Lightening Speed

This is going to be a super quick post today. I may be a little MIA this week, I am taking care of Sasha on my own this week so my hands are going to be full! I plan on working on her incessant barking while she is all mine for the week so we can surprise Bren with her new good behavior. The weekend went by too fast as usual. Friday night I did nothing and it was glorious. Saturday I hung out with the boy, did some puppy training, and made some KILLER bison burgers.burgersSunday I started out the day with a 13 mile long run with Sarah P. We went with out tunes and chatted the entire way. I never run with people so the chatting winded me significantly and we finished in 2 hours at about a 9:20 pace, it was nice and relaxed pace. Sarah was in town to help a friend move so I took her on my favorite trail, then went to the Teddy Roosevelt island for a mile of trails, and then into Georgetown and back. I could tell that I was definitely the one setting the pace (aka she is a bit speedier than I am) but I was really excited around mile 10 when she commented she had finally hit here wall. I guess you could say misery enjoys company : ) As a bonus to the company the weather was perfect! I came up with a new brilliant way to get my watched synched up before heading outside. Attach it to the balcony duh.watchAfter the run I went with Bren to walk and play with Sasha for a bit. Next up was helping one of my best friends move and finally we landed at a delicious Mexican restaurant and chowed on some appetizers. On our way to dinner we saw this SWEET car and I had to take a picture to share.carnachosAfter dinner I reacquainted myself with my crockpot and made some pulled pork. In the pot went a 2.5lb frozen pork sirloin, 2 cups beef stock, 5 small carrots, and 1 medium sweet onion. I sprinkled everything with some honey bbq spice I have and then cooked on low for 10 hours. This morning I mixed it with 3/4 of a bottle of bbq sauce.pulled porkWhen it comes to picking a bottled bbq just read the ingredients. If the first one is high fructose corn syrup don’t buy it. The one I got had some brown sugar in it but I don’t mind right now. It is awesome and has all natural ingredients! Breakfast this morning was a little bit of pulled pork, eggs, and avocado, YUM!eggs

Let’s Chat

Q: Any tips for my first week of living alone with a dog??

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  1. 13 miles, awesome job!! And that pulled pork looks super delicious. I think I’m breaking out my crockpot tomorrow for some soup action. Makes my life so much easier!

  2. Where do you find ground bison? I had a bison burger at a restaurant before and id love to make it at home…yum!

    I love being alone with my dog lol…I say cuddle up with some wine and watch trashy tv the guy can’t stand!

    • Most grocery stores sell ground bison! I haven’t been able to find bison steaks except for specialty shops but ground bison is pretty easy here. Snuggling with Sasha is like snuggling with a lion. At 5 months her energy levels are sky high haha. I see puppy play dates and the dog park in my future!

  3. Haaaa the wall. Let me tell you about how sore I am today: I cannot move. As in, my legs are not getting out the door today. No way no how. Hopefully your legs are holding up better than mine!

  4. Oh man… that bison burger. My mouth is watering. Thanks a lot, Megan!

  5. Ah now I’m craving a bison burger… those are my favorite! I usually get them are Bare Burger and may just have to stop there soon. Yummm.

  6. Your pork looks great! I’ve got pulled chicken coming out of the crockpot in a few and I’m hoping that my avocado is still good to top it with!

    • Yum! I feel like pulled anything is better than not ha! I had a pork chop for dinner and was definitely thinking “meh, should of had the pulled pork”. Hope the chicken is yummy!!

  7. That car is insane! haha And sound like an amazing run!!! Driving to Georgetown always looks like it has the best running paths!

  8. That food looks delicious. I’m definitely going to try the pulled pork in the crockpot!

  9. I love bison burgers!! I have a 12 wk old goldendoodle — puppies are the cutest, but they def. take a lot of time :] love your blog!


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