Veg, Paleo, & Vegan

Say what… Yesterday was an interesting day. I was given free food on three occasions. Insane right? Well after the usual breakfast, which happened to be 3(1)I ate at the buffet (yes I know repeat pic from yesterday) and stayed paleo.photoTHEN I had an office luncheon that was catered by Afghan Kabob. I loaded up on the vegetables, beef kabob, and chicken kabob (paleo again).470_352_csupload_17858141I am leaving to go to my parents bright and early on Saturday morning and have a TON of produce in my house that needs to be eaten. So I consumed a boat load of meat over lunch in preparation for a dinner full of vegetables. When I arrived at the bfs house it turned out HIS apartment complex was hosting a big Italian feast for all their residents. So we went to that and I ended up passing on ALL the food!! It was all pasta / covered in cheese / even the salad had cheese and a cream dressing. No thanks. So when he was done eating and I had enjoyed some free red wine I started in on my dinner. I cooked a portobella mushroom cap, 1/2 of a large green zucchini squash, and a TON of kale. Enter vegan meal. So lots of vegetables, some spices, EVOO, and I had myself a fabulous vegan was super yummy and I wasn’t stuffed, just happy. I do love when I manage to not eat crap in a day and how happy (and flat!) my belly is. It would be a lie if I said I was total Paleo all day because I ended up getting a dark chocolate & sea salt Godiva bar while out with the boy doing last minute shopping. It is my favorite chocolate bar in the entire world though so it had to be consumed. My belly actually responded fine and I went to bed happy, chocolate fix taken care of, AND still with a flat belly : )

On the agenda for the day – I am going to do the work out I posted yesterday and hang on the Elliptical Arc Trainer and read for a bit. For food… breakfast was the usual (see above picture, subtract an egg and add more sweet tots and avocado), lunch will be sausage, soup, and paleo bread, and dinner will be more sausage and a variation of the above kale concoction. There will also be a subsitute for some yellow zucchini (I have 2!!!) and a green bell pepper. I wasn’t kidding when I said a butt load of produce. In addition to all this produce… I have a TONNNN of curry squash soup too!! So little time, so much to eat. I think my freezer will be making nice with some soup…

Q: What is your go to way to use up fresh produce STAT!?

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  1. Whenever I read your posts I think to myself “I need to eat more veggies, just like Megan” Seriously!! Glad you indulged in your favourite Godiva bar 🙂 Chocolate is food for the soul, it has to happen sometimes.. or in my case, everyday? oops. Hope you make it through all the veggies in your fridge and that you have an awesome time with the fam this upcoming weekend!!

    • I go in such phases with chocolate. Sometimes it’s a need to have multiple times a day and others I can walk by un-phased. I embrace the periods of time where I ignore it, because I know it wont last long 🙂

  2. Haha I wish I was able to eat as clean-ly as you this season!!! There is just too much temptation in my office 😉 haha

  3. Wow that is so clean. You are a roll girl and glad that it’s all working for you. I have been eating my fair share of vegetables lately but that is because I’m back at home and not paying the grocery bill right now.

  4. Yummmm to that chocolate bar. I love sea salt on chocolate. That vegan meal is calling my name!

  5. All that free food reminds me of college. Ha ha!
    Your dinner looks delish. When I have produce in the house and I am heading out of town, I try to make soup which I know I can freeze. Sheet pan soup is my favorite! Then I take whatever is left to work and share iwth my friends. It’s amazing how many people will take free lettuce or veggies to spice up their lunch!

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