A Little Winter Cleaning


I had left over vegetables and curry from dinner on Monday night so I decided to jazz them up for dinner. A little secret, I LOVE curry. I sauteed some hot Italian sausage and spinach and tossed in my left overs for the last few minutes to warm through. I then ran out of everything but the curry so I obviously just added spinach so I could consume all of the left over curry. Oh sweet heaven it was delicious!photo 2(14) photo 3(13)

Winter Cleaning

My roommate and I have a shared walk in closet that we use for storage and I use for all of my excessive amounts of t-shirts, man shorts, and giant sweatpants. I am not sure how but over the years I have amassed a pretty impressive collection of t-shirts that just don’t fit me. I used to wear really baggy clothes / my brothers old shorts when working out but now that I have caved and purchased some good quality exercise clothing I thought it was time to go through all my items and make a donate pile.photo 4(10)

You can’t tell from this picture but the white hanging cubbies are stuffed to the brim in shirts. The rest of my side of the closet is indeed a mess and I plan on tackling the rest of it today after work. I made 3 piles: shirts with memories I just can’t part with (hs sports shirts, college shirts, and ect), keepers – aka my favorite dozen or so, and finally the toss pile. All of my new found space:photo 2(13)Shirts I decided to part with.photo 1(14)

It felt great making my way through all those shirts, who really needs TWO XXL Planet Fitness shirts from college? Not me! I found a few shirts that were friends of mine that I couldn’t part with either. My favorite was this one:photo 5(6)I decided to keep the cleaning party going in my bedroom walk in and went through all of the drawers in my dresser and moved everything that was out of season to the empty spots in these hangy things. So now I have a spot for girly / quality material gym shirts, leggings / capris / shorts, 2 cubbies for summer clothes, one for I’m not sure yet, one for sweats, and one for gym socks / sports bras. It is so organized it makes me glow!photo 4(9)

Britta posted a picture yesterday that basically summed up my night. During all this cleaning I was doing laundry and forcing myself to put EVERYTHING away so my clothing situation was under control.Speaking of work out clothing I got my first box from PV.Body. I loved the outfit. I will not be doing a review of any kind until I receive the Ellie brand clothing because as of next month that is the only brand that will be shipping. I am hoping for great things out of the brand! In the meantime though look at how adorable this tank top is, it has a built in shelf bra that makes me feel all lady like and means I don’t have to get a sports bra dirty – winning!, the leggings are perfectly thick material so I feel very comfortable in them as well.photo 1(15)

Q: Are you a clothing hoarder or are you able to part with your goodies?

Q: When is the last time you cleaned out your closets?

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12 replies

  1. I am such a clothes hoarder. I keep things I never wear or don’t need anymore. However, Plato’s Closet paying me for clothes usually gives me initiative to part with some things. I recently cleaned out my closet at home but at school I really need to go through things like you did!

  2. Woohoo for cleaning out your closet!! Isn’t it crazy how much stuff we accumulate over the years? I did the same when I moved and I was amazed at all the stuff I didn’t wear. Curry dinner looks DA BOMB.. and it makes me realize I need to get more creative with spices in the kitchen 🙂

  3. Look at you getting all organized! I really have trouble parting with shirts…I get too attached! I really should, though!

  4. Yay for being organized! I’m planning on doing something similar today…transferring my winter clothes over (now that it’s snowed twice it’s about time) and getting rid of things I don’t need anymore. Hopefully I still feel this motivated when I get home tonight!

  5. I hope they have some great stuff too! I think they will- it just isn’t what they had advertised originally. Any cute workout clothes are good for me, lulu lemon or target.
    Oh, and I just cleaned out my closet last night. Holy cow I have so much crap! Half my clothes are from middle school haha

  6. I want to see a pic of you in the man shorts! lol that is all…

  7. Guilty…I hoard clothes, but not anymore! I’ve cleaned my closets so much it feels so good. I love your PV body outfit. My first one was wayyy too small, and I got my second one yesterday and I loveee it.

  8. oh gosh I so hoard clothes haha I just can’t seem to part with some stuff haha

  9. Ahhh!!! I’m going through tons of stuff right now because I’m unpacking from a move. I’m trying to give away a lot since my boyfriend and I have combined households. Congrats on the organizing!


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