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First and foremost I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who come and hang out in my corner of blog land on a daily basis. I never thought people would care to read my musings and now I feel like I have a little bloggy family. I joined the Fitblogger community a little while ago and guess who is their featured post today?! ME!!! You should go read the article, I really enjoyed writing it – It is called “How To Fake It Until You Make It” so go now and read it and let me know what you think.

Moving on… I made something new yesterday! Brussell sprouts! The one picture I took is pretty ugly so I am not going to share it with you. So I have tried to cook brussel sprouts a few times and have never liked them. I decided to go nuts and buy a giant bag of them and figure out a way to cook them that I like. I started out by setting my oven to 350F. I chopped off the bottom of the sprout and got rid of any brown / yellow leaves. Then I tossed them in EVOO, salt, and pepper, I popped them in the oven for about 30 minutes and shook them up a few times. How were they? Okay… Do you know what I did love though? The leaves that went in by themselves. They turned into potato chips basically. I would have made up an entire batch of these sprout chips but I had soccer last night and I can’t eat that much before soccer or my dinner will resurface and no one wants that. So tonight I will be making brussel sprout chips and I seriously can not wait.

I mentioned yesterday I was in severe need of doing some laundry and I was able to get it all done yesterday, victory! While my clothes were washing I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 3 miles (6.5). I switched the clothes over and then hit the weight room. I haven’t lifted in a while so this was all quite humbling, I am losing strength and that is NOT cool. My weight session looked like this:

10 x 3 @30lbs chest press
15 x 4 @10lbs chest fly
12 x 2 @10lbs shoulder raises
20 x 2 @20lbs bicep curls
12 x 2 @30lbs side bends

Nothing crazy exciting but my chest is rather sore this fine morning! Speaking of sore my entire body is basically screaming at me. I had about an hour between finishing lifting and soccer last night. We had no subs so it was constant sprinting for 40 minutes. I thought my heart was going beat out of my chest and that my legs were going to give out. My legs are mighty sore today as well. I wish I played soccer every night, it is seriously such a killer work out when there are no subs. You are just constantly running and its sprinting not cruising so your heart rate is sky high. Even when I feel like I am about to collapse I still love it! I am waiting to hear some info about rugby, maybe that will be my answer!

Morning Questions

Q: Have you gone and read my Fitblogger article yet? What do you think?
Q: Team sports or solo sports, whats your jam?
Q: What other vegetables can I make baked chips out of? Share a recipe if you have it!

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21 replies

  1. I’m going to check out your fitblogger post! Congrats that’s really exciting 🙂

  2. Mmm, I LOVE roasted brussels sprouts. Here are a few of my favs: try coating the brussels sprouts in a honey-mustard glaze before roasting, or add chili powder and lime juice, italian seasoning, or adding some balsamic at the end. (I love the crispy chips too!). If you have a mandoline, thinly sliced sweet potatoes also make really great chips. I’ve been meaning to try zucchini chips but haven’t gotten to it yet.

  3. Oh man…I really haven’t lifted in far too long…

  4. Love the Brussels sprouts chip bonus that comes with roasting them! I never cared for sprouts much til recently and now I can’t get enough of them. This isn’t a chip recipe but it sure is delicious!

    PS – I like Leah’s idea with Italian season and balsamic! Yum!

  5. I still haven’t tried roasted Brussels sprouts…they’re so popular in the blog world and everyone seems to love them, but I just don’t know. They’re one of my “scary” vegetables for sure. One of these days I’ll roast up a batch!

  6. Checking out your fitbloggin post…I see you are starting to make some waves 😉

  7. Sooo exciting about the Fitblogger feature!! I loveee Brussels sprouts. I ate nearly an entire TJ’s bag last night. Oops.

  8. I love roasted brussel spourts! I’ve made eggplant chips here the recipe:
    Congrats on the Fitblogger Feature I’m going to check it out right now.

  9. I have never read a fitblogger article but I will go check yours out. I don’t even know what fitblogger is!

  10. congrats on the fitblogger post! Just read it and loved it. 🙂


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