Equinox Animal Flow Review

I mentioned recently that I was asked to try out the new Animal Flow class that was designed my Mike Fitch and Equinox gyms. I did so this past weekend at a class held at the Tyson’s Corner branch. A quick blurb on the idea of Animal Fitness:

The Animal Flow workout is a unique bodyweight workout that flows through innovative drills and movement combinations from gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, capoeira and breakdancing. This is a non traditional approach that integrates strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility and power for total body mastery and the ultimate fit physique.

Before anything could happen I had to make sure to put on my Animal Flow capris that Equinox sent over. Thank you Equinox! These tights are quickly becoming one of my favorites, I wear them running all the time.

IMG_4710I walked into Equinox and was immediately blown away. This is by far the most gorgeous work out facility I have ever been in. I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel / spa. If there was one that was closer to me I would become a member in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I know myself and if my gym is not within walking distance I won’t go to it. If one of these pops up in Arlington I will definitely be rushing the door. Aside from Animal Flow their class schedule is to die for.PicMonkey CollageThe class started out with a 10 minute warm up. The warm up included a slew of squat holding poses, hopping, butt kicks, jumping lunges, and arm circles. When I heard “You guys are doing great, we are half way through the warm up” I knew I was in for a severe butt kicking. While half marathon training is currently my number one priority, I was beginning to question the sanity of doing this class after having embarked on an 11 mile run just a few hours earlier.animalflow1_hiresThe class was structured in a circuit fashion. There were 4 mini circuits made up of 3 exercises that made up the first portion of the work out. We did each mini circuit through 2x. I found this great video of all the different basic movements that make up Animal Flow. They may not look scary at first but maintaining your own body weight like this for an hour is tough work. I went from adorably excited to sweating all over the floor and having to wipe it up so as not to slip. Signs of a good work out if you ask me!animalflow2_hiresAfter the circuits we headed into the flow section. We had about 15 minutes set aside for the flow. The flow was made up of 9 movements that we had learned in the course of the class all put together and transitions between each of the moves. The flow was incredible, I was so proud of myself for remembering the moves and pushing through when I was ready to collapse. 15 minutes may not seem like a lot but trust me it is.animalflow3_hiresThe majority of this class is spent in a squatting, table, or lunge type of position so it really makes your legs burn. One particular move that seemed really innocent in the beginning of the class was called the beast. For the beast you would get on your hands and knees, pull you toes in a few inches and then have your knees hover over the ground by an inch. There were movements involved in this position like walking forward and backwards but your hands and knees were never to move more than an inch off the ground. I felt like my quads were going to burst into flames by the end of this work out and I most certainly let out a sigh of relief and total body shut down when he finally said we could release the last pose. It was by far the best group fitness class I have ever attended. Like any workout you get out what you put into the class. I pushed myself to do every move and when he said speed up I sped up even though I felt like I was about to die. I am sure some other people in the class may not have had as killer of a work out as I did BUT that is there fault : ) The teacher was great and the choreography was perfection. Here is a photo of what our schedule looked like, I purposely did this awkwardly because I was hoping no one would catch me.
So on to some exciting news! Equinox offers 3 day guest passes that let you try out their facilities and their amazing classes, click here to see if there is a club near you. Equinox clubs also have spas and if you book any service with the spa you have access to the entire club for whole day of your spa package! Even if you are not a member. Finally If you activate a membership, you get a free Equifit session with one of the clubs top notch personal trainers. The Equifit basically is a test to let you know where you are physically and helps you determine what you need to focus on.

I would like to thank Equinox again for giving me this opportunity to try out Animal Flow, come to Arlington and I will be your first member!

Disclaimer: Equinox provided me with access to an Animal Flow class to review, I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.

Q: What is the best fitness class you have ever taken?

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7 replies

  1. Looks like a great workout! You must’ve been completely wiped after the 11 miles anddd a crazy tough circuit workout. They really are no joke, when you move the right away and combine the right exercises, bodyweight is seriously all you need to majorly feel the burn.

  2. That is beastly! I am so jealous of your opportunity. It seems awesome! You definitely got your workout in that day 🙂

  3. This sounds so cool! I always have to think twice about trying a new class, I usually end up going, and I usually fall in love. This looks like a killer workout and so different! But holy smokes..seriously, 11 miles and this class – you are a machine! That’s freaking awesome. 😀

  4. That looks like so much fun!

  5. That looks so cool! I wish the closest Equinox wasn’t 50 miles away!
    I really want to try a trapeze or trampoline class. I think the most exciting class I took was a jump rope class called Flyte Time. It was SO HARD but a great workout!


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