC. What the french world, what the french. I had some pretty severe burning in my shins for the first mile but once I had to jump up the pace for the speedy parts I felt good. I am very aware of the fact that it is a total fluke when I run sub 8 minute miles, those things are brutal.

Now tell me some fun randomness happening in your world!

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  1. I think you made a great decision not to make up those measly miles. Seriously you’ve been training your ass off! You have nothing to worry about with your upcoming race. And one of my best friends swears by insanity! She loves it, I haven’t tried it yet though I’m curious to see how it is!

  2. Yahoo glad today is going great!! I love that you got a ball for work!! I also wish I lived closer so I could come do insanity with you!

    • My roommate is moving out in a month and taking the coffee table with her, I kind of have my fingers crossed that my new roommate doesn’t have a coffee table so that the living room can be permanently a gym… and you are obviously welcome to do insanity any time, skype! haha

  3. You totally made up for yesterday’s lack of miles with today’s killer run! It’s pretty common to fall into a running rut after you’ve been training for awhile. I’m sure you’ll decide what works for you after the half is over. Things like insanity are really good ways to mix up your workouts so they don’t start getting too monotonous. Can’t wait to see how the race goes for you!

    • Thanks! When are you doing packet pick up? I’ll be going Thursday around 4 if you wanna join! The info said Friday is going to be a mad house!

      • I won’t be there until Friday but I’m actually getting someone else’s bib (shhh) so I don’t have to go to packet pick up anyways 😦

      • Ah okay! I’m not going to be able to stick around too long after but I’ll get a hold of you at some point during the race!

  4. Yesterday’s rest from running made today even sweeter, I’m sure! And heck yes for packages 🙂

  5. Randomness from the day: I finally fixed my OAuth problem with the Buffer application I’m building. That was a huge roadblock that is now out of the way. Also, I love hot chocolate; it’s the best 🙂

    For some reason I didn’t realize you play rugby! Totally bad ass! I used to prop, but haven’t played in a looooong time.


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