Animal Flow

I couldn’t have been more excited when I got home from work yesterday. My apartment emailed me to let me know I had a package and I didn’t know if it would be the press packet from Equinox or clothes from PV.Body, I would have been happy with either. Well it was the Equinox box… Equinox is an awesome gym in the DC area that has a huge variety of classes and I was offered the opportunity to try out the new Animal Flow class with the creator Mike Finch.EquinoxI love getting packages, even when I know what is in them, if I don’t know what is in them it is literally 10x better. So what came in this glorious little package?photo 2(10)photo 3(9)These tights are so comfortable, they are made out of good thick material with really attractive stitching on them, plus I absolutely love the A on the side. My roommate offered to take a picture of the outfit so we got a little silly playing with Jax – get it, animal flow! Gosh we are so clever!photo 1(11)After trying on all the clothes and feeling sort of like a rock star I watched season 2 episode 1 of Girls (I’m slightly addicted to this show right now) and then headed out to dinner with the boy. We went to a Thai restaurant called Sawatdee and ate a fabulous meal. My actual dinner was paleo but the apps were not. Remember I’m shooting for 90% so I wasn’t too upset about the situation. Plus I really do love peanut sauce, gosh it is so good!photo 4(6) photo 5(4) photo 1(12) photo 2(11)I ordered a side of steamed vegetables so that when I finished the chicken out of my curry I could throw the vegetables in and have curry later in the week! Brilliant right? Everything was delicious and we left stuffed and happy!

The crappy misty weather has not stopped in Arlington just yet. The forecast claims it is supposed to rain all day and when it is misty like this I typically freeze to the core when I’m out running. I have an easy 3 miler on the agenda today and I think I may be stuck using the dreadmill. The good thing is that it’s 3 miles so it isn’t super long, the bad news is my attention span for a treadmill is maybe 1/2 a mile. I think I am just going to have to suck it up and deal with it today. A small bonus of using the treadmill is that I got make my way over to the weights area and get in a small circuit before having to head back to work.

P.S. I have joined the PV.Body team as an ambassador so if you have been dying to try them out and haven’t gotten around to it click here and you can get 20% off your order. Plus it makes me look good when I refer people : P I will have a review post as soon as soon as both of the boxes I ordered arrive! Yippie for more “fashion” posts! **Update – Thanks to Sarah I was informed that as of Feb 1 PV.Body will be releasing their own line of work out gear that will be sent out in the monthly deliveries. I have emailed the owner and requested that I receive some of the new line so that I can give a 100% accurate report on the clothing quality.

Q: To treadmill or not to treadmill, how is your relationship with this death trap?

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  1. Have you heard about the pv. body scandal yet? You might want to look into it. That being said, LOVE your new workout clothes. Especially the leggings. I find it so difficult to find good ones!

    • I just read the article. I love work out clothes and honestly have no brand loyalty. Lulu Lemon is crazy over priced in my opinion and I would never shop there. So if PV Body is coming out with there own brand I am excited to see it! I still think that $49 a month is a great price for a new outfit! For any one who would like to read the article explaining this a little more please feel free to make your own opinion!

  2. The clothes are really cute! I HATE the treadmill lately and have avoided it for about a month now. I’m always slower on it and it’s usually pretty hot in my gym I feel like I need to bring a fan to put in my face.

    • My gym has these fancy pants treadmills with fans! Since getting LASIK my eyes get really dry from fans so I can’t enjoy it : ( I also brought clothing for outside running so I will be sweating my face off. I’m glad I have a non treadmiller on my side.

  3. Oh my gosh! I want to try an Animal Flow class!

  4. I’m gonna check out that PV Body place! I love Lululemon, but ouch on the price tags!

    • I have only ventured into the store once, I saw price tags and said no thank you and turned around. I will admit that they have some cute stuff though! I am interested to see what the Ellie line from PV.Body looks like though!

  5. Cute clothes!! And I like your cat scarf 😉 haha I’m so not a fan of the treadmill.. I think it’s cause I’m in need of a new one and always feel like I’m going to fall off haha

  6. love the picture with your cat! And LOVEEEE girls!!


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