Obligatory Crappy Run

It was bound to happen. My runs have been too enjoyable lately so I needed a kick in the butt as a reminder that it isn’t always easy and I am not going to just soar through training like it’s no big deal. It took a whopping .25 miles today for my legs to feel like total crap. I finished the three miles thanks in part to The Price Is Right. I was painfully aware of the fact that I was running and each step felt like I was moving a 50lb lead weight. I started the run at 6.5 on the death trap and finished out at 7.0 because I just wanted it to end. Overall it ended up being a 9 min pace, woof. I finished off with a boat load of stretching, sit ups on the ball, and some push ups. I sort of want to make it to a 7:40pm yoga class today before my 9:30pm soccer game but we’ll see what my laundry situation is and how I am feeling, a triple work out session (although it is varied in activity) may not be the best idea.

Let’s talk about something good, like my lunch! I haven’t shared the recipe for the pulled pork yet but I have shared the BBQ sauce recipe and this lunch was delicioussss! I promise to post the pulled pork recipe tonight or first thing tomorrow. I recommend you go out and buy a 2.5lb pork loin roast in preparation.

photo 2(20)I had a little time to kill so I printed out some pictures to add to my walls at work. This all started because the boy sent me some pictures he took of Sasha and my heart melted. Then I realized I couldn’t just have a picture of Sasha with out a picture of Jax… six pictures later and I am content for now! If you are wondering the answer is yes – that large sheet of paper is indeed my training schedule, courtesy of RunnersWorld.com smart coach.photo 1(22) photo 2(19)

Doesn’t she sort of look like a bunny rabbit / a kangaroo or something. I love how GIANT her ears are. While I of course can’t wait for her head to get huge too I sort of love how disproportionate her ears are right now.

Q: Do you have any homemade BBQ recipes?? I am hoping to make a second batch this week so that I can have the pork plain, with the sweet and spicy one I already have an hopefully a new mustard based one. Share your link if you have one!
Q: How do you get through your crappy work outs?

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  1. Hate hate hate crappy runs. I just know they have to be done, so I curse my way through them and kiss the ground when I am done! And then I eat a fat cookie.

  2. After your long run this weekend, you were bound to have a struggle bus run. Your body is tired. I’m not sure I would do a triple workout if I were you- give your body some much needed recovery!

  3. awww I totally hate bad runs… it’s happened to me a few times. Once that happens I usually take a day or two off because it always ended up being I was just tired and needed to rest

  4. Since I have had crappy runs for the last month….umm…good tv and/or music helps….sometimes it’s just a mantra of make it through the next song/commercial/quarter mile…whatever little piece you can break it down to. Sometimes I also play with speeds….slow right down to an almost walk for about a minute or so for a break and then return or run for a few minutes at a higher pace and then bring it back down, which will make your original pace feel a bit easier. I have also played out fantasies in my head like winning the lotto and what I would do if that happened. lol.

  5. OMG i love her ears too!
    it is funyn because just last week i had a horrid workout, the kind that you just like… cant wait to get over. and i told my trainer that the only thing getting me through it is what i was going to eat for dinner (I workout at night right before dinner). Like literally I was doing squats and zoning out thinkign about each step of preparing dinner like down to each detail like slicing, etc. it got my mind busy to forget how blah i was feeling and it was something to look forward to when i was done! haha
    I know that sounds counterproductive (thinking of eating delicious stuff while working your ass off) but i swear it helped!

  6. Crappy runs are the worst, but they happen to all of us. It’s great that you just pushed through and crossed the day off your schedule regardless. I can’t wait to start training for a race soon. Right now I’m working on building my base mileage up again, then I’m hoping to train for my first half in September!

  7. I’m sorry you had a crappy run! But you’re right – everyone is bound to have a bad run every once in a while. Just remember your next great run is right around the corner and a bad run is still better than no run at all! Sometimes pushing through those super tough runs where you just aren’t feeling it, is more rewarding because it feels like you really EARNED those miles, you know?

    I hope the rest of your runs this week are fabulous, friend!

  8. hehe nice pictures of jax 🙂


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