Weekend Round Up

The end of the first weekend of January is official over, how crazy. Time has just been flying lately! By the end of the work week we will already be in mid January… Weren’t we all just getting excited about the holidays? This week was crazy at work, I apologize for going MIA and not commenting and stalking all of you. It really makes my days feel so long not getting to disappear into blog land for a little bit. On Thursday I posted a killer work out and a little teaser about some 2013 bucket list items. The item I am taking about is number 4 – taking the GMAT. I did not take the GMAT but I did finally take my first practice test! I have been avoiding it because I didn’t want to get a terrible score and then get stressed out with having to study (I’m not a fan). I did pretty well too! I have some work to do on a few things, which is to be expected but I am no longer afraid of the exam. Baby steps.

you didn't need these did you

you didn’t need these did you

IMG_4282 IMG_4283 IMG_4285Thanks for your help Jax, I really appreciated it.

Although I had the very best intentions of working out on Friday I wasn’t able to. I ended up working a 10 hour day with no break for lunch! Deadlines can be a pain in the butt. By the end of the day I was starving so I ate dinner and called it a night. I was running low on food so I ended up with a kale, sweet potato, and egg dinner.IMG_4306Saturday we took Sasha to her first puppy training class at the breeder than we got her from. Her brother was there!! It was crazy, he literally looks like a slightly bigger version of her, they have the same face!!! I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of cute. I used the boy’s good camera for the class and don’t have any pictures on my computer. I do have one from Sasha being the star in her Thursday night puppy class though! She is getting so big!
Seeing as this is getting lengthy I will split into two – It will come in rapid fire so don’t fret, you will hear more so soon.

Q) What circumstances can keep you from the gym?

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10 replies

  1. Hehe … my cat loves to lay on my notebooks too, but hasn’t picked up a pen yet! Cats are so peculiar, aren’t they?

  2. Awww your cat is so cute! The weather usually derails my workout plans and it doesn’t make me happy at all, but hey, you can’t win every time 🙂

  3. I love your cat pics! It definitely makes me miss our kitten!
    When I am super sick (as in the last few weeks) I wll rest and not workout. But usually I am on the go!

  4. Jax is too cute! My cat used to do that exact same thing- or lay across my keyboard haha

  5. I literally was just talking about this. I feel like I was just stressed with where I was living, if I was going to be able to keep my job and that was a month ago! I can’t believe how fast time is going! I’m glad someone else likes shorter posts as much as me LOL!

  6. Sorry to hear about the GMAT. It wasn’t as bad as I thought (in my opinion) but I would never want to take it again!!

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