The 50s Work Out

I have decided to cross-fit with the boyfriend a few days a week in addition to running to jump start my new years work out routine. I am not sure what the split will be but I figure it will work itself out. Today’s work out was a doozy. It took about 15 minutes to get through the movements and then we jogged to let Sasha out and back to work, it’s a little over a mile round trip!the50sThis was a tough one but I am glad I did it! The jumping rope was the hardest for me, counting to 300 takes foreverrrr. Also I was doing the whole double baby hop in between the big jump to get the rope under me so my calves were on fire. At first I thought it was the lazy mans route to jumping rope but quickly realized it just burned my legs. The last 30 I managed to do at a fast pace and no hops in between.

Lunch today is my last serving of chili. I’m sad to see it gone so soon, but I do have the awesome chicken crock pot stoup waiting at home for me so I think I’ll live! It has been a successful day 2 of 2013 when it comes to eating so far. I had an apple with breakfast, a banana pre gym, and now about to devour an orange for dessert post lunch. I am going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think for my paleo needs I could be eating any better!

Q: If you only have a short time at the gym do you opt for a cardio machine, circuit work out, or weights session? Why?

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  1. 50 pullups is impressive! most women frankly cannot do 50 unassisted pullups (or most men). You must be ripped!

  2. 50 pullups is impressive! frankly, most women can’t do 50 unassisted pullups (most men either). You must be ripped!

  3. Great workout! I can’t even do 1 pullup so anything over that is impresive 🙂
    I think mixing up the running with cross fit is a great idea!

  4. I love that you and your boyfriend work out together. It makes me feel like my relationship is normal too LOL. 😉

  5. If I only had a short time at the gym, it used to be ALWAYS cardio (which also meant very little to no stretching) but now it would be an even mix of both.

  6. I do the baby hop too when jumping rope haha.

  7. I’m moving this weekend and they have crossfit there! I am hoping to get a chance to finally check it out 🙂

    • So exciting!!! My gym has a “cross functional” room with all the crossfit equipment, which is awesome. Most crossfit box’s cost over $200 a month and that’s just not practical for me.

  8. Don’t you love when a one-mile jog is considered a cool down? I can remember a time not too long ago when it was my goal to jog a full mile without stopping! hah! That’s what I love about CrossFit and running–everyone has to start at the beginning and earn their way to the top! Awesome WOD, btw!

    • I know!! I remember in HS for track (I was a sprinter / jumper) my coach would be like “2 lap warm up” and I would be floored, you want me to run how far?!? Thanks for stopping by!


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