Off To A Good Start

Good morning loves! It goes with out saying that by setting goals you are opening the possibility of a total flop. BUT when you manage to stay on track and work towards them the rewards are tenfold. I made a few goals for 2013 on my Bucket List that are going to require a lot of hard work but in the end it will totally be worth it. I mentioned last week that I made a private weekly weigh in tracking sheet for myself and I am happy to report that for weigh in number 2 (the first was January 1 so that was just the baseline) I am down 1.1 lbs! I have about 15ish lbs that I want to get rid of over the course of the year so 1lb a week is completely find with me. Number 7 on the bucket list is to eat 90% paleo. For week 1 of January I would say I ate just that if not higher! I think if I look at every week as its own mini challenge to be great I will definitely be able to make the weight loss and the paleo eating a life long habit.

Alright, on to the good stuff. Dinner! Last night for dinner I cooked up some Logan’s Andouille Sausage and some fresh vegetables.

Easy Weeknight Dinner

1 Logan’s Andouille Sausage
1/2 green zucchini squash
1/2 yellow summer squash
1/2 portobella mushroom
smoked paprika
sea salt

In a shallow pan cover sausage with water and put over medium high heat. Meanwhile in a large non stick pan add a bit of EVOO sliced squash, mushroom, and seasoning. After about 5 minutes roll the sausage over. Mix the vegetables around every few minutes. Once the sausage is completely opaque remove from the pan and dump the water. Return the pan to the stove. With a sharp knife slice sausage, place sliced back in pan to continue cooking and flip so that both sides are golden brown. This is my favorite way to cook sausage, when they are just boiled I miss the “brown”, when I try to cook them whole in a pan I feel like I end up impatient and burning the outside while the inside stays raw. Give it a go! Plate half of the vegetables and your whole sausage and dinner is served! I saved the other half for lunch!photo 2(4) photo 3(4) photo 1(5) photo 4(3)

Q: For the meat eaters out there – how do you cook sausage?

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  1. Mmmm those veggies look delish. Congrats on your first lb! The journey of 15 lbs begins with a single lb! I’m trying to shed 10 this year, and I haven’t quite hit my first week mark so I haven’t stepped on the scale yet. But I’m hoping it’s at least a pound too 🙂

    • I was terrified this morning! I worked out plenty and ate really well all week but OD’d on pistachios and fruit last night so I was all hot and bothered I’d be higher. It was quite the relief!

  2. Congratulations! I like your approach of taking it one mini-week challenge at a time. I’m also looking to lose about 15lbs so we’re on a mission together. 🙂

    As for sausage, I like to use crumbled sausage instead of links. I just made a sausage and sweet potato frittata this past weekend and it was soooo good. I’ll be posting the recipe soon!

    • Oh that sounds awesome!! If you buy the raw sausage you can just snip the case off and you have sausage crumble! I mix it up between both. 15lbs is definitely doable and we will BOTH reach our goals, baby steps!

  3. Yahooo on your progress!! WHOOP wHOOP!!

  4. Great job! Every pound counts..and even during weeks when the scale isn’t your friend, I love that you have other goals like eating more Paleo that you can count as achieved.

  5. Love this! Your veggies look great. And I always do chicken sausage on spaghetti squash pasta:)

    • Oh that sounds yummy, I haven’t made a spaghetti squash in a while! I also haven’t found a quality brand of chicken sausage yet! I am so picky with the ingredients… if there is anything but meat and spices I turn my nose up to it : )

  6. The grill is the best but that is my boyfriend’s domain. I’m a huge fan of taking it out of the casings in a soup or stew but I don’t eat sausage all that often.


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