I Almost Thought Friday Would Never Come

Yesterday I got a little bit more of a taste of the “real world”. I was asked to help a team through an important project for the next month or so and they work out of another building. I have been taking the shuttle over to the building and end up in meetings during my gym time. How dare they schedule meeting during the 11am hour!! So yesterday I was booked from 9:45am – 1:30pm. By the time I got back to my office I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the 6 mile run I had planned until I ate something. I decided to eat lunch and head to the gym at 3:30pm when I wrapped everything up for the day. I really dislike working out post work because I get a wave of sleepy with out fail every day! Once I hopped on the dreadmill and got going I woke right up, I wasn’t jazzed about hanging out on the machine for 6 miles but it had to be done. The best part about working out during the 3pm hour? ELLEN!!! She kept me entertained for a solid 30 minutes until the news came on and I was on to my cool down by then. I even got to use my own shower instead of the gyms! It was a rare treat that typically only happens on Tuesday (after soccer) and Sunday (after long run) so I did enjoy that aspect.

After work / the gym yesterday I finished off the pulled pork from Monday, that poor thing didn’t have a prayer of lasting, that is 2.5lbs of pork gone in 3 days! To be fair I ate it for lunch 3x and dinner 2x… Last night I served it over some paleo bread and with a side of fresh broccoli. I smothered the whole thing in the ju that came out of the crock (that stuff is like crack) – I also added on some Texas Pete Hot Sauce. I have noticed that in general I have shifted towards using smaller plates when it comes to dinner, I enjoy piling up a smaller plate than a naked big plate. The plates I use are actually from the dollar store and I bought them back in college. My mom got me new plates for Christmas that I need to unpack because they are gorgeous!photo 2(23)

Today is another day that I am booked in meetings from 10am-1:30pm so I will be hitting the gym after work. A chunk of that busy time is a team lunch for a project that was wrapped up a few weeks ago. I have mentioned before my aversion to going out to lunch during the week but I am looking forward to this one. I suggested a restaurant that I run by all the time and has a pretty yummo looking menu. Leek American Bistro is where we should be going and I am pretty excited… I think I’m going to end up getting the fennel & leek soup AND tuna tartare, I just can not say no to tuna tartare, it is so good. I will try to take pictures sneaky style so you guys can see the heavenly little bites I get!

Week 3: 23 Miles

Mon Jan 21 Rest
Tue Jan 22 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 9:00, Core, & Soccer DONE
Wed Jan 23 XT Crossfit / Stretching / Abs DONE
Thu Jan 24 Tempo Run
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 miles @ 8:34; Cool DONE
Fri Jan 25 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 10:03
Sat Jan 26 XT / Rest
Sun Jan 27 Long Run Dist: 11 Mi @ 10:03 & Animal Flow Class

Today started out on a different foot than usual. A certain furbaby decided she wanted to wake up and started barking around 5am. She got let out around 6am but by 6:20am it was apparent that was not enough and she was going to continue barking. Being in an apartment is tough because technically you shouldn’t reward a puppy for barking but when your neighbors are probably getting a little ticked off it is better for every one if she is let out. After she got her breakfast it was my turn and I ate my usual. Today’s was a little special because the avocado I sliced into was absolute perfection.photo 3(18)I grabbed the larger avocados this week because they were on sale for $1, I normally get two little ones and those last 4 breakfasts, these behemoths last at least 3 meals. Meaning that this puppy got to hang out and get ripe a bit longer than usual. I’m totally okay with a perfectly ripe avocado any day!

Morning Questions

Q: Do you have a set time you work out? How do you deal when it’s just not possible?
Q: Do you use large dinner plates or the medium sized salad ones?
Q: Do you pack lunch or go out?
Q: Prefer a schedule or just go with the flow?

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21 replies

  1. I’m SO glad it’s friday. I need a couple of days to recharge and I haven’t even done anything this week! Hope you make it through the day 🙂

  2. I feel you on Friday never getting here…longest week ever. I like to work out in the morning. Sometimes when it’s not possible (due to having to be to work at 7 or something) I just go after work or it could even become a rest day. I don’t know-I’m more antsy in the summer but seeing as I want nothing to do with being outside…I don’t mind staying in right now LOL.

  3. Working out with Ellen is pretty much amazing! She is perfect 🙂 Yay! for Friday!

  4. that avocado DOES look amazing! And I’m the same way about using smaller dinner plates, not so that I don’t eat as much (because I’ll take the same amount of scoops/food/etc regardless), but so that it looks like I have a lot more on my plate and I can dig into a big pile of food haha

  5. I don’t have a set time that I work out just whenever I have a free moment. Yesterday for example I worked from 8am to 9pm and had no lunch break. Since I am running every day in Jan, I ended changing into my run clothes and running 2km before I got in
    my car to go home! As for packing lunches, normally I pack my own!:)

  6. I def thrive off of a schedule, but enjoy the go with the flow days at times too. Your meals look hearty! I def pack lunches (except my last job becasue I worked at TJ’s so I just bought food and left it there for the week..so that kinda counts still haha.) Awesome run, how long is your lunch break?? I have always wondered how you work that out..so you run and then do you shower and stuff before going back to work? Or do you just stay sweaty and fabulous? Haha.

    • Gah if I worked at a grocery store I feel like I would be eating all the time! I normally take about an hour? The 6 mile run I have every week ends up being closer to an hour 20 – 30, lifting days all the circuits are 15-20 minutes so I’m in an out in 45 minutes, and I eat lunch at my desk! I can go from sweaty to showered and ready to go in about 10-15 minutes? My gym is in my building so I’m literally an elevator ride away from my office. The thing that takes the longest is drying my hair, for my face its just tinted moisturizer and I call it day! (added bonus, don’t have to pick out an outfit cus obviously just putting on the same thing!)

  7. I’m gonna anwser all these questions, ready…..go!
    Q: Do you have a set time you work out? How do you deal when it’s just not possible? Yes I do fortunately 🙂 I workout out every morning roughly at 8 AM. When it’s not possible, I am kinda off LOL. Just feels weird if I have to switch around my schedule.
    Q: Do you use large dinner plates or the medium sized salad ones? This may sound weird but I almost always use a bowl. I do this because I love to combined everything together and by throwing everything into a bowl it makes me think I have so much food 🙂
    Q: Do you pack lunch or go out? I pack basically all my meals. Tupperware city all day every day!
    Q: Prefer a schedule or just go with the flow? Schedule. I’m so ADD about schedules. I literally will write out my schedule the night before haha. In all my jean pockets are like 10 copies of old planned days, its ridiculous.

    BTW all your food looks so good!!!

    • I’m pretty jealous you get to get your work out done so early! I totally agree with the bowl thing, my plates are like a hybrid plate bowl and it’s the best for mixing!

      • Last year I went to the gym everyday at 5:30 AM because it was the only definite time I had free every day. Was tough at the beginning but you kinda come to love it LOL. 8:30 is much nicer though haha

  8. I prefer morning workouts because my work days can get so crazy. I usually don’t get to squeeze in a workout if it doesn’t happen before the workday begins so I strive to get it in before 8am. I’m like you – after work, I’m usually tired so it is tough to get motivated.

    And I pack my lunch 98% of the time. I prefer home cooked meals – they’re usually cheaper and healthier! 🙂

  9. Because of my crazy schedule, I have to work out at different times every day. Although the morning is my favorite! I love the title of this post…so true! I have weeks like that too!

    • I’m impressive you still manage to make it a priority, Sundays are tough for me because A) it’s the long run and B) I’m on no time constraint to get it done. I know you are a lunch packer already so three cheers to you!


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