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In a few locations (aka home computer vs work computer) I have a spot where I put recipes that I see and think holy schnitzel this is the coolest thing since paleo friendly bread. If you read this blog you are probably a food lover as well and like to find new recipes that will blow your socks off. On my home computer I have a folder on my bookmark bar labelled “Recipes To Make” and in my gmail account I have a note that has links to recipes that I find at work that are must makes. I want to share them with you today so that I can

A) Remind my self to get moving on the recipe
B) Share what I think look like stellar recipes, and
C) Make some notes about if I have actually made them yet.

These recipes are in the order they were in from my lists, there is no precedence here! For example – number 11 and 13 are on my radar and will most likely be the next ones I make.

  1. Chicken Casserole by Almost : Primal – recently made a casserole like this and it was amazing, I love the spice combo from this recipe and it was the first I had seen with coconut milk to make a cream sauce. 
  2. Paleo Bread by Elana’s Pantry – while I like all the paleo breads that I have made I have been wanting to make one that actually comes out looking like a loaf instead of a flat bread. I haven’t made this yet because I don’t ever really crave bread but I do want to try this out any ways.
  3. Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Grapes with Walnuts by Whole Living – I have never made brussel sprouts successfully but my best friend used to make them for me (before she vanished to Australia in May and decided she was just going to stay indefinitely…) and I loved them! Every time I make them they come out horrible, I am hoping this recipe allows me to redeem myself.
  4. Homemade Kosher Dill Pickle by Arthur Schwartz – the only thing holding me back for this is that I need to clean out my large glass mason jar. It is currently holding wheat penne… I just hate throwing things out so I will move it and save for when my brother comes back to visit!
  5. Spicy Blackberry Jam by My Digital Kitchen – I hope that by making this I will learn the process so I can make jams whenever I darm well please!
  6. Sweet Potato Pizza Crust by Carrots n Cake – yum.
  7. Blackberry Muffins by Popular Paleo – all I need to get to make this is some coconut palm sugar, a new thing of almond and vanilla extract (just ran out), and some blackberries!
  8. Homemade Paleo Condiments by Paleo Diet Lifestyle – I love everything on this page. I used this to help me get going when I started my BBQ sauce last week. I would love to make some others.
  9. Easy Potato Soup by I ❤ Vegetables – This is not paleo but I like the idea of just doing a sweet potato and some almond milk and seeing what happens.
  10. Better than Nutella by Chocolate Covered Katie – she had me at nutella.
  11. Pumpkin Banana Chia Muffins by Elevated Eats- I just bought the chia seeds online for this yesterday!! I am so excited to make these, I am hoping to find time on Sunday to do it!
  12. Homemade Chocolate by Paleo in PDX – I made this last night!! I added sea salt to half and wish I had done it to the whole thing. It is SOOO delicious. I will definitely be making this again and playing with adding in different honeys or maple syrup. A little piece of heaven right there. Mixed up with some frozen banana?? I can sense some chocolate bananayo in my future.
  13. Crockpot Fig Apple Butter by PaleOMG – I have been obsessed with figs since making the fruit and nut bars last weekend. I just bought a ton off of Amazon last night so I can make more bars AND this stuff!

I am pretty surprised there were only 13, what can I say, I am quite picky AND a creature of habit. Unless a recipe really sticks out to me as something totally new that I have never thought of making I will look at it go “oh cool idea”, throw it in the memory bank and it will probably come up eventually, bookmarking though, now that’s a real honor.

Morning Questions

So this run down bookmark lane got me to thinking a little, I think this first morning question is a doozy and I am really excited to see every ones answer!
Q: If a visitor came to your site and could only see ONE recipe – what would you want them to see?
Attach the link because I want to check out the recipe!
Q: Do you keep bookmarks for recipes you want to make? How often do you actually get around to making them?

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14 replies

  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! 🙂 Let me know if you try sweet potato and almond milk!

  2. I’ve been waiting to try that potato soup! Yum!

  3. Just a thought, You might try cutting the coconut milk back, maybe by a 1/4 (use 3/4 of a can) it was a but on the runny side.

  4. Just one?!?!? That’s like asking me which of my kid’s is my favorite. OK, I do have a favorite (kid and recipe) – Sole Meuniere, a simple sauteed fish that inspired Julia Child to become a chef. Here’s a link to my recipe page –

  5. I use Pinterest to track recipes I want to try….but that can be somewhat disastrous because I’ll end up with 200+ “must make” recipes and can get totally overwhelmed. Sometimes I really wish I was cooking for more than one because then I’d have more chances to make such cool stuff!

  6. I recently made a chicken casserole using coconut milk and it.was.awesome! Jon absolutely loved it and I’ll definitely be doing it again. Can’t wait to hear about your experience.

    Thanks for sharing all of these links – I’m definitely off to check out a few of them!

    Quick question: I’ve never eaten figs before (not even fig newtons!). Do they taste similar to dates?

    • I have no clue how to explain them.. Sort of like the soft part of a date but a little sweeter and with itty bitty tiny seeds that I just love. Can anyone else help out with this one?

  7. How cool! I made your bookmark list! 🙂 You will like those muffins! Coconut sugar is super tasty and remarkably inexpensive considering how exotic the name sounds… As awesome as these are, my Paleo Gnocchi seemed to get a lot of attention. If there was just one to show, it’d likely be that one. Hard decision though!

    I have a binder in my kitchen with about 20 tabs, including foods specific for vegan, vegetarian and just basic yummy stuff. (I feed a lot of people with different preferences.) If I take the time to print a recipe out and add it to the binder, then I will regularly refer to it. I call it my “Food That Doesn’t Suck” binder.

  8. I’m interested by the brussel sprouts with grapes and walnuts. What an interesting but probably really good combination. I would want visitors to see a pancake recipe…probably more chocolate the better LOL. 😉

  9. I’m horrible with remembering to make the recipes I bookmark! lol …I put the Chx Casserole one on my list, so we’ll see if it gets made this Sunday 🙂

  10. I love stacking up recipes. I store a lot of mine on Pinterest. Go figure. I would direct non vegans to my chewy chocolate chip cookies, and vegans to the compost cookies I recently made! COOKIES!!

  11. Hmm I guess I’d have to say the most recent recipe I tried… it was better than I thought it would be, with all whole food ingredients (okay maybe not the brown sugar but whatever, it’s natural enough right!?)

    I have SO MANY recipes bookmarked it’s not even funny. I had to go as far as to make sub folders in my “recipe” folder on chrome for seasonal dishes, breads, sides, soups, etc. I also have a completely separate baking folder that has at least double the amount of recipes.

  12. I should def make a list so I don’t forget all of the fun things I want to make. I def saw that bread from Elana’s website and have the homemade chocolate on my list!!!

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