Date Night In

Week 3: 24 Miles

Mon Jan 21 Rest
Tue Jan 22 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 9:00, Core, & Soccer DONE
Wed Jan 23 XT Crossfit / Stretching / Abs DONE
Thu Jan 24 Tempo Run
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 4 miles @ 8:34; Cool
Fri Jan 25 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 10:03
Sat Jan 26 XT / Rest
Sun Jan 27 Long Run Dist: 11 Mi @ 10:03

Depending on where you live you may be experiencing the same thing I am right now… SNOW. It is FREEZING OUT. I actually slept in a full sweat pant and hoody combo last night to try and fight off the cold. While I am just a helper in the raising Sasha game (she lives with the boy) I am quickly learning that a puppy = going outside even when it is the last thing in the world you want to do. I joined outside for an hour after dinner and was freezing my butt off in the 50 layers I had on but it was well worth this little nugget calming down enough to sit and watch Trouble With The Curve with us. Today’s pace run will be done on the dreadmill. We have been hanging out way too much lately but I just can’t help it. DC has turned me soft to winter weather, I just can’t handle it any 2(22)photo(11)Dinner was quick and easy last night – it started out with chips and salsa (not paleo friendly I know… for some reason blog land has been talking about their non paleo loves and it had me dreaming of these salty treats) and then finished strong with a salvadorian sausage and a summer squash with 1/4 of a large yellow onion. It was all delicious! Dinner may or may not have been followed with some cookies to enjoy while watching the movie BUT that is neither here nor there…photo 1(24)Waking up to all this gross snow lead me straight to my tea jar. When I did foodie pen pals a little bit ago my match sent me a collection of tea and this is one of them. HOLY YUM. I ordered a giant tea collection off of amazon yesterday and can’t wait to get it today. 96 bags of tea for $11 is just fine by me! My tea supply is running low (aka only the ones I don’t like are left…) so it was a must make 4(13)

Speaking of online purchases I received a few orders yesterday! A GIANT bag of dates that I will be turning into homemade larabars and some coconut oil so I can continue baking! Currently en route to my apartment is also a Chobani set that I won off another blog (for the roomie – I don’t eat greek yogurt), two packages from PV.Body (I am so impatient and want these NOW!!), and of course the tea! It’s basically like Christmas in the Megan / Amelia household. Amelia definitely puts me to shame with her online shopping, she gets a new box from amazon at least once a week, so jealous.

Morning Questions

Q: Are you a tea or coffee person? How many a day?
Q: Love snow or hate it?
Q: Are you one of the lucky few who has a car that can beast through snow? Or are you like me and avoid hills at all costs in fear of getting stuck?

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16 replies

  1. It’s freezing here, but we don’t have snow … yet! I’m not a snow lover so I’m hoping it stays away!

  2. I think it’s healthy that once in awhile you break paleo. Carbs are the most important nutrient for working out and if you aren’t eating enough of them, it’s hard to perform as well as you could. I’m glad you had a good date night! I just got my pv. body clothes when I got back to school Monday and I’m in loveeee

    • I’m so jealouss!!! Yea when it comes to the carbs I literally only crave tortilla chips and I definitely eat them when I feel like it! I just don’t care for pasta and rice!

  3. I hate snow with a passion!
    However.. I do love coffee and tea. I have tea every morning with breakfast and sometimes at night too and I usually have one cup of coffee earlier in the day.

  4. Out of curiosity, where do you buy your coconut oil and dates from?

  5. Ugh, I hate the temps! haha the other day I went to bed with a scarf on, fearing that I would somehow strangle myself, but then deciding that being a little short of air was better than freezing my butt off! I might actually have to do an 8 miler on the dreadmill tomorrow- SO pumped. bleh.
    I’m excited to hear about those larabars! Gotta love the dates! 😉
    The dog is super cute by the way! Have a fantastic day!

  6. A cup of coffee a day for me! And I HATE snow! BLAH. Can’t stand being cold. But I love puppies, so I would go outside even in the cold for one 😉

    • You say that now but wait until you need to go out with a poo bag and take off your gloves to use it and then BOOM hands are frozen. Yesterday I was a horrible pooper scooper and got it on my thumb (barf) so I had to keep my hand out of my gloves and pockets until getting inside to wash up, grossss.

  7. My car can definitely not beast through the snow! Although I have had worse in the past, I try to avoid driving in snow whenever possible cuz it can be scary. I’m in the same boat as you, it’s positively frigid round these parts and I went to bed last night still wrapped in my couch blanket.

  8. I am all about the tea in the morning although recently I have been drinking lemon water in the AM. It has been way to cold here so I sought out an indoor track for my runs. This weekend I am hoping to get in some hot yoga to stay warm : ) I love homemade Larabars…but I never added coconut oil. Can’t wait to see which flavor you make!

    • Oh yum! I’m so jealous of all you yogis lately! I haven’t been able to fit it in my schedule in months!! I am excited for the bars, I will have time to make them Saturday or Sunday! I need to hit the grocery store and see what inspires me. If they don’t get made ASAP I fear I will need to buy more dates because I have been eating them as snacks!

  9. I am a hot cocoa person 🙂 And snow, well, save it for the movies! I am all about warm weather!!


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