Wibbly Wobbles

Breakfast and…photo 2(7)

3 eggs, 1/2 small avocado, and Texas Pete’s hot sauce. Mmm. This was at about 7am this morning… Do you ever have those bottomless pit days? Well I am in the thick of one and it is only 10am… I ate a banana with this breakfast, then around 8:30am I had an apple and some almonds, and I am currently in the process of eating this baby:photo 1(8)What is that you ask? Why it is an AMRAP Refuel Bar. I think I have become addicted to them and apples this week. I initially only purchased 2 apples from the grocery store but have been back twice and picked up a total of 3 more, I hear one a day keeps the doctor away! The good thing about being at work is that once I eat all the food I’ve brought I’m done! All that is left in my stash is my lunch and an orange. Both of which I plan on saving for after my work out : )

PS: I currently have a giveaway going right now for AMRAP Refuel Bars – it is open until Sunday night so if you haven’t entered yet you should do so ASAP!!!

Chitter Chatter

I’ve been feeling a little wonky this week and I’m not sure why. I’m going to guess the extreme temperatures are playing a role, as well as getting my booty kicked at the gym and running like a boss. I have had a slight headache since my run yesterday, which is very odd for me, I never get headaches! My gym session today is going to be short and sweet and then I am resting until Sunday AM for the long run. On the books today is a 2 mile yog (easy job) and a core work out. I picked out this here work out from Eat Spin Run Repeat. I’m looking forward to it, the only thing I think I could handle is a sore core at this point, my bottom half feels like its been kicked by a horse in ski boots.

I am leaving work early today, wooo!!! I have worked a couple long days this week so I am going to hang with the puppy and then go to an early movie with the boy. Has any one seen Zero Dark Thirty yet?? I haven’t shared any new puppy pictures in a while… She is getting huge!!! I would guess she is in the 35lb range right now AND today is her 16 week birthday!! Happy 4 months little monkey! photo 3(7) photo 2(8)photo 1(9)Isn’t she getting giant!! The boy is lucky she didn’t chomp his head off… They were having a contest to see who could open their mouths bigger and Sasha totally stomped him… This has to be one of the best mid-conversation action shots I have ever taken. I just heart them ❤

Q: Do you have any great funny pictures of your furbaby? LINK UP!!

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12 replies

  1. Your puppy is absolutely adorable! I want one so bad but it’s just not feasible right now. Have a great weekend and enjoy your long run! I’m oddly excited for mine!

  2. I want that puppy! And I went to the movies last night, and saw Django Unchained. I thought it was really, really good!

  3. Love the puppy pictures- so cute! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Holy cow…Sasha is so gorgeous!

    And I’m having a bottomless pit day today, thanks to changing up workout times and swimming before the sun comes out!

  5. LOL such a cute dog. I’m not a dog person in the slightest (as much as I would like to be).

  6. Great picture of the two loves!! I have felt off lately too, I think it’s my iron level though. Time for some more greens!

  7. Yes, I totally have those bottomless pit days! Usually, it’s right before my period, but occasionally happens other times too.

  8. AWWW OMG that is the cutest dog!!! German Shepard right? I’m in love with them. Today is a bottomless pit day for me too, nothing is filling me up and honestly its just annoying lol

  9. I never had pets growing up (except for a goldfish) so when I moved in with the BOY and his cat, she would crack me up and I was always snapping photos. These are a few of my faves!

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