AMRAP Tank Giveaway

Seeing as it was just my blogaversary and all I figured it was time to give away some awesome stuff! The best part about a yearly date is obviously the presents! The folks over at AMRAP were so excited with how many of you were eager to win a box of Refuel Bars and the buzz you drummed up so they have sent a tank my way to model for you guys and then give to one of you lucky ducks!

Lot’s of people make resolutions in the New Year and stick to it for January but end up falling off the bandwagon come February because they lose motivation. Trust me it is science, as a frequent gym goer I am already noticing that the crowds are going down! This tank is an excuse to buff up those arms and look sexy all winter. Was that to vulgar? If you are offended I apologize… I have been too big of a baby to rock this at the gym yet due to my own twisted relationship with my upper arms BUT some day very soon I will be prancing around showing off my guns to the masses AND I think you should join me.AMRAPtankThere are a few ways to enter this give away. Not a million, just enough entries so every one feels like “heck yes I have a shot at winning this”. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter you probably should. I am getting the hang of this whole tweeting thing and I ALMOST have 100 followers… help me get there guys, I’m gunna do a little dance when that happens – @megankellly. Leave a separate comment for each entry method. This giveaway will be open until Tuesday Feb 5th, I will announce the winner Feb 6th, good luck!!

1) Let’s start with Twitter! I just started using this so I am enjoying when people tweet at me and it doesn’t happy nearly enough! Tweet “Suns out, guns out, I want a new gym tank from @AMRAPUSA & @megankellly ” and leave the link to your tweet in the comment section
2) Leave a comment and tell me what new years resolutions you are going to keep going strong into February and hopefully all year!!

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21 replies

  1. tweeted:

    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  2. well, not so strong, but hope to get back into exercising and start losing that extra weight I gained last year
    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  3. My resolution to get back into regular exercise of at least 5 days a week has been going strong and I plan to keep it that way in February!

  4. Tweeted!

  5. Prepping for a 25K, a marathon and a 50K this year (all trail). To keep this goal, I have signed up for each race, been strength training and running my butt off (70 miles this month). I am sidelined for a few days with a strained hamstring, but I have been sidelined before. It only makes my hunger to train that much stronger!

  6. Also, my resolution is to lose at least 10 pounds and also successfully train for my half ironman 🙂

  7. Suns out, guns out, I want a new gym tank from @amrapusa & @megankellly— Jon (@ONJPS) January 30, 2013

    New Years Res = Bench press 275 🙂 Hit 230 for 5 yesterday so I’m making my way!

  8. Booo! i don’t have twitter 😦 BUT, I guess my new years resolution is to start running races! I’ve been running for a year now, it’s high time I actually start being official about it

  9. ohhh yeah for twitter. You’re officially at 102 followers now! I don’t really know how to leave a link to my tweet…err..#firstworldproblems. But I DID tweet! Oh and resolutions for this year include: run a half under 2 hours, live in the moment more, eat more vegetables and less sugar, and appreciate people around me 🙂 Borrrrinnggg, I know but that’s how I roll 😉

  10. im hoping to work out at least 4 times a week and lose 15 lbs!!!

  11. I am working on cleaning up my diet 🙂

  12. My New Years Resolution is to live life on purpose! 🙂 I’m striving to live with intention and make strategic decisions to get my life/career where I want it! 🙂

    Love the tank top! And I’m not on twitter, or I would totally follow you…whatever that means. lol – I’m Twitter illiterate.

  13. Girl you look amazing in the tank. Rock it with pride!!!
    I have been reading more this year (already finished a few books) and got back into strength training thanks to my CrossFit groupon. Hooray for a happy January and one year of wonderful posts!

  14. My goal is to become so much stronger! I joined my school’s Powerlifting team about 2 weeks ago, and I’m the smallest, 17, 4’11, and 90 pounds! So I really have to work hard to catch up with the rest of the girls! We’ve won first place at all the meets, but my first meet will be next week so this week ima give it all I got at practice!!


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