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Long weekends are my favorite. This particular long weekend has left me anxiously awaiting next weekend to just relax. To say this past weekend was busy is an understatement. It was the boys 25th birthday on Sunday so there was lots of celebrating. Friday night was actually pretty low key and we got to bed at a decent hour (salad below = Friday dinner). It is hard to do much on Fridays because of Sasha’s training class at 9am. Plus it takes an hour to get there so we are out of the apartment by 8am. Happy Saturday! There is a Checkers by the dog training location and Brennan has been telling me how I have to try it (never been) so we went there on Saturday after class. I though it was pretty darn good!

Later on a bunch of our friends joined us Saturday night to celebrate and we had a few beverages and headed out to some bars to continue the party. I knew I had to run bright and early in the morning so when I realized I went from sober to tipsy way to quick I switched over to water. Then proceeded to go to Silver Diner (so good) and indulge in a burger with a friend. YUM.  SilverandSaladIt goes with out saying that a long run preceded by a night of drinking and late night diner food probably isn’t going to be the best run in the world. I had a 12 mile training run on the books for Sunday and I definitely did not get all the miles in. We had brunch plans at 11:30 in DC so I had to go bright and early in order to have time to shower. I left the apartment at 8am (ugh) and set out to try and get as many miles in as I could. I didn’t bother with breakfast because I ate the burger around 12am/1am so I wasn’t hungry. I ran into DC and ended up passing The White House somehow (I am directionally impaired) and then ran into construction just shy of 5 miles. I typically find a street and just follow it because any attempts I make at loop runs turn into me getting lost and that just couldn’t happen on this run. Around mile 8 my body just kind of shut down. I had been cruising along super slow (for myself) and when I got back into Virginia and had to make a brutal hill climb I just sort of gave up and started walking. Mile 8 was a total run / walk and I just had nothing in me. I reached the turn for the apartment at about mile 9.5 and Brennan called asking how long I’d be and I decided that I would just turn in and call it a day. I had planned on trying to squeeze in the last 2.5 miles but really I had no energy and felt like a human popsicle. The temperature was 27 degrees, feels like 18 degrees and 24 mph winds. Plus I had forgotten to pack my headband so my ears / head were freezing. This is the first week I have botched my training plan, ugh. I definitely will not be boozing at all this week and I will get all of my runs done. My body sort of hates me right now. This lovely collage shows you my awesome base layer of clothes and the SICK stains I have on my under armor from running the color run last year. It makes me laugh every time I wear it. Oh and soccer socks are the new compression sock – so cheap and effective. I absolutely had about 12 layers on over this so don’t call me crazy for wearing shorts.SadLongRunAfter running it was off to brunch. We tried a new to us restaurant called Twist in Dupont. They had a great selection and I loved their enclosed sun room, check out the ceiling!TwistA nap / rest session was in order after brunch (mimosas make me very sleepy) so I retreated to the couch. Sasha was not okay with this and just wanted to play. She showed this by proving that personal space is a novelty and totally a thing of the past.SashaTravelAfter a somewhat restful afternoon it was time to go to dinner. I took Bren out to Chima – it is a Brazilian steak house and it is to die for. Two bottomless meals in one day? Gluttony at its finest.ChimaAnd finally Monday rolled around. I made up some scrambled eggs and served them up in omelet form and in burrito form. I went for the omelet option. In this pot is 6 eggs, some mixed greens, green onions, and broccoli. Perfectly green and delicious.Breakfast BurritosI finally headed home after spending the early afternoon with Sasha and the boy at the dog park. I had a hot date with one of my gfs at Costco! I tried to not spend a million dollars and managed to come in under $100, success!! I bought a bunch of pantry staples though so everything should last a good long while.CostcoOnce I got home I took advantage of being back in my kitchen and started cooking. I roasted a pork sirloin top roast, made a batch of pickles (will share recipe after I taste them in a few days) and made some fig and date bars! I changed the recipe a bit from last time. I made a double batch and used chia seeds, mixed nuts, and almond butter. They taste delicious!PorkRoast Pickles SunRiseI know the sunrise is sort of random but I though it was gorgeous this morning so I obviously had to share it!

I have decided not to work out over lunch today in lieu of leaving work a bit early. My laundry is in dire need of being done and I have a soccer game at 7 tonight. I plan on throwing everything in the wash and hanging out on the treadmill in my apartment gym while it is going. Depending on how I feel I will hop back on during the dry cycle but we shall see.

Week 6: 26.87 Miles

Mon Feb 11 Rest / XT
Tue Feb 12 Easy Run Dist: 5 Mi @ 8:44 DONE
Wed Feb 13 Easy Run
Dist: 2.2 Mi @ 8:41 & Lower Body Lift DONE
Thu Feb 14 Easy Run
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm, 3×1600 in 7:54 w/ 800 jogs; Cool DONE
Fri Feb 15 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi Walking DONE
Sat Feb 16 Rest / XT
Sun Feb 17 Easy Run Dist: 9.67 Mi @ 9:49 DONE

Week 7: 26 Miles

Mon Feb 18 Rest / XT
Tue Feb 19 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 9:58 & Soccer
Wed Feb 20 Easy Run
Dist: 2 Mi @ 9:58
Thu Feb 21 Easy Run
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 Mi @ 8:30; Cool
Fri Feb 22 Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @ 9:58
Sat Feb 23 Rest / XT
Sun Feb 24 Easy Run Dist: 13 Mi @ 9:58

Morning Questions

Q: How was every ones weekend?? Did you do anything exciting?
Q: What is the last new thing you have tried to cook?
Q: What was your run like this weekend? Long? Short? Good? Bad?

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  1. Going for a long run after a night out of drinking and late night eating must have been so rough, but hey, at least you DID it! That is honestly the one thing holding me back from training for a half-marathon or other major race. My weekends are so up in the air, and I don’t feel ready to say no to a night of fun because I have a training run scheduled for the next day. I think in a couple years I’ll feel differently, but where I am right now I’m not ready to give that up!

    • It was horrible. I felt like a shell of a human running, my body was moving and my brain was basically a frozen blank slate haha, I have yet to really say no to fun when it comes to running, I have definitely raced a few times after way too much booze but I mean hey I make it out there haha. My drinking though is pretty scarce at this point though so it isn’t too bad!

  2. Whew, just reading this post made me feel your exhaustion. You definitely sound like you had a busy weekend. Happy belated birthday to Brennan! (I can’t believe you guys tried to do a strict Paleo month during a birthday month haha!)

    On a side note, did you use an app to make your horizontal picture collages? I love them! 🙂

    • I know right, so silly trying to do that. Instead I took a 180 and basically was like I’m done being on a named eating plan. Adorable right? And the collages are made from ! Totally free.

  3. My run this weekend was grreeeatt!! Half marathon booya! Awesome runs for you, speedy woman! Happy Belated to Brennan!

  4. So many pictures! Love all the food and running you did 🙂 Obviously… since those are like basically my life haha nice job on kicking that long run’s butt!!

  5. Can’t wait to hear about your pickles! Jealous that you have a Costco anywhere near you!

    • I went and shook up the jar last night and was like mmm I want to eat you nowwww. I’m not patient. The Costco is like across the street from my apartment! I don’t have a membership though so I can only go with friends. Works great though because a lot of people in the area don’t have cars so I barter rides for use of their membership haha!

  6. Lovin’ all the pics!!! the one of the sunrise is absolutely gorgeous!! Loving the soccer socks, YESSSSSS!

  7. why was it a long weekend? why are your armpits bleeding? did you cut them shaving? peace!

    • Long week = Presidents day, government gets it off. Armpits are not bleeding, it is dye from the color run last year!

      • that’s cool, I work for the government, but things were opposite in Canada, everyone BUT govt workers got Monday off. So, not bleeding. gotcha. I thought maybe your armpits chafe when you run or something like that. I laughed at that episode from the Office until I found out that chafed nipples CAN bleed

  8. You guys always pack a ton into your weekends. Happy Bday to your BOY!
    Your bars look wonderful and that sun set is gorgeous!

  9. Glad you had such a great long weekend. I’m jealous I didn’t have a long weekend like so many other people! I love all of the pictures- looks like an amazing few days filled with food and fun 🙂


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