Le Treadmill


Throw back! That ended up not being the complete worst thing in the world. Now putting on my heals and tights back in the office may just be the worst thing ever. To make things a little bit more exciting for the last half mile I bumped the speed up .1 so that I ended with a .10 @ 8.0. So wild of me right? I would like to say thank you to Ice love Coco & The View for entertaining me during this lovely 52 minutes jaunt.

The good news about this whole winter weather advisory my county (only reason I ran indoors today) is under is that it will not effect the weekend. On Sunday I will enjoy the nice mid 40s and some sunshine with no chance of rain then go see Ellie Goulding with the boy on Sunday night!! I am so excited, I am obsessed with her voice. This will be my first time going to a concert and not drinking though, sigh. That sounds horrible but I mean come on, its music, its dancing, its sweaty, and I enjoy spirits to make that situation even more awesome.

My first day back in the world of booze (Feb 1) I am going to Super Glow featuring Avicii. I’m not sure what that means but I think its a rave or something. One of my GFs invites me to things a month or 2 in advance knowing that I always say yes to plans way ahead because lets face it, my life typically isn’t booked 2 months in advance. I got some glow sticks for Christmas (thanks Mom) so we will be putting those to use. Oh yes my point, drinking. I can’t imagine I will need more than 2 bevvies come February to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I will be thrilled to be a cheap date!

Week 2: 22 Miles

Mon Jan 14 XT
Crossfit / Stretching / Abs DONE
Tue Jan 15 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 8:35, Core, & Soccer DONE
Wed Jan 16 XT Crossfit / Stretching / Abs DONE
Thu Jan 17 Speedwork
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3×1600 in 8:03 w/800 jogs; Cool DONE
Fri Jan 18 Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @ 10:05
Sat Jan 19 Rest
Sun Jan 20 Long Run Dist: 11 Mi @ 10:05
Q: What is the longest distance you have ever ran on a treadmill?
Q: Have you been to any of these Super Glow / Day Glow things? (I did Day Glow with this same friend and it was interesting to say the least!)

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12 replies

  1. I’ve only done 4.1…yesterday. Because I HATE the treadmill 🙂 I’m so impressed with people who can do more than that! Great job!

  2. The longest I’ve ever done is 5 and that was pure torture. I am so jealous you are seeing Ellie and Avicii! Those will both be awesome concerts.

  3. ooo very nice! I actually haven’t only done 3 miles tops on a treadmill… outside running is more of my thing lol

  4. Wooooo! Nice job with that treadmill workout. I can’t do speed. I can barely run far on the dumb thing. Yesterday I did 8 miles and I think it will be the last 8 miles I ever do on a treadmill haha

    • 8!! Jeepers creepers. When I am screwing with the speed I can normally last a little longer on the machines. I think if I tried to run over 3 miles at the same speed I’d go bonkers and give up! Nice work : )

  5. I did a whooping ten miles on the dreadmill once. It was NOT fun. Congrats on your awesome run and have fun at the concert!

    • My skin literally cringed reading this. My attention span is that of a gold fish so even when I have these 10 milers outside I’m bored out of my mind AND surrounded by beautiful scenery and people watching!!

  6. I think 5 miles is the most I have done on the treadmill. Much more than that and I think I would die. Awesome job!

  7. OMG that “Look what I can do” picture brings back SO many memories of watching Stuart episodes over and over. Hysterical!!! PS. I need to start doing crossfit I think, you reminded me!

  8. I think the most I’ve run on a treadmill is 7 miles during a big storm one time…rough.. Thank goodness for TV.

    • I really do not think I could do it with just music. The treadmills at my gym are like home theater systems… with out 5 or so channel options BUT it included E!, Spike, and ABC so I am bound to find something nice and trashy!

  9. Haha I love the title!:)

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