Longest Solo Run Evaa

I have to thank my roommate for making this run pleasant. I typically run the Mt.Vernon Trail along the Potomac River around Arlington & Alexandria VA. From where I start the path goes south 4.2 miles and then north about 4ish. It continues north but it ends up hitting some roads and I’m not a fan of traffic / stopping when I tackle long runs. The Theodore Roosevelt Island sits north about 4 miles on the Mt.Vernon trail – I have biked it once but never tried to run it. Leading up to the island is this awesome little bridge area that I love running so I should have listened right away when Amelia (roomie) told me to run around the island. I made a last minute decision and decided to do it when I hit the bridge.
photo 1-1I managed to take all of these pictures while running, I am really happy they actually come out! It slowed me down a little bit but speed wasn’t the goal for this run.
photo 2-1I have never trail run aside from my first Tough Mudder and this was WAY more enjoyable than the mudder. There were some muddy spots but for the most part I just had to pay attention to roots and rocks. I ran a little over 3 miles on the island and then 8 on the Mt.Vernon Trail.
photo 3-1I even ended up stumbling on the Theodore Roosevelt statue. I didn’t find this until right before leaving the island, it is in the middle and I had been running around the outside on trails and wooden bridges.
photo 4-111 miles done and done! I am becoming very optimistic about PRing in March. My current time is 1:55 and I would love to do 1:45 but I will settle for 1:50. We shall see! I wasn’t pushing myself at all really on this run so I think I could definitely pull it off. My training plan has me running 13 miles a few times so hopefully the times for those practice runs will give me the confidence I need to kick some booty.
photo 5The AMRAP Refuel Bar I had before the run was perfect, I had plenty of energy the entire run, after was another story, I was starving. I mentioned earlier my kitchen has slim pickings right now and after this meal all I have left is about a third of an avocado. Grocery shopping is going to happen first thing in the morning!
photo 4-2

Week 2: 27.7 Miles

Mon Jan 14 XT
Crossfit / Stretching / Abs DONE
Tue Jan 15 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 8:35, Core, & Soccer DONE
Wed Jan 16 XT Crossfit / Stretching / Abs DONE
Thu Jan 17 Speedwork
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3×1600 in 8:03 w/800 jogs; Cool DONE
Fri Jan 18 Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @ 9:20 & Shoulder / Core Demo DONE
Sat Jan 19 Rest
Fountainhead Regional Park Hike – 5.7 miles DONE 
Sun Jan 20 Long Run Dist: 11 Mi @ 9:28 DONE

To take advantage of the long weekend the boy and I are headed to my cousins house to see my aunt and uncle and enjoy a fabulous dinner, then it is off to Ellie Goulding!!! I am soooo excited!!! I have been obsessed with her for what seems like forever. I am also beyond excited to have a home cooked meal. My aunt told me she was making steak, portobellos, a kale and pomegranate salad, and a slew of other things (tortellini, bread, beans) that every one else is going to adore.

Q: What is the last great concert you went to? (I went to see Florence and the Machine and they were amazing!!!)
Q: What is your longest solo run?

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23 replies

  1. Great job!!! That is GORGEOUS! I wish I ran in a place that looked like that. Now we definitely have to run together 🙂

  2. Trail running is great training for all sorts of things;)

  3. Oh.. And longest solo run I think for me was 19.5, for fun in 30degree heat..

  4. 11 miles solo is incredible! That takes a lot of mental discipline. I think my longest solo run is 10 miles…and Ob was actually with me…but she’s a dog. lol

    I wish there were more trails in Jacksonville to run. I hope you get your PR – if you’re training all the way up to 13 miles, you shouldn’t have a problem! I bet you rock your race!

  5. I bet Florence would be amazing in concert! I think my first concert seeing BNL in their prime was probably the best. Everything was so neat and amazing! Congrats on the awesome run! That is a great path…I get so motivated by beautiful scenery! I don’t know my longest on my own run. Prob around 14 miles when I was training for the marathon. For the longer runs, my mom biked with me to keep me company, which I loved!

  6. Florence + the Machine must have been amazing!

  7. I love trail running, I find it so much more enjoyable and entertaining then normal road runs. Keep crushing it!

  8. Wow, good for you, girl!! That’s so awesome that you might get your PR, and yay for a new running site! I just fell in love with running outside in the winter (30 degrees is totally doable!) and I can’t wait to do more outside running! All of your pictures are pretty impressive, too. Haha looks like you got a lot of great workouts in over the week! Keep running so strong! Have a great Monday 🙂

  9. Congrats on a great run! I am organizing a run you might be interested in! I’d love for you to check it out and spread the word to help me raise funds for the A.C.S. Go to http://fitfabandleanin2013.weebly.com to read the details.

    • This is pretty awesome! I could definitely use one of my planned 13 mile runs and add .1 to have it count as this race. I’m on a spending freeze until the 26 when my CC closes out (still has christmas on this bill, ugh) but I will definitely sign up after that!! Great idea!!!

  10. Amazing run!! WOWZA BOWZAAA!! I have never been to a concert, so cool right? HA I am such a loser. I would love to see florence and the machine. And mumford, and ray lamontagne..and a ton of others!

  11. Man oh man thats a great place to go running! I hit some trails during my long runs as well and I absolutely love it.. plus, its a little easier on my knees! Yeahhh for a good run!

  12. Wow!! I admire people who can put in that kind of distance–way to go! That trail looks beautiful too!

  13. I’ve driven past that trail before, and it sure is gorgeous! Great run 🙂

  14. Congrats on your long run! I think I may live near you..I run the same paths for my long runs 🙂 Will have to meet up one time, although you are waaaay faster than I ever would be!


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