One Year Blogaversary – Part II


July started out with a pop, a popped tire that is – super lame. I did a lot of complaining about how hot it was and how slow it made me and how much I hated that my thighs rubbed together. So I did the only logical thing and stopped running. I made over night oats for the first and it was delicious! I went to the Firefly Festival in Delaware with some friends from home and made lots of new friends in the process. I went and visited my parents for a week in between quitting my old job and starting my new. I had so much fun at home with my family and took advantage of the bikes they had laying around the garage.20120724-100746.jpg


August was my first attempt at eating paleo, I challenged myself to do it for a month. I don’t recall it lasting very long! I started work at my new (current) job and discovered the Fitness First in the building and joined up ASAP. I went to my very first wedding (crazy right) and had sooo much fun. I am not in the market to get married any time soon BUT when the time is right I think I will be able to throw a kick ass party after seeing how Jeremy and Michelle did their wedding. The attention to detail was insane and the entire thing was so beautiful! I didn’t blog too much in August, what I did blog were a few awesome work outs that after looking at I need to go and redo again, top of the list is this bad boy – Make Your Legs Scream.


In September I only posted 4 times… What the french?! I complained about not being a real runner any more, I started doing yoga and taking advantage of the lower temps and running again, I ran my 2nd (and probably last) Tough Mudder, and experimented with chicken roll ups for dinner. Other than that I was working a lot and not blogging!IMG_2787


I stepped it up in October and posted 32 times! I tried my hand at making pizza for the first time and came up with a recipe I absolutely adored. I fell in love with squash and cooked with that for the first time making maple bites and soup. I started doing crossfit exercises at lunch and learned what it really meant to be sore. I discussed my love affair with paleo and decided that I would give it a whirl and see what happened, not setting any true expectations but putting it out there that I think it is something I would enjoy. I started off right by making some kick ass cauliflower rice and spicy italian sausage and kale soup. I also decided that it was time to start running again and bought myself some new work out gear. IMG_3044


November is probably my favorite month because I am obsessed with Thanksgiving. I really just can not get enough of turkey, gravy, and of course mashed potatoes. If memory serves correctly I think I actually skipped them this year, go paleo! This year Thanksgiving was especially special because my family went to see my grandpa for the day and it has been years since I have seen him, I was so happy to be there. I ran my first sub 8 minute mile (au natural, sans treadmill), shared some tips on how to grocery shop on a budget, made one of my most favorite slow cooker recipes to date,  stuck to paleo and started baking – coming up with some bomb cookies, the boy and I tried our hand at making our own paleo friendly Thanksgiving feast, and we picked up Sasha from the breeder! I learned how much a puppy can change your life and that the boy and I make a pretty darn good team when it comes to handling a furbaby! photo 2 (1)


I really cranked up the cooking, posting, commenting, and overall blogging in the month of December. My readership sky rocketed and I felt pretty gosh darn popular, you guys rock thank you : ) I went to NYC to visit one of my best friends at FIT. I started my third season of indoor soccer and really started mixing up my work outs at the gym. My speed went up quite a bit this month and I saw the under side of 8 minute miles a few times and was psyched out of my fanny pack. The obvious one is Christmas! I went home to see my parents and spent a solid 10 days visiting for the holidays. My mom and I took advantage of the excessive amounts of snow and got in some cross training via snow shoeing! I also made some awesome paleo pancakes while I was visiting and using up groceries I did not have to pay for : ) Sasha was growing so quickly so I made sure to share TONS of pictures. I closed out the month with some kick ass chili and the love affair with my crock pot continues to grow. As always December is about family and I had so much fun seeing them all over Christmas!IMG_4056 IMG_4075 IMG_4003

If you missed Part I of the Blogaversary post you can check it out here. I want to thank all of you guys who have been around since the beginning, middle, or are new. If no one read my little corner of the interweb or commented it would not be nearly as fun. If you are a reader and never comment you should give it a go, it is the number one ways I find new blogs that I fall in love with! So again from the bottom of my heart thank you ALL for being a part of this blogging journey with me, you all make it worth it!

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  1. I really love how you went through everything month by month. It’s a great way to see how far you’ve come in your running, recipes, and blogging. And that picture of you and puppy Sasha is priceless! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. This is such a fun way to do a year in review!!

  3. I started eating Primal in July 2009. That first month was eye-opening (after I got through the carb flu at least). My energy was up, my mood was better and more consistent, I wasn’t bloated anymore, and I even dropped a couple pounds without trying. Pretty cool stuff!


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