Showing Off My Hard Work

I had the pleasure of working an aggressively long day on Wednesday so I got to go home a little early on Thursday. I was home by 3:15 and changed into some sweat pants, blasted Pandora on the TV, cracked the windows, and unleashed cleaning products and the vacuum on my apartment. This was not your average cleaning job. I pulled out the refrigerator AND the stove and cleaned them as well as the space that they occupied. It really made me appreciate how terrible of a job was done when the linoleum and cabinets were put into the kitchen. Yet I pay an exorbitant amount to call that place home, how adorable. I took a bunch of pictures of the apartment because I was so proud of my handy work and wanted to share it with all of you. apartment1apartment2kitchenDo you like my use of candles? I wanted the apartment to smell nice so I could woo my prospective roommates. When Amelia came home she commented “so you’re really trying to impress these ladies huh?” GUILTY. I really liked both the girls that came buy last night and am looking forward to meeting one more tonight. As a bonus two of the ladies bring furbabies with them!

I cleaned until about 6pm last night then went to the leasing office with Amelia to ask some questions about the logistics of her leaving and a new person coming in. Once we were done with that I headed to CVS to grab some wine. By the time I got home I realized the 7pm appointment was only 15 minutes away so I would have to wait to eat dinner (I was starving at this point, I normally eat around 5!). To hold me over I grabbed a handful of nuts and called it a day. The bulk of my dinner was just some roasted brussel sprouts, onions, and sweet potato. Nothing fancy AND shockingly no meat… how curious. I have discovered that quartering the sprouts reduces the cooking time like woah so that is my new M.O. Naomi showed up at my house right as the 8pm visitor was heading out and we settling in on the couch with some wine, chocolate toffee popcorn, and chatted away! We found this stellar MEME and could not stop laughing. Basically a perfect evening!trex

Work Outs

I already complained about my work out yesterday on DailyMile so I’m just going to copy and paste. My speedwork run yesterday SUCKED.

Ran To Hell and Back 5.25 mi 00:47 09:02 pace
Guys this run flipping sucked a big one. I was wearing my heart rate monitor and my heart rate normally is in the 160 range but it was sky high in the 180s / hit the 190s at one point. I felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. This is the FIRST speed work out I had to take a break in the middle of. Since I let myself do that I just felt like it was an epic fail of a run so it was miserable. This was supposed to be 6 miles but I said f it at the end and did away with the 1 mile cool down and just walked for a quarter of a mile. Thursdays SUCK.
1 mile @ 6.5
4 miles @ 7.1 (8:27)
.25 mile walk

Today I have a slow 2 miles and then I am going to do some core. My body is still pretty wrecked from lifting Tuesday and Wednesday, I need it to feel better for the 13 miler on Sunday!

Conversation Starters

Q: Do you share an apartment? How do you go about keeping it clean? Amelia and I both randomly go on cleaning binges to do the dirty work.
Q: What is the best meme you have seen lately? I want to see it!
Q: Do you normally make your bed? I do not, I prefer my sheets messy when I sleep, when they are flat I feel like I’m in a hotel.

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  1. I love going OCD on my apartment and cleaning all the things! Feels so good afterwards, the place looks great and I’m sure all the prospective roommates will be impressed. Good luck on that 13 miler this weekend!! You’ll kill it I’m sure, bad runs are always followed by great ones.

  2. Your apartment is so cute!!! I love it! Also, I want to run 13 miles this weekend! twinzzzzz

  3. I used to share an apartment, but I was terrible at it because I would do all of the cleaning and then complain that she never helped! Oh well! 🙂 However, I NEVER make my bed. I’m usually gone about 12 – 15 hours a day and when I get home all I want to do is go right to bed!

    • Woo no bed making club! I just hate when the sheets all all straight and tidy, who sleeps like that?! I would live alone but rent around here for a one bedroom starts at $1600 and as much fun as that sounds I’ll pass haha


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