Nudey Pants

**I have no pictures to go along with the following rant, I have made the decision to just put in pictures of Sasha to break up all the text AND for your viewing pleasure!

I have been rather forgetful with my gym clothing this week. One of the concrete downsides to working out at lunch is that if you forget something you either have to make do with out or postpone your work out until later in the day. It may not sound horrible to postpone but if you are like me and have a hard time breaking a routine AND don’t like working out after work you may be able to understand how my heart sank when I realized I didn’t have everything I needed for running. photo 2(36)On Tuesday I forgot my sports bra. Ugh. I have a fairly modest chest so I thought hm maybe I can just go with out. So I put on my technical tee and running jacket and did the “jump up and down” test. Yes it is a real test. Well I failed, the girls were not pleased with this at all. I had a few options: 1) Try to stuff some things in my shirt to make my jacket tighter and consequently give the ladies some support (FAIL) 2) Hold the girls while running (NO THANK YOU) 3) Wear my normal bra and figure out how to make it not gross and sweaty later (WIN). Option C is a procrastinators dream, band aid the problem and spend the next few miles thinking about how you are going to wear this sweat soaked bra for the rest of the day. On the upside I felt rather chesty and girly while I was running on Tuesday. Every time I would catch a reflection of myself in a store window I’d think “Oh hey ladies, whats uppppp!!!!” – any gym goer knows that typically gym clothing is all about strapping the girls down, consequently the look is less than feminine, not the case when you are rocking one of Victorias Secret’s finest while working out!photo 1(39)Anywho… When I got inside after the run I sprinted straight to the locker room to strip down because the crazy sweating normally hits when I get inside because it is so much hotter than the outdoors. I some how thought that if I got the bra off fast enough there would be no sweat, not the case. I took the bra into the shower with me to rinse it off and then propped it on the counter with a blow drier pointed at it set on low. A few minutes of this and the bra was good to go! (Don’t worry I will wash it before wearing it again) I’d say an overall 3(32)Now today, Thursday, I got down to the gym and started changing and realized hm… no underwear. This isn’t quite as big of a deal when you are wearing running tights because I think most are made to let people either go with or with out underwear. This particular pair I hadn’t gone commando in yet so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Thankfully it was a success! I am doing laundry tonight and plan on making sure that everything I need for running tomorrow is clean and in my work bag ASAP!

Along the lines of feeling kind of naked I encountered a few nudist in the locker room today. I am rather modest in the locker room and typically try to stay relatively covered up. Honestly I give all of you folks that can prance nudey pants in the locker room a ton of credit but it’s not for me just yet. There are a few reasons for this. 1) I work out where I work, I don’t need to be flashing all my lady bits to my coworkers 2) I have a few tattoos and my entire office doesn’t need to know 3) I’m just not comfortable with a gaggle of women watching me undress and hop on a scale to weigh myself, I can do that at home 4) I don’t hate my body but I do consider it a work in progress so in general I like to make sure it is dressed to impress, not bare to the world. Maybe one day!

Week 5: 22.23 Miles

Mon Feb 4 Rest / XT
Dist: 3 Mile @ 9:00 DONE
Tue Feb 5 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @ 8:31 & Soccer DONE
Wed Feb 6 Easy Run
Dist: 4.03 Mi @ 8:31 DONE
Thu Feb 7 Easy Run
Dist: 4.22 Mi @ 9:02 DONE
Fri Feb 8 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 10:00
Sat Feb 9 Rest / XT
Sun Feb 10 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @ 10:00

Afternoon Questions

Q: What have you ran with out because you forgot it and had to make it work?
Q: Commando runner or captain underpants?
Q: Are you are locker room nudist or modest molly?

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11 replies

  1. You are right on. I also work out at lunch. Thank goodness I do not have the bra problem. Instead of wearing your sweaty bra (I know you washed and dried it) you could have worn VS for the supported run and then back at the office go with out the bra but wear a coat or sweatshirt for extra coverage. Just another idea. I walked out of the office today and kicked myself. It was seasonably warm but, I forgot a long sleeve shirt and hat…I was so mad. Also, I have a tendency to forget socks. I tried to run with out socks but, I need them and my black dress socks just wouldn’t work. And another big one I hate…forgetting my towel. Nothing like being dripping wet from the shower and trying to dry off with those little paper towels that come out of the automatic dispensers.

    • I couldn’t do the sweater cover up because my shirt was tight and it had a cardigan over it already. The whole situation was not conducive to cover up. Unless I wore my winter coat for the rest of the day haha. I thought about if I could go with out socks and I don’t know if I would or not. I think that might be enough for me to postpone the run. I keep my towel hung up in my office! The one time I did forget it I ran home and then carried it back with me. SO CRAFTY!!!

      I’m impressive with the paper towel dry off!

  2. I’m modest, especially since I used to work out with a direct co-worker. I give you props for working out at lunch. I used to before I got really into running again, it’s hard to stop what you are doing and take a break from work!

    • Working out is literally my favorite part of the day. I like what I do and all but I hate the whole desk situation so I love being able to get outside and run around! My schedule is about to be shifted soon for a few weeks so I am going to need to figure out if I am going to work out before or after work, sighhhh.

  3. This was one of the funniest stories ever! Can’t wait to tell my clients…:)

  4. I’ve been there so I feel your pain, I went with option 2 when it happen to me 🙂

  5. I think swimmers are a different kind, because I think all of my teammates would walk around in the bluff…but then again we are practically naked the entire time anyway! I used to always forget my towel which is awful. And I know some of my teammates who used to forget to take off their underwear before hopping into the pool…so ridiculous hahhaah

    PS Sasha is so darn cute!

  6. When I lived in Boston, I used to go to the gym during lunch at my work and everything made me nervous. I didn’t want any coworkers to see me so I used to change in the stall, but I used to see other coworkers walking around totally naked. It was so weird!

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