One Year Blogaversary – Part I

Guys I can’t believe how long it has been!! When I started this blog it was because I was having a little crisis with my life and was stuck in a rut. I signed up for some races, started running, and along with that came blogging. A lot has happened in a year. I think the best thing to do is take a quick look down memory lane!


When I started this blog I was working as a contractor for Comcast and working out of Philadelphia at the Comcast Center Mon-Thur every week. This crazy schedule went on for 6 months, it was exhausting! I was living out of a hotel so I didn’t have access to a kitchen and had to eat out for all of my meals. It was great for my wallet because I only bought groceries for the weekends but I am pretty sure my body was overloaded with salt. I ate pretty healthy and even did a few posts about how to eat healthy on the road. I typically stuck to vegetarian / vegan restaurants, or would get salads a lot. I had also decided to sign up for a Tough Mudder and began training for it.
1st Blog Post – 2012 Goals & Objectives
1st Recipe Post – Mushrooms & Lentil Soup – this stuff was awesome!If I wasn’t paleo I would be making this ASAP100_0178


February is when I started running. I decided to sign up for my first race, which was a 10 miler! I also tried to do a cleanse but managed to fudge up on the last day because I just skipped a day. I made the best darn burgers of my life this month: Spinach, onion, & artichoke stuffed burgers. I ran my first 8 mile solo run and made some kick-ass parfaits (not paleo friendly) and discovered the burrito bowl omelet… Oh it is so good: 8 Mile Madness & Pretty Parfaits.IMG_1335IMG_1299


Ah March – my first race!! I ran the Reston 10 Miler with some girl friends and froze my butt off. I also got LASIK a week after so I had to wear my glasses for the race. I take SUPERIOR race photos – one of the top posts on this blog is one called “I’m so attractive…” the irony is that it is just a display of my “beauty” when I am running. When I got LASIK I was visiting my parents for something crazy like 10 days and we cooked up a storm. I was not eating paleo so if you are a reader who likes all type of food than I am sure you will find something in this list that you love: Peanut Butter Cookies, Whole Wheat Pancakes (made my scratch!), & Bird’s Nest. I also started to identify myself as a runner and bought a Garmin. My life finally became complete: “Runner’s are just nicer“. IMG_1485


On April 1st I ran my 2nd race: The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I learned that I could still drink with college kids and manage to PR in a race. I doubt that would happen again but it did happen once. Another one of my top posts is call “Super Model” (are you noticing a trend?) and it is another post of running pictures where I am looking HOT. I did a ton of cooking in April and it included a bunch of vegetarian meals and experimenting with some rogue ingredients “Protein Packed Vegetarian Meals“. I also went to Puerto Rico with two of my best girl friends and had such a good time!100_0491


May is my birthday month, I turned 24 last year! I also ran my first Tough Mudder and made mofongo! Mofongo is a plantain mash or sorts that I ate in Puerto Rico and became obsessed with. It is SO GOOD! You have to check out my Tough Mudder Recap post. It is uber gross with all the battle wounds I gathered while running. Another first for the month was making some decent tofu – all my lovely vegan and veggie readers you will love this Apple Jalapeno Stir Fry! I also filled out one of those fun little surveys called 7 Things – you know just for in case you need to know more about my awesomeness. 100_0773


On June 2nd I ran my very first half marathon! It was a blast and I did it with 2 of my gfs: Zooma Annapolis Half Recap. I got some great photos out of that race, I look like I actually may fall over and die at the end of it “Photo Shoot, Sunshine, & Hugs” After the half marathon I sort of stopped running when the DC heat set in. I was also playing vegan for quite some time around June. zooma8Other than the half marathon June was a month of a lot of vegetarian cooking and dying because it was so hot outside. I ran a bit but not close to the earlier months. I spent a lot of money in the month of June thinking I was a baller and going out all the time, I took random road trips (Ocean City?!), and spent a lot of time drinking by the pool. Ahh summer time, I miss you!

I have made an executive decision to break this post up into two. Part II coming soon!!

Q: What is the most significant thing that happened to you in the first 6 months of blogging!?

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  1. Awesome recap! That mushroom lentil soup really does look great and I as I sit here in my glasses, I am quite jealous of your LASIK. In my first 6 months of blogging I signed up for the my first marathon and we had this CRAZY snow storm.

    The pictures sill make me cold…ha ha! I have definitely had to go back and redo a few of those first posts. The pictures are pretty bad, but we learn every day along the way. Can’t wait to see Part II. Happy Bloggerversery!

    • Thanks for reading, that snow is pretty aggressive! I have definitely gone back and given my first post a slight face lift. I don’t think the pictures on here got good until late summer 2012! Woops : )

  2. Awww happy Blogiversary!!!! That’s really exciting. I have to go back and check out some of these posts from before I started blogging 🙂

  3. AWE what a fun year. I always have a lot of fun looking back at these posts and seeing what I was up to a year or two ago.

  4. Happy Blogaversary!!! Crazy how fast time goes by. I am so glad that you highlighted so many posts already because now I can catch up on all the ones I have missed! Can’t wait for part 2! 🙂

  5. Loveee love love this!! Your post about runners being nice was the FIRST post of yours I read, that’s when I first found ya!! Loved your blog ever since! Happy one year, here’s to many more!

    • Aw shucks, that was a great day, I was super jazzed finding you, plus that route is one of my favorites for a 5 miler! I may or may not sit down sometimes and hide in the little cove just to take in the views!

  6. Congrats on the 1st yr and on the good health!

  7. Wait a minute. You started running in January and ran a half marathon six months later? Here I am still struggling with 5 miles. I’m mad at you. (not really, just jealous)

  8. Happy blogaversary! It’s crazy how fast you picked up running and just went for it all the way. I still don’t know if I’d ever actually want to do a half marathon, and I’ve been running on and off for a pretty long time now!

  9. Happy blogaversay! 🙂

  10. Ahhh happy belated blogiversary 🙂 I love reading it all, especially since I only discovered your wonderful self in the end of your first year 🙂

  11. Congrats on sticking it out! I guess my first 6 months I was really trying to figure out what my niche was. There is always so much to share and what I want to ramble about isn’t what people care about or I felt uninspired. I changed the name of my blog (did that again recently) and tried to just get my feet wet. I started to realize that I couldn’t be a great blogger if I wasn’t myself. I quit being stressed about pictures and trying to get viewers and just enjoy it. Now, I have new followers each week and feel more connected to my blog and the people who read it!


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