15 Minutes In H-E Double Hockey Stick

I have such a love / hate relationship when it comes to letting Brennan dictate our work outs. I lash out by being a pill when we set up and bickering over dumb things like how we are going to use the timer and where the box for box jumps will be put. I am realizing this now because I was a total JOY during set up today and was wondering why I was being such a turd, I slightly understand now. Sorry Bren! Okay moving on… The work out I did is below, if you are stronger than me then you should use more weight! I do want to toot my own horn though and say that I moved up in the world of box jumps! I moved my way on up to the 20″ box, I  felt like a pretty big deal when I wasn’t nervous about not making the box and falling over. Feel free to swap in rowing / high knees / something aerobic like for the jumping jacks.

he doublehsI made sure to do plenty of stretching after. I especially focused on stretching out my legs and core. I need a good run tomorrow and my abs are KILLING from yesterdays mini ab session. Who know that dang ball could be so aggressive? Post work out food was a must. To mix things up from the pork tacos I had yesterday for lunch I tore up the rest of the romaine I had in the office and put on some home made balsamic vinaigrette. The bbq sauce recipe on the pork has balsamic in it so I thought it would go great together, I was not disappointed! photo(10)

Afternoon Questions

Q: Do you prefer lifting weights / circuit training solo or with a partner?
Q: When you are pushed out of your comfort zone how do you normally react?
Q: What is your favorite condiment?

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14 replies

  1. Awesome workout! I did this a few days ago, it was brutal LOL. Sweatfest 2013

  2. I workout with a partner. I am so lazy and have zero motivation to lift so if I’m not with friends, I won’t do it.
    “was wondering why I was being such a turd” had me laughing hysterically. Just what I needed today 🙂

    • I need to lift with people of similar ability, when I do it with some one who doesn’t ever lift / circuit train I don’t feel like I get a work out in because I am teaching (which I honestly love, but not when I’m using my lunch to get a quick lift in) instead of slinging heavy things quickly! Oh and you are welcome! I felt bad for the trainer trying to use the space we were in cus I was a TOTAL diva for a few minutes there.

  3. I like cardio with friends because I can run at my pace…they run at their pace you know? Lifting weights with others is kind of awkward because if we aren’t using the same machine or have similar goals I feel like it’s weird for us and counterproductive.

  4. I would never let my husband dictate my workouts, he has asked me if i want a training plan from him, but I am afraid he will run me ragged! I like working out with him though, if youre into power lifting like I am you definitely need a parter to spot you when trying to squat some ungodly amount of wieght

  5. This post had me cracking up because when I workout with Dave, I am a royal pain.

    It really depends on my mood if I want to workout with a partner. Sometimes I really do welcome the challenge of working out with Dave and being pushed by him. But sometimes, I just want to be alone and do my own thing. If I’m wanting to ride solo and he ends up tagging along in my workout, I freak out on him if he tries to push me outside my comfort zone. I know – I’m such a gem. haha

    • I’m totally with you, we have come a long way, I still remember last year he was giving me crap about push ups and telling me I wasn’t pushing myself and I ended up freaking out and he just walked out of the gym haha. Woops!

  6. I need others to strength train or get board and don’t push myself as hard. A personal trainer or coach combined with a friend would be perfect for me!


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