Eating and Running is My Jam.

Why hello there! Happy 2013 folks, hope every one had an awesome New Years Eve! I skipped my lunch time work out to go over to the boys house and eat some chili and play with Sasha. We already finished the entire pot of chili!! It was soooo good. I was eating it for breakfast and lunch and so was he so it vanished pretty quickly. I got out of work around 4 and decided to squeeze in one last run of 2012. If you follow me on DailyMile you already know this but in the spirit of informing every one of my every move I figured I would share here too : ) Oh and if you use DailyMile we should be friends, I love friends. Any who, I went for an hour long run and ended up covering 6.6 miles, a modest 9:05 pace.

After a great shower (I haven’t showered at my apt in over a week and love having all my yummy smelling products, twas a treat!) I dolled myself up for a date night with the boy. I obviously forget to take pictures though, I did take pictures of the food! We went to a new restaurant around the corner from us called Epic Steakhouse. I had been in the mood for prime rib ever since having it with my family last week. Dinner started out for both of us with berry salads. They were delicious but they came out with bleu cheese on them, which was not listed on the menu, and I reallllly dislike bleu cheese. So naturally we sent them back and got them 3After the salads our main courses came out. I don’t know about you but when it comes to red meat I like mine medium rare. If it is over medium rare I feel like it gets tough and yucky and I’m really just not interested. The menu said the prime rib came with a leek mashed potatoe and I asked if I could just have leeks and no mash because I was trying to stay relatively paleo. No dice. AND the meat was over cooked and under 4My Dad was kind enough to email me a photo of what he prepared for him and my Mom for their New Years Eve dinner and I was truly jealous. Plus it didn’t cost $100 like this meal did. The boy BTW got a filet mignon with a crawfish sauce of sorts and his was over cooked and under spiced as well. 5Doesn’t this meal look 10x better than mine. Ugh. Speaking of awesome food… I attacked the WholeFoods salad bar this past weekend and had the best salad ever. The base of it was raw kale (didn’t realize I liked it, but I do!) with a garlic dressing and then I piled on a million vegetables and a little chicken. photo 1 photo 2Alright enough with the food. So after dinner we played with Sasha, exchanged our Christmas presents, and went to bed… at 10:30pm ha! I received some amazing presents this year from the boy. 1) He is getting us a cooking class of my choice at an awesome place nearby, he didn’t pick out the class because there are a million options and wanted me to pick, I am pretty sure I want to do a seafood one. I never cook seafood because its expensive and rarely comes out how I want it to so perhaps if I had some lessons I’d master it! 2) A watch set I forgot I asked for! Don’t you love when that happens! If you read my survey post you can see that my favorite present to date was a fancy watch he got me last year, well this year it is a leather watch with FIVE bands. LOVE.So exciting! Today we went and saw Les Mis and it was awesome, I headed home after to start 2013 just how I ended 2012 – running! I did 5.06 miles at 9:05 again. Well I am off to shower and head to the grocery store – when I went Sunday it was picked over and empty, hopefully something jumps out at me for inspiration because I am going in blind!

How was your New Years? Did you go out or spend the night in?!

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  1. YUM!!!! Those salads look delicious!! And I totally agree with you on the red meat … I can’t stand when it gets tough and chewy.

  2. I think we have an EPIC steakhouse in Chicago but we’ve never been. We had an awesome and low key NYE. I’m just sad that I have to head back to work tomorrow : ( Happy 2013!

  3. You’re an inspiration, the way you keep up your workouts! Happy New Year!

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