A Winning Post

Giveaway Winner

First and foremost it is time to announce the AMRAP Refuel Bar Giveaway winner!! The lucky winner was entry #5:

January 8, 2013 • 10:03 am
I follow your blog.

Congratulations Leah!! Email me with your address and we will get your box of Refuel Bars out ASAP! meganfoodandfitness@gmail.com

Monday Weigh In

Week 3 of the weight ins – I am always so nervous to get on the scale even though I weight myself randomly during the week and know that I had been going down. Today I was down another 1.5 lbs bringing the total over the last 2 weeks to 2.6 lbs! I am really happy with the rate this is going because 1ish lbs a week means that my goal will be reached in another 10ish weeks! I decided to share my weigh in sheet so if you are just dying to see it you can head over to the 2013 bucket list page.


This morning I was really tempted to dig into the Tex Mex Chicken and Vegetables but I decided to go for eggs and some left over vegetables from Saturday night. photo(4)I have noticed that since deciding to go paleo I don’t really care about what breakfast is any more. I love eggs so I will eat them on just about anything and call it breakfast but I think that a crock pot meal or some dinner vegetables are now totally acceptable forms of morning fuel!

Week 2: 22 Miles

Mon Jan 14 XT
Crossfit / Stretching / Abs
Tue Jan 15 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @ 10:05
Wed Jan 16 XT Crossfit / Stretching / Abs
Thu Jan 17 Speedwork
Dist: 6 Mi, inc Warm; 3×1600 in 8:03 w/800 jogs; Cool
Fri Jan 18 Easy Run Dist: 2 Mi @ 10:05
Sat Jan 19 Rest
Sun Jan 20 Long Run Dist: 11 Mi @ 10:05

EEEEK! 11 miles? I lucked out with feeling great on yesterdays 10 mile run but 11 miles, woah now, my feet and hips felt like tiny fire elves were dancing on them at the end of 10. 11 will be interesting to say the least and my longest solo run (outside of racing) ever. So many new things are happening with this training plan and it is only week 2. Looking ahead it appears this crazy training schedule has me also running 12 miles 2x and 13 miles 3x. Who do they think I am?!

In other running news I have decided that this year is just going to be the year of half marathons. I want to do 4 this year and have them be three months apart. So the DC Rock n Roll is March 16th, then there is the Virginia Wine Country half June 1st (have not signed up yet), which leaves me with open slots for September and December runs. If you know of a kick ass race happening around the DC area in Sept or in DC / Rochester-ish NY in Dec let me know. I would love to find some friends to gallop around with in the cold weather in Rochester!

I posted pretty late last night but I made a stellar crock pot creation and if you haven’t checked it out already you should do that now : )

Q: How do you keep yourself entertained / moving for long runs? Has any one ever tried books on tape?!

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12 replies

  1. I want to run a race with you! If I see something good in September or December, I’ll pass it your way!

  2. Thank you again for hosting the AMRAP fuel bar giveaway. My boyfriend and I are both really excited to try them! 🙂

  3. Your breakfast looks delicious! Usually on long runs I just make a bumpin playlist. I’ve considered books on tape but I don’t know if the slow pace of reading out loud would bother me or not.

  4. Your week 2 dates are for last week! Is that supposed to be that way? This is my year for hands too, I’m doing 4 starting with one next month! Yahooooo.

  5. I’ve actually never ran more than 5 miles lol but I have heard podcasts are fun to listen to! They have some comedy ones on itunes 🙂

    • Ah iTunes, the mythical beast that opens on my mac every time I plug in my iPhone. I have purchased one album in my entire life on iTunes and it was Walk the Moon sometime over summer. The music on my iPod (which is actually broken and in iPod heaven) is from 2004. I’m all about free!

  6. I’ve never tried books on tape while I’m running. But I love having my mom bike with me so we can chat along the way!

  7. 2 weeks and 22 miles? You are AWESOME my friend!! I hope you have a wonderful week 🙂

  8. The long run is always a but of a mixed bag, but I bet you feel accomplished! Gotta say, I am impressed that you out so much effort into breakfast!

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