Flax Paleo Pancakes & Soy Sauce Meatballs

I posted a simple recipe for paleo pancakes on Wednesday and decided to make them again today and add a little twist.

Flax Paleo Pancakes

2 tablespoons flax meal
1 banana
2 eggs
sea salt

With a fork mash the banana in a small / medium bowl – must be big enough for a hand blender! Add to the bowl the 2 eggs, flax meal, a little bit of cinnamon, and some sea salt. Using a hand blender blend for a few minutes. The goal is to make the batter fluffy, so feel free to crank the blender up a little bit. Mine had 6 speeds and I went up to 3 to finish them! Over a medium / medium low sauté pan, sprayed with non stick spray, pour the batter into small pancakes. Use a spoon to mix up before you stir or the flax and pecans will fall to the bottom of the bowl! Cook until the pancakes begin to bubble (2-3 min) and flip. This batter made 6 little pancakes, all of which I ate : )IMG_4169 IMG_4170Both these flax pancakes and the non flax pancakes from earlier in the week are really good.The flax version is more filling for sure!

Soy Sauce Meatballs

1½ lbs ground beef (I usually use 90% lean)
½ cup soy sauce
1 tsp dried ground ginger
½ tsp garlic powder

Preheat oven to 200F. Mix everything together, form into small meatballs (60 balls per lb of meat), place on a baking sheet, and bake for 60 minutes at 200F. These meatballs are a recipe my Dad got from his Mom and we absolutely love them. They are a staple at Christmas every year and never last long! We typically eat them with toothpicks family style. It can get pretty ugly when the meatball stock is running low! The last time I made these by myself was sometime in college, I played around using ground turkey instead of ground beef and they are still very good. I would recommend the beef just because it holds together a little bit better than turkey. They are still delicious though so if you prefer turkey do it, I promise you will not be disappointed!IMG_4047

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8 replies

  1. Love this recipe! I will definitely be trying it out:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I hope I have time to make these pancakes this weekend. Yummy!


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