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If you have been a follower of this blog for a little while you have probably noticed I plug one of my besties gym’s (Rugged Crossfit) like it’s my job. The reasons for that are that A) I think it is beyond awesome that he is 24 and owns his own box (crossfit lingo for gym), B) We have been bffs since 6th grade when he moved here from Luxemburg (he is getting cooler by the minute isn’t he), C) He comes up with awesome WODs that I can steal and do at my own gym, saving me hundreds on a crossfit membership, and D) He will occasionally promote sweet paleo food products and it gives me something new to try.

The last 2 days of work outs have been courtesy of his fabulous gym’s website – Thank you Rob! The 50s & Squatathon were the last two I tackled- I sometimes modify the work outs depending on the availablity of the equipment and free space but for the most part I try to do them in their entirety. Today’s WOD off the Rugged Crossfit site looks incredibly painful. I have been swamped all day and wasn’t able to hit the gym over lunch so I am attempting this around 4pm when I get off. Here is the work out in it’s entirety, if you are feeling supremely bad-ass you should give it a go to. While it will hurt, you will feel AMAZING when you complete it.strapless
Still a little crazy today but I did want to toot my own horn and say that I have eaten 100% Wednesday, Thursday, and today. My meals have been variations of these three AMAZING meals (Paleo Chili, Chicken Crock Pot Stoup, and Sweet Potato Breakfast Towers), plus a bunch of oranges, apples, and bananas. I haven’t been chowing after dinner at all and I feel awesome. I also did double work outs the last two days so my body is singing sweet songs of lactic acid to me right now. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I started a private weekly weigh in page so I force myself to hop on the scale every Monday. I only have 15lbs or 1 – 2 clothes sizes that I want to lose so I am not looking for anything fast and drastic. I am looking for permanent. I haven’t decided yet if I will have the tracking public but if I do you guys will be the first to know : ) I hope every one is having an amazing week and is geared up for an awesome weekend. I say because it is the first weekend of the year every one should get outside and do something active. It’s time to get those resolutions in motion!

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  1. Thats an awesome workout! How are your muscle up skills??

  2. Way to go! There’s nothing better than feeling strong and energetic!

  3. We hope you have all enjoyed the CrossFit Games Open workouts whether you did one of them or all six. Hopefully, you learned something we already know. We may be ordinary people, but we are capable of extraordinary things. We are proud to be associated with all of you.


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