Learning To Be Flexible

I am a total creature of habit. I get up at the same time every day, eat the same thing for breakfast, work out at the same time, eat lunch and dinner at the same time, and go to bed at 10pm every night. I have quickly learned that playing full time mama to a 5 month old, 51lb, and ENERGETIC puppy definitely throws a wrench in my normally methodical day. Oh also preparing for and hosting / facilitating an offsite work shop for 3 days. When it rains it pours people! (and it was raining NON STOP yesterday)

Let’s take yesterday from the top? I took Sasha for a 20 minute walk before playing with a soccer ball for a little. We ate our morning meals together and I packed up and headed into work. The workshop I am preparing for is being held in another office that is about 3/4 of a mile from where I work. Instead of paying to park my car or take the metro I decided to walk there for the first half of my day. At lunch time I headed back to the office (walking) and did a quick 30 min (3.25) mile run and 30 push ups and 60 sits up on the bosu ball. I stopped home, let Sasha out, ate some more pulled pork with lightening speed and then embarked on a rainy walk back to the other office. Fast forward to 5pm and I am walking back to my office, to rush home, let Sasha out, do some more soccer ball playing, another 20 minute walk, some training, and finally I got to eat a little bit before rushing off to soccer. Can you say BUSY BUSY BUYS. Ugh. Dinner was pathetic and was just some quinoa and black bean chips with melted brie and roasted collard green chips and brussel sprouts.dinnerPost soccer was a little unwinding, reading Corrine’s new book, and laundry! Sasha and I finally got to bed at 10:30pm and the 6am alarm came all too soon! I knew today I wouldn’t be able to take a lunch break at all (minus running home to let Sasha out) AND that I would be working super late. So I got up at 6am per usual, took Sasha for a 2 mile walk (36 minutes), fed her, cooked and packed my breakfast, and headed to the gym. I got to the gym around 8am so the pupster got 2 hours of loving this morning, that lucky duck. At the gym today was another 30 minute / 3.25 mile run and some more abs and push ups. Today I did regular and twist sit ups on the ball and I switched up to do push ups on a half ball, look at me getting all creative. Since I normally shower at lunch who wants to guess where my towel was when I hit the showers? Yep, at my desk. I resorted to using paper towels to dry myself… It was exactly what I needed after a morning work out… NOT. Then I enjoyed breakfast at my desk for the first time ever. I was STARVING by 9am, I normally eat breakfast at 6:30am! 3 eggs, broccoli, and avocado!eggs

So like I said I am learning to be flexible for sure. BUT I am living proof that even when you are living out of some one else’s apartment, work is cray cray busy, your bf is out of town, you are taking care of a dog for your first time, AND you forget your towel at the gym that you CAN fit moving and grooving into your schedule. Build it in! I used to be the queen of excuses but now the gym is one of my favorite parts of the day so I make time for it even when shit is bananas. Oh so if you were planning on skipping the gym today you should probably go. I did!


Q: What are your biggest excuses for skipping a work out?
Q: Have you ever forgot your towel? What did you do?
Q: Do  you prefer eating breakfast before or after AM work outs? – I only work out on Sunday mornings usually and they are 10+ mile runs so I need to eat a little bit! Today I was fine with out!

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11 replies

  1. I’m such a creature of habit. If my schedule gets thrown off in the slightest, it is just not going to be a good day at all. I’m like you though- I usually work out in the afternoons but my breakfast is usually after unless I have enough time to digest it before I head out for a run!

  2. Flexibility has been the key to my life lately… with subbing I never know where I will be or anything until the day arrives!!

  3. Ok wtf my reader is not showing your posts. I’m glad I stopped by to double check ugh. I have to eat before I workout, even if its something small!

  4. My reader wasn’t showing your posts either and I just randomly thought to stop by!

    Really glad I read this post because I was semi-considering skipping my workout tonight but if you can do it, I can too!

  5. My biggest excuse is just when something comes up (since i work out right after work).
    I love that now that i go to group training it is SCHEDULED like i can go at 530 or 630. the scheduling is good and bad because it is scheduled so it makes me more accountable to go but sometimes if i am running a little late or something i already missed out for that day. but at least if i miss the 530 (which i usually go to) i can try again to make it to the 630!

    • That’s awesome! Building it in your schedule is definitely the way to go, plus if other people are there you feel like if you don’t go people will be all “oh no she didn’t” (not really but it works thinking that!)

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