Since I’ll Be In the Car All Day…

I have seen this graphic floating around and decided to play catch up and do it! If you make it through this post then bravo to you! If you feel like contributing in the comments how about you answer the question that is on the day you were born! AKA you are born of the 8th of ANY month, answer number 8, easy enough right? Here we go!challenge
1) Fav Christmas movie = Elf / The Hanover
2) 2012 Wish List = Emerald ring and some running gear
3) Santa is real.
4) Christmas Carol by the Oak Ridge Boys / their entire Christmas album
5) Movado Bela watch from the boyfriend last Christmas
6) My god father sends me porcelain bears every year and those are my favorite, since 1988!
7) I like them all!
8) Stocking for Amelia, Jax, Gidget, and myself! We didn’t end up doing a tree this year, here is ours from last year though!photoIMG_0917
9) My boyfriend – he is a list man so I always know what he wants, I don’t necessarily follow the list but I like to think I know him pretty well!
10) My mom has an awesome hazelnut candle I adore!
11) We watch the Hangover every year as a family for some reason during late Christmas morning / early afternoon
12) I use wrapping paper
13) Mmm not a Christmas book person…
14) I grew up with a fake tree, the tree you see above is the first and only real tree I have ever had
15) I gave my Mom and iPad 2 Christmas’s ago, she didn’t even know what it was at the time and now it is attached to her at all times and she is addicted
16) My dad, he always asked for pants and sweaters, boringggg
17) I don’t have any old Christmas cards!
18) We open one present on Christmas Eve after a big Italian dinner my mom makes, it is the only time of the year she cooks real food, she bakes other wise, the rest are opened Christmas morning
19) I love lottery tickets as stocking stuffers, I’m convinced I will win millions eventually
20) I use to love my dad’s twice baked and stuffed potatoes, I’m not sure what we are having this year, I will probably make some paleo friendly things and I’ll let you know if anything is a winner
21) I do not travel any more on the holidays. We used to have Christmas dinner at my Aunt’s house a town over but my Dad ended up bringing most of the food any ways so we switched it to our house!
I think I am supposed to wait to do these last ones but if I don’t do them now I never will : )
22) I don’t drink egg nog or hot chocolate, I actually just tried egg nog for the first time this passed weekend, pretty good! But I would probably die if I drank too much due to my lactard tendencies
23) Christmas 2012 – the boy is going to join us for the first time on Christmas Eve, I plan on making my way to see his family as well, Christmas Eve will be the Italian Feast, Christmas day we will open presents, watch the Hangover, start drinking and cooking, and the family will arrive around 4!
24) I love seeing my mom actually cook, growing up the only things I ever saw her make was homemade tuna noodle casserole (ahhhmazing) and lasagna. Slowly over the year though my Dad has taken them over. She just started this whole cooking for us this a year or two ago but I can tell she loves it. And the opening of one present is something she did as a kid and we started recently also so I’m glad to make her happy!

Well now that that is out of the way…

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9 replies

  1. What a great post! Have a very merry Christmas, Megan!

    Oh, and I was born on July 1st, so I’ll answer the first question: My fave Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 🙂

  2. This was fun to read! I was born on the 22nd, so hot chocolate for me… though that is a hard choice!

  3. Awesome post! I was born on the 15 so the best gift I have ever given was a Lululemon bag to my cousin she just about cried she loved it so much😃 Happy holidays!

  4. Favourite Christmas book?! Seriously? I’m a freaking English teacher and my answer is still: none at all.

  5. Elf=best Christmas movie ever! It never gets old:)

  6. Such a pretty true! Happy holidays!!!


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