Fountainhead Regional Park

After my unfortunate hand situation stemming from Friday’s gym session I went home early and placed a frantic call to the doctor. After talking to the nurse practitioner I was told to take it easy and if it got worse by Monday to schedule an appointment ASAP. Feeling sorry for myself I curled up on the cough to finish my book… And the paleo chocolate chip cookie dough that was left over from earlier in the week.IMG_4568The boy didn’t get in until 8pm so I am really happy I ate a little something around 4 because other wise I would have been starving. We made a creamy meat and vegetable casserole that I will share the recipe for soon! It was so delicious and the first time I have cooked with coconut milk, it will not be the last!
IMG_4581I woke up a little loopy thanks to a certain furbaby not wanting to sleep, so I decided to surprise some one with my onesie. I can not get enough of this little gem.
IMG_4584It fits a bit better than before since I had to cut open the feet to allow me to compete in the Run With Santa 5k. It was obviously a hit, Sasha went straight for the monkeys!
IMG_4585Our Saturday morning, pre puppy training class, fuel consisted of a mini bacon bacon wrapped paleo meat loaf and some eggs. The boy made these meat loaves one night alone last week and they are freaking awesome. Breakfast of champions if you ask me. He also found this AWESOME paleo blog so if you are a paleo lover check it out: Tasty Paleo Fun – the recipes on this blog are to die for.
IMG_4587Training yesterday was a bit nerve wracking to say the least. SOMEONE was feeling a little high energy and goofy and was not on her best behavior at all.
IMG_4589Her brother Burey on the other hand was all ears and being an angel. It was pretty funny because the last 2 classes Burey barked his little snout off the entire class, this week that was allllll Sasha – oh and she woke us up every 45 minutes that night as well so we were both sleep deprived – ah the joys of parenting.
IMG_4592After puppy time I headed out with my gf to go for a nice little hike in Fountainhead Regional Park. The weather was great and we ended up walking for a little over 2 hours and covering almost 6 miles! Now that is my kind of rest day! There was no rock climbing like the last time we went hiking but there were plenty of hills to go up and down to get our hearts pumping.
IMG_4594IMG_4595IMG_4596IMG_4597IMG_4598After the hike I needed to refuel. I decided to try and cook my entire meal with only one pot. I was victorious, NBD.
IMG_4600I put 1 cut up sweet potato and one sausage into boiling water. Once the potatoes were soft I put them in a blender with some habanero pineapple hot sauce, butter, and a few spoonfuls of water from the pot. In the meantime I added a few broccoli spears in with the sausage. Once the potatoes looked perfect I cut up 1/3 of a large avocado. The broccoli looked about done so I drained everything, dried off the sausage and sprinkled a little seasoning mix onto the broccoli and the avocado. Everything was delicious and I only had to clean the blender and the pot, awesome!
IMG_4602I met up with some friends and did a little triple couple action at a bar in Georgetown. I still did not drink! The boy and I got home by midnight and took care of the pup before calling it a night. I am currently digesting breakfast (AMRAP Bar – I am out of groceries!) and putting off getting outside for an 11 mile run. I should probably go do that though… lots to do today. Ugh, fine I’m going.

Q: Do you put off your long runs for a little or just jump right in?
Q: Do you have any one pot wonders? Link up!

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10 replies

  1. LOVE your footie pajamas! My roommate has those and wears them all the time. Good luck on those 11 miles! They’ll fly once you get started, and it’s gorgeous out today which is working in your favor 🙂

  2. Hope your hand feels better! 🙂

  3. On days when I wake up and it is hailing/snowing and freezing, I normally put off my long runs as long as possible. But today I was meeting a group, so had no choice. I will be group running more often in the future! 😛

  4. I have a 10 miler today that won’t start til after 1 because I’m babysitting. I like to get then over with usually, but I hope the afternoon run allows me to fuel like crazy!

  5. I can’t believe you had never cooked with coconut milk before! I’m glad it you liked it and that it won’t be your last 😉


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